Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Return of Tippy Tinkletrousers (Captain Underpants #9) Reviews

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" I feel like this was the most mean-spirited book of the series. And most of it was dealing with a Bully using a relative in a position of authority to get away with murder, basically. I'm used to these books being more light-hearted or whimsical but this really pulled no punches - especially with THAT ENDING!! I can appreciate a kids book being dark but DAYUM " said.

" There's a lot of unfortunate sexism in this story. It's a shame because the early Captain Underpants stories were so wonderful. The bullies are humiliated and bested by comparing them to girls; the shame of playing with dolls and weaing a dress. And as in all the other stories, there are one again zero female characters. Like many reviewers, I agree that CU is a fantastic series for young boys - they deserve better than this portrayal of women. " said.

" What was this? It started out with Tippy Trousers' revenge, then went into complete backstory. It showed how George and Harold became friends and got into writing comics, but is confusing overall as the book completely goes into left field with this turn. At least until the main bad guy is finally remembered just before a violently gory outcome. And this is a kid's book? I won't mention the sexist-ness of this one, as I'll just be censored. " said.

"I loved this book because there was a lot time travel. This book would be perfect for 4th and 5th graders who enjoy diary of a wimpy kid or middle school. In this book you see what it is like if time travel was real. Young George and Harold are in kindergarten and have to deal with bullies that give major wedgies, take lunch money, and eat all the food and worst of all the bullies uncle is the worst principal ever Mr.Krupp. There is only one way to stop the bullies and that is to pull the biggest prank ever." said.

"I'm going to over-rule Miss 3 and rate this myself. As a parent and educator, I was strongly concerned by some of the messages in this one:

*Strongly gendered messages that feed into hyper-masculine conceptions and bullying. It also feels a bit coded for any gay male student who plays football / wrestling etc. but dreads being outed in the locker room.
*The villains are actual 'normal' students. Hyper-violence and everything else takes on a different tone when the story boils down to systemic bullying of younger kids by older kids.
*The repeated message in this book is Don't tell adults about bullying. The book also continues the series decline into showing the teachers as outright bullies themselves rather than simply dumb/incompetent.
*Bullying should be responded to by trickery and violence. A small sad part of me couldn't help drawing analogies between the despair, helplessness, and anger in this book and school shootings in USA.
* #sigh# the freeze ray really does look like a giant fountaining penis...
" said.

"The Kiddo and I read the first volume of this series and skipped directly to this one (the ninth), which was probably not the best way to approach this. This book relies fairly heavily on what has come earlier in the series to set things up.

Also, there is time travel involved. Complete with full-on time travel paradoxes that would make the X-Men universe proud. On top of that, this book serves as an origin-story for George and Harold.

And finally, the ending is pretty wild. That's all I'm going to say as far as that goes.

Unfortunately, the "origin" portion drags a bit, making the middle of this book something of a slog (to the extent that a middle-grade mixed-prose-and-sequential book can qualify as a slog).

More unfortunately, a major subplot involves some very sexist tropes in which the bullies are repeatedly humiliated with things that get the rest of the school to perceive them as feminine. I'd really like to be past this sort of thing, but here it is again.

The Kiddo did laugh at most of the jokes, and the time travel stuff got him thinking a bit, but there was enough negative here that I'm not particularly eager to check out #2-8.
" said.

"The longest book in the series thus far! It had twists and turns and a lot of originality. Firthermore, it serves as the origin story for the friendship of George and Harold.

First we begin with Tippy Tinkletrousers and time travel again. He shows up in his giant robotic pants. When defeated, he travels back in time five years prior. Pilkey describes the banana cream pie paradox at this point. Man grows a banana tree. Picks a banana. Bakes a pie. Travels back in time. Pie is thrown at someone, etc. etc. Beaten up to the point where someone crushes an emerging banana tree. Tree dies. If the tree dies, it doesn't produce the fruit that the pie was created with. Problem!

Then we flashback a little more than five years ago. Harold moves in next door to George. They are in kindergarten, They become friends in detention. Mr. Krupp's nephew is the bully at school and gets everyone in trouble. The boys scheme revenge and it is beautiful!

They steal his locker lock, send text messages, put dolls and dresses in his locker, etc. They put out the story of a ghost. They serve them ghost chili pizza. There are spiders in their lockers. They have a pair of pants walk the halls. The bully and his friends go nuts.

Just as this happens, Tippy Tinkletrousers returns. The bullies see him and just lose it. THey are taken to the pysch ward. It is all traced bac to Mr. Krupp, who is then fired.

Note, if he is fired, the boys never invent Captain Underpants. It's the banana cream pie paradox.

Tippy Tinkletrousers comes back to the future and finds Earth essentially barren. He vows to right the wrong and save his arch-nemesis Captain Underpants. He'll have to time travel again to right the course of human civilization.
" said.

"Real Rating: 4.5

This book picks up where the last book has left off. George and Harold are being arrested for the crimes that their evil counterparts did before returning to their own time. It is then that Professor Tippy Tinkletrousers (aka Professor Poopypants) appears in a giant trousers robot. He chases after the boys.

It is then we get a small interlude explaining the Banana Cream Pie Paradox.

The story returns where Tippy Tinkletrousers did not return and the kids are taken to Juvie. The police also pick up Mr. Krupp and he is sentenced to prison. While in prison, Mr. Krupp comes across Professor Tippy Tinkletrouser who is working on a secret project. The project is suppose to be a statue of the Warden but it is actually trouser robot that the professor uses to break out of prison. Along the way, the professor kidnaps Mr. Krupp.

We find Harold and George seemingly enjoying Juvie when the professor appears. He demands the boys be turned over, which the Warden does willingly after being threatened. Of course, Mr. Krupp enjoys the notion of the end of the two boys until bring out Captain Underpants in front of the professor. This drives the professor insane and sets of a hilarious fight between the two until Captain Underpants pulls part of the robot from the ice the professor accidentally placed himself in. This causes a lightning storm and we are sent back to a time to see how George and Harold meet as children and the tale of the Wedgie Magee.

This book was a bit longer than the others but it was just as fun. I love how we see the beginning of George and Harold's friendship. It was a nice little story and I even enjoyed how the two boys gave the school bully, a nephew of Mr. Krupp, a lesson he would never forget.

These books still keep getting better with each story and always there is a lesson to learn but George and Harold never have that chance to learn it because Captain Underpants always appears at the end. This time it was the professor who appeared and helped change a lot of the past but he also brought forth the apocalypse as well but before he could go back and change all that, something bad happens to him. I won't spoil it for you but you will have to read it.

Still I like that George and Harold taught the bullies a lesson they deserve. It was a nice change. It may not happen entirely in such a fashion in real life but it does help children to understand that bullying is not always the best course to take because there will always be that someone to make sure they get their comeuppance.
" said.

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