Book for kids: 30 Most Poisonous Animals in the World that You Should Know!: Incredible Facts & Photos to the Some of the Most Venomous Animals on Earth (Deadliest Animals) Reviews

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Book Introduction: Maverick Kids presents... "30 of the Most Poisonous Animals in the World". Amazing facts & photos to the most venomous and poisonous creatures on the planet today. This highly graphical book for independent readers' feature some magnificent images selected specifically to ignite your Child's curiosity, accompanied by content written by an experienced, skilled teacher. This book provides valuable and life-saving facts for children and even adults It gives your children the urge to want to read by themselves. A great compilation like this gives them a reason to read, share and enjoy. This book cultivates an independent reading and learning habit which is important. See for yourself by clicking on the front cover to look inside the book. You could use this book to test your child's comprehension, and encourage them to conduct further reading on a specific topic while instilling confidence in them to self-learn. Discover some of the most venomous reptiles, insects and sea creatures in the world, it could even be living in your backyard The book lets you know which region each animal lives, and how fast their venom or poison can kill you if left untreated We let you know the most poisonous/venomous animals in the world and rate the most deadliest animals in the world. Some animals may be deadly, but pose little danger if you can identify it before you disturb it. Others, are less, but are extremely aggressive and pose danger to humans. Chapters: 1) Boomslang 2) Cone Snail 3) Poison Dart Frog 4) Yellow Bellied Sea Snake 5) Blue-Ringed Octopus 6) Death Stalker Scorpion 7) Assassin Caterpillar – Lanomia 8) Funnel Web Spider 9) Red Back Spider 10) Belcher Sea Snake 11) The Box Jellyfish 12) Stone Fish 13) Inland Taipan 14) King Cobra 15) Black Mamba 16) Brazilian Wandering Spider 17) North African Desert Scorpion 18) Komodo Dragon 19) Giant Centipede 20) Gaboon Viper 21) Rattlesnake 22) Blowfish 23) Black Widow 24) Lionfish 25) North American Coral Snake 26) Harvester Ants 27) Carpet Viper 28) Irukandji 29) Tiger Snake 30) Eastern Brown Snake Scroll up and Buy this book now - your child will love going back to it again and again.

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