Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina Young Readers Edition Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-01-14 
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" Though this was a really short read, it was really captivating, interesting, and SO inspiring. Misty really makes you believe that you can achieve your dreams, regardless of all the "but"s, and I think that is something that has been missing from this generation. This was truly magical, and I loved it so much. " said.

" I definitely loved this book! I am a dancer so I know about this stuff and troubles you might go through. Some people may think you dance an odd way just because you don't dance like them, some people may try and help you but just make you worse.You might end up with broken friendships. But all of this will happen for a reason it will take you somewhere because life happens for a reason you know!It took me somewhere knowing what happened when she was young I liked it! " said.

"Misty Copeland is an inspiration. This autobiography starts with Copeland detailing her very difficult childhood. Right about the time you wonder what her future will hold, she shares her experiences of ballet class at the Boys and Girls Club. She then goes on to share her amazing life of ballet while always balancing the incredible amount of dedication and hard work it took to achieve the roles which have brought her fame. She goes into great detail about the role that race played in her life in a very white ballet culture. This is a great story of what can happen when you discover your talent, are provided with support (even in unexpected places), and are willing to work hard to achieve your dreams. This young readers edition keeps the language accessible for a wide audience. " said.

"One of my favorite 5th graders returned this to the library and told me it was one of the best books she's read. Of course I told her I'd read it, too, so we could talk about it. It's a great biography for middle grade readers. This young readers biography's easy to read, full of 'you can do this!" thoughts. throughout the book, Misty highlights the people who helped her along the way and points out role models and mentors. Copeland also effectively describes what's it's like being the only person of color in a room / field.

I enjoyed the way she spoke about her husband. Copeland talks about him briefly, but those moments model what a supportive husband looks like: "You can to this," he would reassure me. "They picked you. Just remind them of all you can do." How he'd help her practice conversations she wanted to have with bosses. Solid advice for kids.

"I would never forget that last sentiment: 'Walk into a room, knowing you are somebody, somebody special. Don't ever let them smash that or pull you down." (110)

" said.

"I liked the book much more than I thought I would. There were many things that were said about racism in the ballet world, and how that can affect the careers of dancers. The following quotes highlight what I thought were big messages in the book.

"I felt alone as a black dancer in a professional company. I work hard in rehearsals and performances, but that's not good enough for everyone. Some people still notice my skin color before they notice my talent. Others can't see past my complexion at all because they simply don't believe brown girls have a place in classical ballet."

"I'd been in New York City for more than a decade and this was the first time I'd ever seen a black woman's face on the front of the Met."

"I just don't know how much stronger I can be and for how much longer. I'm grateful for what I do have, but sad that it's not enough. . . . When will it ever be easy?"

"I felt terrible. It seemed that no matter how well I performed and how hard I trained, some people would never be happy."
" said.

"Life in motion is about a girl named Misty Copeland and her hard times threw her life. So in the story it talks about this girl and her mom keeps on moving to new places and her mom is dating new husband how are very different from each other. So the kids cant take it any more so they decide to move into there own house and they move into this motel. But as they go on it is hard for them. They sometimes they don't get food because they don't have enough money for more. So Misty decide at school that she wants to do this group called the drill team. Then she joins this other team called this dance team. Then as the year went on she left her house and moved into her dance teachers house named Cindy and she lives there for more the 2 years. Then Misty mom want her back because she thinks that Cindy is taking over as like she was her own daughter. So she has to go threw TV interviews and news reporter all about her. And then as the years go on she makes it to ADP and becomes a professional black dancer in the USA. This book was a very good book because it talked about her life and how she got by as a dancer in life. So this is why I think you should read this book. Misty Copeland lives in NYC. " said.

" I read the Young Readers edition. I really respect how straight forward Copeland was in her memories. " said.

" Copeland’s story is incredible; as the first black principal ballerina in the US, her personal and professional achievements are unparalleled. The YA version of her story was engaging, especially her connection with Prince, but I’d have loved more details about her training, diet, and routine. Her new books will feature those in detail, but I’d have enjoyed in in this version. " said.

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