Over the Garden Wall Vol. 3 Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-01-13 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 0 user ratings

" Not my favorite in the series but still a good time. " said.

" Whimsical, cute, and hilarious. This was a sweet treat to read! " said.

" I loved this book so much! It's so interesting and cool to see the characters from one of my favorite shows in a whole new way! I love how awkward Wirt is and [SPOILER ALERT] how we finally get to see more of Sara! " said.

" 3.5. I really do not like the cutesy style of the final issue in this and the last volume. Neither the art nor the storytelling is consistent with the series as a whole. The Hunt for Hero Frog storyline continues in this volume, and that I did enjoy. Looking forward to the next one, but I do not like having to read the issues tacked on like an artistic afterthought. " said.

"I enjoyed this volume much more than 1 & 2 because even though Greg is still stuck on his quest with the frog, we finally ARRIVE somewhere froggy rather than just passing through more silly meandering shenanigans in the forest. Wirt is still following his brother’s trail and his story is even more fun too because a companion joins him, adding more continuity between each chapter.

The last chapter is similar to the one at the end of volume two, featuring a vintage palette of limited colors, a squiggly squishy drawing style, and a story about the little schoolhouse with all the animals. The story centers on the kitty cat family and it’s really just cute, funny and precious. I loved it!
" said.

"3/5 stars

The main story is so good and fun, but the smaller stories at the end just weren't fun to read at all this time around. I'm getting impatient just wanting to see how the main story concludes after all the hero frog revelations, and I only just found out the next volume/issues aren't on my Scribd, so I'll have to find another way to read volume 4, unfortunately. Still, this series has been good, I just think more focus should be placed on the main story rather than finishing with these shorter stories, or at least carry on in the way of the first volume and show what other characters were doing during the events of the show. That second story had so much emotion and really furthered the way I looked at the show in the first volume, while the stories set at the school just don't feel relevant in any way from volume 2 onward.
" said.

"Well, I liked the parts that weren't about the animal school. That was a fine part of the miniseries when it was on Cartoon Network, but I think the 10 or so minutes of that episode were more than enough for me. I totally lost interest once I got to the animal school chapter (once again). I think that's the unfortunate trend in my reading of this comic series.

I just want more of the creepy atmosphere that the show provides. It's very jarring to be placed back in the animal school after following anything that Greg and Wirt get up to. Not only do I have very minimal interest in the animal school itself, but I also don't really like the art style--it is so incredibly different than the way the rest of the series is drawn. I can only say that I'm grateful those parts are fast reads.

With all that being said, I was fairly bored by this volume. I read a little more than half of it in a day and then abandoned it for about a month before I tried to finish it. Not gripping.
" said.


Okay, I know more about what these graphic novels are, so I can enjoy the side stories a lot better now. The main story with Wirt, Greg, and Sara (and of course, Jason Funderburker the Frog) searching for the Hero Frog is just one of the stories meant to be a part of the graphic novel collection. The series is meant to delve deeper into the Unknown, exploring other stories in addition, including the schoolhouse and other stories.

So, okay. I need to swallow my disappointment whenever things depart from the Hero Frog story. It's not departing from a main story; it's just exploring another aspect. At least, that's just how I need to think about it, haha.

In this volume, most of the story is filled with the search for the Hero Frog, and I was so delighted with the story! The humor and charm is so similar to the show, and the art styles are adorable. Not to mention we have more SARA. I'm probably going to reread these--especially the parts with Sara. I just love her.

The last story is another schoolhouse story: the smallest cat daughter, Kitty, doesn't fit in with her family. She doesn't like to hunt prey or cook mice. She'd rather read books. So she makes the decision to go to Miss Langtree's boarding school. Only her parents don't expect to miss her so much!

It's a cute story, but that art style still hurts my eyes ... those colors are nearly all bright primaries, and I think the art style is just not for me. I feel bad, but I'm just not a fan.

The bulk of the novel, though? I adore it.
" said.

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