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"This book was a very informative narrative. I liked reading thus book because of how strong Harriet Tubman was. For example, she took the underground railroad which a route of houses who would hide the african american people from the whites; she made it to freedom alone but she still came back and risked her life to save the her people. One of her famous quotes is "let my people go".
I was very surprised on how much I liked this book because it was a nonfiction book and normally I get very bored and uninterested in the story as it goes on. I think the author did an exceptional job on this book because it was well written and I found nothing I didn't like about it.
The author told the story of Harriet Tubman's life while maintaining the idea not to give up and let fear run your life. I would say that is the main message of this book because it really must have been scary to run away once from the whites, but to continually run away from them over and over again must have taken a lot of courage. It is no wonder that Harriet was such an influential person.
" said.

"This book has not received any awards.

This book is appropriate for grade levels: 3-7.

This book tells the biographical story of Harriet Tubman and the struggles she endured as a child and her journey to freedom. Tubman created the underground railroad, which was a pathway to freedom for slaves who were running away. With incredible strength and determination, she was able to help free numerous slaves through her underground railroad.

This book is a great way to teach students about Harriet Tubman and the history of slavery. Slavery and the civil war is an extremely serious topic that is made much more easily comprehensible to a young audience in this book. Telling a real life story with real life events in an interesting way, the book is sure to get the point across and teach many important and significant facts about someone who altered history.

In Class Uses
This book can be used in a study about slavery or the civil war, especially in regards to the underground railroad.
This book can also be used in a study about Harriet Tubman specifically or to introduce a study about abolitionists.
Students can use this book as a resource to write a report about Harriet Tubman or the underground railroad.
" said.

"Harriet is born as a slave. Her parents were also born as slaves. When she is a little girl who can lots of things she gets to run around with other kids who are watched by a elder slave who can't do many things. When she was five years old she is given by her owner to another person who wants a slave but can't afford one of her own. She gets sick very easy. One she was sick so her owner sent her back to her mother when she got better she went back. After a while her owner got a new slave and sent her to another home. When she was there she had to watch a baby. She had to make sure that the baby did not cry and if it did she would get wiped by her owner. Once again she got sick and went home. Once she was better she went to some else's home. She got to work out side there. By now she was about twenty years old. She keep getting moved around. One her last time she go moved she met her husband but she wanted to run away with him but he said if she tried to run he would tell the owner. So one night when he was asleep she left. She made it to Pennsylvania in four days. She stopped at many homes of people who were against slavery. She got a job as a cook and saved her money. After some time she joined the Underground Railroad. One the Underground Railroad she would go back to states with slavery and take other slaves to free states. She was always a kind and caring person. She helped people all though her life. " said.

" An incredibly brace woman. Her mental strength and physical strength is such an inspiration to me. Like her I want all people to be free, loved and taken care of no matter what. " said.

" Asher (11yo) read for History. "Good description of Harriet Tubman's life. I really liked that they described some of the spy missions she was in." " said.

" It's hard to not like anything that shares HT's story. What a woman. However, I have to say that in several cases I was astonished at how nice the author made slavery sound and her characterization of American hero, Nat Turner was negative and stank of white privilege. " said.

" Sat down and read this book in about 45 minutes. Great short and insightful read for a Champion of free people. This unique woman had courage and an unrelenting desire to have her dream come true and see her people to freedom. Known as the woman Moses. It certainly suits her. " said.

" 106 pages. Well-written information on a historical figure who was famous as a conductor of the Underground Railroad during slavery in the USA. Author explains her life in enough detail that an elementary student could do a great report. Illustrations and other added information like a timeline at the end is very helpful. Highly recommended for Grades 4 and up. " said.

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