Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Return of Tippy Tinkletrousers (Captain Underpants #9) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-10-06 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 196 user ratings

" There's a lot of unfortunate sexism in this story. It's a shame because the early Captain Underpants stories were so wonderful. The bullies are humiliated and bested by comparing them to girls; the shame of playing with dolls and weaing a dress. And as in all the other stories, there are one again zero female characters. Like many reviewers, I agree that CU is a fantastic series for young boys - they deserve better than this portrayal of women. " said.

" What was this? It started out with Tippy Trousers' revenge, then went into complete backstory. It showed how George and Harold became friends and got into writing comics, but is confusing overall as the book completely goes into left field with this turn. At least until the main bad guy is finally remembered just before a violently gory outcome. And this is a kid's book? I won't mention the sexist-ness of this one, as I'll just be censored. " said.

"I loved this book because there was a lot time travel. This book would be perfect for 4th and 5th graders who enjoy diary of a wimpy kid or middle school. In this book you see what it is like if time travel was real. Young George and Harold are in kindergarten and have to deal with bullies that give major wedgies, take lunch money, and eat all the food and worst of all the bullies uncle is the worst principal ever Mr.Krupp. There is only one way to stop the bullies and that is to pull the biggest prank ever." said.

" I like this book we see what happened in George and Harold's past. " said.

" Been a long time since I read a Captain Underpants. Were they always this sophisticated? " said.

" Action! Pranks! Laffs!I was introduced to my first Captain Underpants book sometime around the time I was eight years old. And after having aged by nearly thirteen years, the latest in the series still manages to put a smile to my face. :) " said.

" This is all time hands down best series of books ever. This is my favorite because George and Harold talk about how they were as kids. They would mix letters on a sign so it said something funny stuff like that. I love the flip-a-rama. It is so cool when you turn the pages fast so it looks animated. You should read this book. It is the best. " said.

" This book is about two boys, Harold and George, who are chased by a time travelling, old foe. The story goes back to their childhood. They were pranksters with lots of time on their hands.I picked this book up because I loved reading the series as a child and I thought I should continue the series.I finished the book because the story was so compelling.I would recommend this book to Clark because he needs to learn how to prank. " said.

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