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UPDATE TIME: 2018-03-24 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 167 user ratings

"Book Summary: Officer Buckle is tired of students not caring about his safety tip and one day he is given Gloria a police dog. The dog does many tricks that get the kids interested in learning them but one day Officer Buckle finds out and gets very upset. He decides to stop teaching the kids and after one day a major accident occurs and he realizes the kids need his safety tips.
Grade Level: 2nd
Individual: Any students who enjoys dogs and humor.
Classroom: This is just a good over all group read book. During Free time or when we are discussing emotions and how we treat others
Small Group Use: Analyze Officer Buckles feelings.
Other books: Any about teamwork
Multimedia: There are activities online that go along with the book.
" said.

"Young readers will love the fact that they are in on the joke in this picture book. Well-meaning Officer Buckle can't get anyone to listen to his safety talks, but once he is joined by a canine companion, Gloria, everyone sits up attentively, and his performances are met with wild applause. What he doesn't realize is that Gloria is performing tricks behind him. When he decides to quit giving talks, no one pays attention to Gloria either. Clearly, the two make a great team and need to visit schools together. The reminder to stick with your friend fits well with the other helpful safety tips placed on stars on the book's endpapers and on pages scattered throughout the book. The cartoonish illustrations will make many readers smile as theyenjoy the expressions on the faces of the characters. My favorite illustration features the two watching the news with Gloria giving a sheepish look to Officer Buckle as her antics are revealed. " said.

"We picked this book up last year from the Scholastic Reading Club and have enjoyed it ever since. Officer Buckle visits the local school to teach the students about important safety lessons. Problem is, he's a tad boring and the students aren't interested in his presentation. One day he decides to bring along the new police dog, Gloria, with him to the school. While he gives his usual speech, Gloria acts it out in the background and quickly captures the attention of the audience. Officer Buckle is clueless of her antics, but pleased that everyone is finally listening. The duo becomes quite popular and is asked to do their presentation at several schools. A camera crew tapes them one day and Officer Buckle soon discovers what Gloria has been doing. He's pretty heartbroken and thinks that he is not an important aspect of their act. This is a great story about teamwork. Gloria will definitely have young readers giggling." said.

"I really enjoyed reading this book. I thought that these cartoon, watercolor illustrations perfectly fit this childish, spunky story. The vibrant colors used really brought forth excitement and was befitting for this children’s book. The illustrations offered a different viewpoint than the text used; the text offered the view of Officer Buckle, while the illustrations offered the view of what the students saw. While the students were watching Officer Buckle and Gloria on stage, they could see how Gloria acted out the different rules. Officer Buckle, however, was totally oblivious to what Gloria was doing behind him. As you read the book, you can notice that more and more of the students are wearing the badge of a crossed out banana peel. This is the same badge Officer Buckle wears on his right arm. This symbolizes how Officer Buckle’s rules are becoming more popular and familiar to the students throughout the story because of Gloria. I thought that this story was a neat way to introduce students to safety rules and the importance of them." said.

"I absolutely loved reading this book because the illustrations did a fantastic job of showing what was actually happening during the safety speeches. Although the text did not mention what Gloria the dog was doing behind Officer Buckle while he told his safety tips, it showed everything she was doing! While the text told us how the children laughed during the speech, the pictures showed us how the Officer had no idea what was going on behind him, providing a silly image. Without the pictures of Gloria doing the tricks the book wouldn't really make sense at all because why would the children be hooting and hollering at Officer Buckle’s safety tips unless something funny was going on behind him? I loved how the text and the pictures shared a dual purpose in telling the story and I believe this book definitely deserved the Caldecott award. I would recommend using this book in a kindergarten to second grade classroom because it teaches a few safety tips while also providing a comedic story about a dog with a sense of humor." said.

" Winning story about friendship and teamwork. Officer Buckle and police dog Gloria are partners, and their presentation for schoolchildren on safety tips falls flat when one presents it without the other. Although this was a Caldecott medalist, and it certainly deserved the award, the amusing story engaged me more than the artwork. A School Library Journal Top 100 picture book. " said.

"An officer on a mission to share his million safety tips with kids around the schools. But no one would listen until officer buckle brought along his friendly k-9 friend Gloria. Gloria turned the pages with silly acts as officer buckle shared his safety tips, they became a hit and after that his tips were heard.
Officer Buckle is a silly children’s book with lots of vibrant pictures very well illustrated. The author used watercolor and painting to depict each page with a story in it, the characters all showing expression and reactions to the stories funny lines. The illustrations in these books where left with a lot of blank space around the very vibrant illustrations but it worked because it allowed the eyes to catch the picture and still be able to read the words. The illustrations also showed great use of flow the pages worked one after another without leaving too big of a blank. I also liked how a lot of the illustrations used a pop out scheme, having the main picture be placed on the page but sometimes a object coming from the picture illustrated, looking like its coming out, or the use of postmodern design when there were parts of the illustration on another section of the page that added to the detail of the story. Overall this book as very well done with picture that can tell the story without any words, and that is what children’s books are all about.
" said.

"Officer Buckle is a safety connoisseur. He constantly thinks of everything that you shouldn’t do if you want to be safe. Officer Buckle goes to the school where the children are bored out of their minds by his safety speech. Then one day Officer Buckle gets a new k-9 companion, Gloria. When Gloria starts to go with Officer Buckle to talk with students, the students finally begin to show interest in Officer Buckles speech to the point where they laugh until crying. Officer Buckle becomes very popular, and without knowing of Gloria's tricks behind him, he is busy beyond belief with all the success from presenting his safety tips. The friendship that develops between Officer Buckle and Gloria leads to them becoming a pair that is inseparable throughout the book. Then one day, Officer Buckle figures out that the only reason he has become popular is Gloria, and is left to believe people still did not care about his safety tips. This hurts him and is no longer Gloria’s partner; but he misses her.

The lines in the illustration are thin, but they clearly depict the pictures in the story for the reader to easily follow. The shapes in the illustrations are light and unusual and bring the "silly" sense of the story out. The colors are full spectrum and fully keep the attention of the reader. The illustrations are paintings of water color that can be distinguished by the different shades and blending of colors.
" said.

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