The Ring of Water (Young Samurai) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-03-25 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 38 user ratings

" I did not like it quite as much as the first three Young Samurai books; it seemed a bit more like a short snapshot of Jack's life rather than a further exploration of his adventure in Japanese culture. It takes place in a shorter time period and it just feels shorter. However, I still like and root for Jack, so I enjoyed the book. " said.

" Jack is being hunted down by ninjas, and also samurai. Jack is a gaijin (foreigner) to the Japanese and no one wants him in their country but a few friends from his old samurai training school. He befriends a thief named Hannah, and a skilled samurai named Ronin (which means masterless samurai in Japanese) to help him survive his journey home. " said.

" The ring of water is a very good book in a line of excellent novels. I like the way Chris Bradford created Ronin to be a very complex character, this was an unexpected twist in this series because throughout the series before the ring of water all master less samurai were very alike. Each were desperate and disloyal men who would kill at the nearest sight of money. I give the ring of water a thumbs up due to its excellence. " said.

" First reaction when I got this book? I just screamed! I really waited for so long to get my hands on this book! And I really did miss reading about Jack's adventures. But this is probably my least favourite book in the series since Akiko is not here AND there is nothing "new" here. I just feel that this book is just a stop-over for Jack and for his journey to Nagasaki to slow down. But nevertheless, I still love Jack. ^^ " said.

" This represents a change in the series, because the formula of a training / coming of age novel is broken and it turns into an episodic tale of the adventures Jack runs into as he tries to escape Japan. It's enjoyable enough, although it feels like a bit of padding for the series that does not affect the overall story arc. The beginning felt too generic, but the second half improves and gives us the usual action at a frenetic pace. " said.

"Okay, so I couldn't bring myself to stop after the last one. I love the era and need the escapism. So...into this latest book I go!

I'm about half way through right now and am excited that the 6th book was just recently released. (Guess what I'm going to buy when I'm done with this?) :)

Just finished this one up...and had to immediately go buy the latest one that just came out earlier this month. I have really enjoyed this series and easily place it up there with Percy Jackson and other YA adventure books.

My only comment: next time Jack, just kill Kazuki already.
" said.

"Ngelanjutin baca seri ini. Kaget baca buku kelima. Kok bisa bisanya si Jack bangun dalam keadaan lupa dengan apa yang terjadi beberapa hari sebelumnya.
Di buku ini dia dengan sifat baiknya, membuat dia dapat berteman dengan siapa saja dan mendapatkan kesetiaan orang orang tersebut, bertemu dengan dua tokoh baru. Hana dan Ronin. Hana adalah pencuri. Sedangkan Ronin adalah samurai tanpa tuan alias masterless. Ketika tau kalo semua barang barangnya dicuri, dengan bantuan Hana dan Ronin, Jack berhasil mendapatkan kembali barang barang tersebut.
Oh, disini dia kembali bertemu rival lamanya, Kazuki. Gak ada Akiko disini. Padahal dia tokoh favoritku :(
" said.

"Jack wakes up, not remembering a single thing, is battered and bruised in an inn. Jack goes and tries to retrieve his personal belongings. As the emperor tries to murder him, he comes along to find himself in a terrible situation: Kazuki plots to find Akiko and kill her in Toba before Jack gets there. Will Jack be able to save Akiko? Or will the Kazuki claim his reward to Jack's head?

I picked this book because Angelica recommended to me and I really wanted to read the whole series.

I finished this book because I want to find out who does he have to sacrifice and what will happen to Akiko!

I would recommend this book to my brother because he likes a lot of Japan related animes and comics so he would probably like the book (since the story is set in Japan).
" said.

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