Wild Rescuers: Guardians of the Taiga (book 1) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-07-01 
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" ~Thank you to HarperCollins Publishers for an ARC of this book! It in no way affects my review of it!~FULL REVIEW COMING SOON!! " said.

" 4.5 Stars. I absolutely loved this book and I absolutely love Stacy. This was everything I wanted it to be and I don't really have any complaints, except that I wish it was longer, lol. " said.

" Well written book for kids. I really enjoyed how it included Minecraft without needing to know about Minecraft. The plot is enough for a first book while adding enough intrigue to keep up a series.I was a bit disappointed with the aggressive stereotyping of certain groups of people though. " said.

" An entertaining, very much wholesome book. I really enjoyed the peaceful setting of the taiga forest, and how important animals and their home preservation is to Stacy and the main character. Also it brings up important topics such as deforestation, humans bringing destruction and filth wherever they go, lack of respect for the forest, and mentioning the hunters who kill for sport. Stacy Hinojosa is a good writer, very much deserving of her publishing deal. " said.

"I really loved this book. From the way it was written to just the plot itself, this book was just all around amazing. I loved the all of the different illustrations and how Stacy loved animals the way she did in this book. I really know how Stacy feels about the forest being destroyed, and wanting to help animals. I also really like how some of the things from Dogcraft were included within this book (for instance, Basil being struck by lightning). I think that it's great that there are still so many people in the book and real life that still fight for the forest and animals' lives, and animals also have to do what they have to do to survive, and I liked how that was included, too. The way everyone fought to stop the raging forest fire and save the forest just really inspired me, and I found it just a really great book." said.

"I wanted to like this book, but it is just bad.

Obviously when dealing with special wolves, you know the book takes place somewhat outside the realm of reality, but there is just so much in this book that bring up more questions than it answers. How does a young girl (also named Stacy by the way) who mysteriously shows up in the forest just have this ability to communicate with wolves? How is a wolf capable of skinning and cleaning a fish to give to a human? Or hand her a paw full of berries? And how does an 8 year old manage to figure out how to cultivate a farm and flock of chickens (the book even mentions her candling the eggs to know if they've been fertilized), to feed herself and the wolves - who don't hunt, but rely on a chicken and pumpkin stew Stacy makes them. She's also figure out bread baking (where is the flour from?) and jam making, and a wolf steals her a jar of peanut butter, so she can whip up PB&J for herself.

While I have a lot of issues with this book, my biggest issue is that it is very anti-people. Humans are the villain of the story - from the careless campers who litter the forest (though thankfully leave behind clothes for Stacy to wear as she grows, and cooking items), to the awful human need for power requiring an ugly substation be put in near the village, and the final big drama of the book, surveyors (who might be planning to put in a golf course?) spark a while fire.

But the ultimate villain of the story is hunters. They're just so terrible and careless, and selfishly hunt for sport. And gasp, not even Stacy's wolves hunt, why do humans need to hunt? I mean...apart from where Stacy (again a YOUNG GIRL) has been slaughtering chickens for her wolves (she doesn't eat the chicken herself, remember, PB&J!), and one of her wolves is a great diver, and catches fish for them all to that's all ok.

Dearest Stacy, please inform yourself about the good and important wildlife conservation that is made possible because of hunters! We need hunters - we need them to buy their hunting licenses, and game tags, those funds go straight back to conservation! And yes we even need them to cull wildlife populations, like wolves.
" said.

"This is an incredible book! It’s about a girl named Stacy who lives in the taiga with six arctic wolves. When she was about 8 she woke up in the forest surrounded by a pack of wolves. Her memory of her past life was erased. They cared for her and made her a part of their pack. She, along with a wolf named Everest, are the pack leaders. Each wolf in her pack has so much personality! I loved the dynamics between Stacy and the wolves; they are real, three-dimensional characters. I also loved learning about the taiga and got excited about all the Minecraft references (PODZOL!!!). I really hope StacyPlays comes to Philadelphia so I can meet her and get my
book signed!
" said.

"E ARC from Edelweiss Plus

There were a lot of unanswered questions with this book. Where exactly near/on the taiga but also near villages did Stacy live? Siberia? Minnesota? Why did campers leave so many clothes and pieces of equipment around? Could the wolves really talk to her? Why was there so much need for her to rescue animals? It wasn't until I read the note at the end of the book that talked about the author's background did some of this make sense. If you have readers who are familiar with the author's online content, this might be a good purchase, but the story reads like a description of someone playing a video game at many points. This looks like it will be a series, so I will pass unless my Warriors readers somehow become obsessed with YouTube and I want to entice them away. I just couldn't understand most of the situations in the book, but I am not exactly the target demographic.
" said.

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