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"This was a really quick and enjoyable read. I'm just going to list the things I liked about this book:

- Even though Hudson is the daughter of a renowned popstar and Hudson herself is on the verge of superstardom, she seems so normal and a very nice person. She doesn't seem to be a pretentious bone in her body. I also love her relationship with odd girl Hillary. The whole life coach thing was hilarious!

- There seems to be a lot more colorful characters in this book, particularly Hillary. I love everything about her! I really wish she would get her own book, and maybe find her own love.

- This book was very well-written. Kudos to Joanna Philbin!
" said.

"Trying to be true to yourself when your mom is already successful in the same career you are choosing to go into is difficult for anyone, but for Hudson Jones it is even more stressful. Painfully shy and perpetually "nice," Hudson lacks the courage and the inner strength to stand up for her dreams in the face of her mother's super stardom dominance. But through the uncanny help of a less than popular girl who doubles as a life coach, Hudson discovers the strength needed to stand up to her mother and pursue her music career in her own way, no matter what anyone else thinks. A great read for those teens struggling to find their inner voice when the outside world threatens to drown them out." said.

"This opens right where book two ended, with Hudson running off the stage at her first concert. She's upset because her soon-to-be-released CD is more her mom's creation than her own, and she feels her music career---which hasn't even begun yet, really---spiraling out of her control.

This book is basically about how Hudson gets her life (and her music) back. It's hard to become an adult and be in charge of your life, but it's even harder when your parents (or one parent, in this case) are determined that things are going to be their way.

I love this series, and I'm happy that there will be another one. This wasn't my favorite of the three, but it was an incredibly fun read, and Hudson is someone I had to cheer for.
" said.

"The Daughters Take the Stage is a wonderful book, and it tells you to always stand up for what you believe in. It is written by Joanna Philbin, and is part of the series the Daughters. The main character is Hudson Jones, the daughter of the most famous singer in the world, Holla Jones. Hudson is also an amazing singer, just like her mom, but in a different way. Holla is more of a pop star, and Hudson has more talent for soulful, jazzy music. Holla wants Hudson to change her music, but Hudson doesn't like the way her mom sings. Will Hudson ever find a way to say no to her mom?

I loved this book because you can really relate to the characters. Turn's out stars' daughters are just like us, and it is really nice to read a book in their perspective. These girls have to do so much more to just because the world is staring at their every move. I will absolutely read the next book, and I hope Ms. Philbin adds to the series. I am definitely recommending this book to classmates!
" said.

"The Daughters Take the Stage was a great book. Maybe not quite as outstanding as the others, but still great. Where the first book in the series was written from the perspective of Lizzie, and the second from Carina, the third one, this one, is from Hudson's perspective. Hudson Jones has always had an amazing voice, was born to play piano, and can write her own songs. She'd be a great performer... except for one thing. She has stage fright, probably because she thinks she may never measure up to her pop star mom, Holla Jones, who is taking away Hudson's deep, from the heart sort of music and making it more "radio-friendly" (read: take it and make it sound so fake it doesn't sound like her). Enter Hillary, who becomes Hudson's bright-colored-sweater-wearing teenage life coach. Hillary eventually helps Hudson to grow a backbone, and stand up to her mother, starting with doing something as simple as ordering a pizza. Five stars for the third installment of the Daughters! Three cheers for Joanna Philbin!" said.

"Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for

Hudson Jones loves music - soulful music that makes you think. She's not interested in the bubble-gum pop music her mother's famous for singing.

She now has the opportunity to become a major musical star. She's recorded her tracks. But when her mom heard them, she changed them. Now, they don't represent Hudson's style, and the songs are so similar to her mom's that Hudson knows they aren't for her.

The first chance she has to perform in front on an audience, she runs off the stage. Her mother covers her absence with a fake food poisoning story. Hudson knows that she has to take control of her musical career and sing the way she wants to sing.

But how can she stand up to her mom?

THE DAUGHTERS TAKE THE STAGE, the third book in the series, takes Hudson's perspective in the tale of three daughters trying to make their own way in life outside of their famous parents' shadows. Hudson learns to take control over her life, even if it means making huge mistakes along the way. Luckily, she has the support of her two best girlfriends. Their friendship is still rock solid. The drama, friendship, romance, and themes of finding yourself continue in this great, addicting series.
" said.

"The third book in the Daughters series completes the story of our famous trio.

Hudson Jones is the daughter of famous singer Holla Jones, Hudson is an amazing singer and looks forward to the release of her debut album but her mother has ideas about how her sound should be and changes up Hudson's entire album till she can't recognize it. Hudson feels the pressure of having to live up to her superstar mother and Holla is constantly encouraging Hudson to do this and that making Hudson feel inadequate about herself.

Hudson is very quiet and diplomatic, she never argues with anyone and strives to be a peacemaker but she realizes that if she continues to cave to her mother's demands she might lose sight of who she is. After a motifying episode of stage fright at the Silver Snowflake ball she knows she must do something. She finds a life coach in Hillary, a student at school who has admired her for a while and they become friends surprisingly.

Hillary challenges Hudson to stand up to her fears such as eating pizza at home when her mother prefers healthy food. Eventually Hudson finds her place and I couldn't have asked for a better way to end this book. The Daughters have certainly been learning plenty through their experiences. Utterly relatable and addictive! The Daugthters series will keep you interested.
" said.

"I loved this book a lot, but in comparison to the first two, it did not seem to add up. Not that I think every book should have romance, but the book was lacking it when romance seemed practically inevitable. Hudson DEFINETLY should have had closer relations to Ben and started dating towards the end of the book. I know that would seem a little repetitive because it happened in the other two. But, that did add in a nice plot twist because I was expecting a hook up. I could also complain about Carina and Lizzie not being in the book enough, but I am not going to because I loved the book. This book, unlike the other books, appeared to have a better message. I am glad that Hillary decided to go back to being herself (and not just because Logan did not like her)because I have watched and read WAY too many books and movies that girls would change themselves for a guy in. I hate that because I strongly believe in being your own person and that people should change themselves only because they want to be a better person. One more thing, if you have not read the other books, I do not suggest you start with this one first. Because I picked it up after reading the last book several months before, and felt a little bit lost at some moments. For example, if you don't know who the Jurg is, start with book one. Overall, I was completely captivated and strongly suggest this book for others to read." said.

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