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UPDATE TIME: 2018-03-28 
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" Received this book through a giveaway! It is so adorable and I cannot wait to give this to my nephew in his Easter basket! " said.

"This is a wonderful new book in the Love Letters from God series. It is a treasure that will help children understand the depth and significance of the Easter holiday. It is divided into 7 sections that emphasize different elements of the Easter story, each with a note to the reader from God, helping to apply each lesson to his/her life. I love Glenys' writing because although she is writing for children, I always find a take-away that applies to me as an adult. I would highly recommend buying this book for any little readers in your home." said.

"What a fantastic interactive book to read with your children and grandchildren. Such amazing Biblical stories leading up to a glorious Easter! Kids will enjoy opening up their own mail, finding warm and encouraging notes within the flaps. For those wee sensitive ones, you'll find gentle tones from the author who is a great word crafter. Fears of being alone are addressed and calmly lifted. The elegant illustrations go perfectly with the storyline to enhance simple understanding and meaning to Bible passages. If you want to know what love looks like, you must get the book! My favorite part is that there is a special ending, too! It is a great addition to home and Sunday School libraries. I believe this book especially makes a great gift for that special someone this Easter! I love this one!" said.

"Starting with Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem, “Easter Love Letters from God” contains seven short stories chronicling the events through Christ’s death and resurrection. Glenys Nellist’s vivid, heart-felt retellings combined with Sophie Allsopp’s bright illustrations make “Easter Love Letters” the perfect story-a-day book for Easter week. Included with each story is an engaging, lift-the flap “Love Letter from God” that can be personalized with a child’s name. My favorite “Love Letter from God” is the last one. It clearly outlines the plan of salvation, before giving the reader the opportunity to write a love letter to God on the final page. Reading this book could become a wonderful Easter tradition.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher, but the opinions are my own.
" said.

"Steeped in scripture, Nellist has crafted a book that helps us share the story of Easter in an age-appropriate way. Easter Love Letters from God takes you from the Israelites shouting Hosana as Jesus rides in on a donkey to the super surprise of the resurrection.

My daughter and I sat down and read the book in one sitting. But this collection of seven Bible stories is also perfect to use as part of family devotions. Each story is based on scripture and told in language that even my little 3-year-old could understand. As we walked through the pages, Sarabeth was able to put back into words what I had just read to her.

I think my daughter's favorite part of the story is the letter from God. At the end of each story, Nellist has crafted a letter to be read to your child as though it's from God. Each letter helps your child understand how the story relates to them. Each time my daughter would lift the flap on the letter, and I began with "Dear Sarabeth" she would squeal in delight and say "It's a letter for me?!?"

As the story in the book progresses, the last letter gives your child an opportunity to respond to God in faith. It's a great way to share the gospel story with your child, and then give them a chance to say whether or not they want to live their life for God.

The last page of the book gives your child the space to write their own letter to God. It's a great way to help your child learn how to respond to what God is doing in their life as they learn to relate to the stories in the Bible.

I received a copy of this book from the author. This review is my own, honest opinion.
" said.

" `Easter Love Letters from God` is a hardcover book for children by author Glenys Nellist. There are seven Bible stories centered on Holy Week illustrated by Sophie Allsopp. The stories begin with the ride on a donkey into Jerusalem and end with the Resurrection. Each chapter has a pop-up love letter from God for the reader along with a scripture verse especially written for the reader.

The text is organized into simple sentences and about 3-4 paragraphs per chapter. This organization is satisfactory, without being too long, for the telling of the story. Various literary tools are used throughout the stories. For example, imagery is used when the donkey brought Jesus into Jerusalem. The people were waving palm branches and shouting `Hosanna! Hosanna!` as Jesus passed by. Personification is used in `God's Wonderful Words to You` scripture verses plus the love letter from God is personified to the reader. The first chapter moves the story along by adding, `And so, his last days began...`

This lift-the-flap book cover shows Jesus with a donkey and an envelope `Easter Love Letters from God`, which show the imagery of what the reader will find inside the book. The book would make a great read-aloud for all ages. The primary medium used are colorful drawings. The element that is repeated throughout the book is the illustration of Jesus. This helps the reader understand who the story is about.

The problem that faces the main character, Jesus, is that the people want him crucified. They don't believe he is the Messiah they are looking for. They are looking for a king who would be wearing armor, ride a mighty horse (not a donkey), have an army of strong soldiers and carry gleaming weapons, Jesus had none of these.

I recommend that this book would make a great gift for all ages, especially for Easter.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."
" said.

" This book is BEAUTIFUL and all the loveliness I've come to expect from Glenys Nellist. The illustrations are captivating and being able to personalize the letters is wonderful. I also love having a different letter and story to read every day leading up to Easter. PLUS there are biblical passages given so I can read aloud to my kids and one verse for every day that would be good for my kids to read aloud. WONDERFUL book! " said.

"As we enter into the time leading up to the time we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, is is appropriate that we focus our minds and direct children's minds to remembrance of this special time.

In Easter Love Letters from God: Bible Stories the author and illustrator have developed an insightful rendering of the week prior to the death and Resurrection of Christ. The seven "stories" are written for the "older picture book reader" as I see the depth beyond that of the small toddler. However, families with younger children can read appropriate sections to these very young so they, too, can begin to appreciate these events.

The "Love Letter from God" has a line for insertion of a child's name. Families with multiple children can also insert more than one name on the line. Don't leave anyone out. And at the end of the book, there is a blank letter that the child can write to God. (Mommies and Daddies, you'll surely want to tuck these special letters away in a safe place to keep as a treasured item.)

Each story has a "lift the flap" Letter from God in which the reader is directed to know God's heart as it relates to the story. Children love hidden messages and lift-the-flap enables a bit of excitement and fun whilst reading.

Each story has a Bible verse associated with it that children might be led to memorize. Associating a memorized scripture verse with a specific story will enable later recall.

Beautifully illustrated, these stories and letters from God will become a treasured book in many homes and hearts. I encourage families to obtain their own copy and get it prior to "Good Friday" if possible.

I received a complimentary copy to facilitate this review. Opinions are mine, alone, and are freely given.
" said.

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