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"The cat thinks he's a quiet rabbit. Except he's a loud cat. The cat doesn't like the rabbit. The rabbit destroys things. The cat and the rabbit are never allowed in the same room because they might fight. The rabbit might be Tyler Durden.


My initial reaction when reading this book was that it was about a cat who thought he was a rabbit. But then there appeared to be both a cat and a rabbit. Even after that first hiccup, the story wasn't very interesting.

The story seemed like it was missing pages, but I checked. There was packing tape where someone had repaired the book, but the tape made it clear that no pages could have been removed once that tape was there. It was too secure.

It made me think of that scene in Elf, when the children's book publisher signed off on blank pages, which made the resulting children's book not make any sense. The publisher thought kids probably wouldn't notice. I wondered how long this story had been faulty.

Later in the book, I found the missing pages. Whoever had carefully repaired the book repaired it without a whole two-page spread. But not a consecutive two-page spread, it was a sheet of paper that was supposed to be folded around a few other sheets of paper and then attached to the book. This shoddy repair job changes the story significantly.
" said.

"Goodreads Book Review #2
Marshmallow by Clare Turlay Newberry

Mrs. Tilly lives in a New York apartment with her beloved cat named Oliver. Oliver lives a very spoiled life. Outside of his luxurious life Oliver knows very little. He does not mind at all. One day Oliver is given a shock when Mrs. Tilly brings home a new friend. The new friend is a baby bunny named Marshmallow. Oliver is less then thrilled to no longer be the spoiled only child. Will Marshmallow and Oliver ever be friends?

This cute true story shares a theme that focuses on growing friendship and adjusting to the change of something new.

This would be a great book to read on the first day. Then the teacher could talk to her students about their fears and excitement for the year. The teacher could help address the class’s fears making them more eager for the school year.

This book deals with a cat and a bunny. The teacher could make cut outs of cats and bunnies. Half of the students would receive a cat and the other half a bunny. On the cut outs students would right down things about themselves like age, siblings, activities, and etc. Then the teacher would have the students with cats’ pair up with a student that has a bunny. To pair up both students would have to have something similar or in common with their bunny and cat. Then the teacher could discuss that though each student is different there are things that they share with one another making them not so much different from one another.

" said.

"Marshmallow (1999) by Clare Turlay

Oliver is a bachelor cat that has never spent time with other animals before, so when his owner, Miss Tilly, brings home a baby rabbit, Oliver doesn’t know what to do. At first he is scared and avoids Marshmallow, the bunny, who is very lonely and misses his mother. After a while, Oliver becomes bolder and acts as though he might pounce on Marshmallow, which leads Miss Tilly to lock them in separate rooms when she is out running errands. One of these times, Oliver manages to open the door to Marshmallow and Marshmallow gives him a kiss. This sparks a happy relationship between the two animals that involves cuddling, frolicking, and a lot of bath times. In the end, both Oliver and Marshmallow are happy that Miss Tilly brought Marshmallow home.

About the book:
The pictures weren't completely central to the story. They helped to visualize what Oliver and Marshmallow looked like and set the mood of the book, but the pictures didn't exactly go along with what was happening with the book. However, the pictures that were included in the story were actually very beautiful. They looked like a sketch and almost as soft as a real rabbit or a real cat. I also thought that the poems were a good way to set the mood as well. The owner brought a different point of view to what her pets were like that made it a little more objective. The narrative of this book is heartwarming and authentic, and feels like something that could happen in real life (and, indeed, Newberry took this subject from her own life). Newberry portrays the feelings of both animals in a way that makes the reader sympathize with them and makes them happy when they finally become friends.

My own thought:
It is a pretty cute story. This is quite a bit of text for a picture book, making it appropriate for preschool into elementary. Kids not able to sit for 4-5 sentences per page at least might get a little squirmy, but my girls, ages 4 and 7, found the story delightful and were totally entranced by the tale, and by the sweet and simple hand-drawn pictures.
" said.

" This is an adorable story with the sweetest art. I love that what she wrote in the 1940s still holds true today! " said.

" This was so friggin adorable, I can't handle it " said.

" The illustrations in this book are simple but beautiful, I love the cat and bunny. My favorite part of the book is the poem in praise of rabbits towards the middle. There is quite a bit of rhyme and a few instances of repetition. This could be used in a poetry unit or as a corresponding picture book for an animal unit. I did really enjoy the very end when rabbit and cat are snuggling. " said.

" • 1943 Caldecott Honor Book •Well, this just become one of my favorite children’s books! This is just the cutest story, and I love the name Marshmallow for a rabbit. I’m not a fan of charcoal drawings, but they’re just so well done. I love that this is a true story too. Materials used: unlistedTypeface used: unlisted " said.

" We currently have a baby bunny living next door. We look for bunny everyday munching away in the gardens or grass. We worry when bunny decides to hop across the busy road. We enjoyed this book about another baby bunny. I'm pretty sure neither our cat nor our dog would be so kind if our neighborhood bunny found it's way inside. " said.

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