Fight for Freedom (The Cartoon Chronicles of America) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-06-29 
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"The book is about a slave named Sam. He can read very well. His favorite book is Shakespeare. He got caught with a book that Annabelle gave him to read. So Mr Twist grabbed him and left him a warning thinking he couldn't read a book. His brother Joseph warned him about reading. Sam was sent to get a slave water and the slave turned out to be a preacher so he grabbed a knife and untied the preacher. Mr Twist was furiated with Sam and was going to put Sam under the whip. But Joseph took the blame and got whipped instead. Sam was very upset. They took his father away he was angry. Annabelles father had died. A heroic death said by an official. A prisoner said that Sam was technically free but Sam had heard nothing about it. Sam ran away all the way to Washington city. And he met a man named Ezekiel Joshua Jefferson. He forgot a line from Shakespeare's book and Sam knew what it was and told him. Ezekiel was impressed. So he wanted to make Sam a teacher. Sam was a great teacher.

I think the book was really good and it gave some good details about slavery. It showed how African Americans were mistreated and abused verbally and physically. It was a very well written book. Sam was a very nice boy in the book he fought hard to try and find his father. He was a very smart boy and it taught me how no matter what background you're from you can help everyone.
" said.

" tells the history of the civil war through people who own/work at one plantation in the south. good supplement for elementary students/whenever kids first learn about the civil war " said.

" A historical fiction graphic novel.An epilogue in the back of the book explains what it true and what is fiction. AR: unknown " said.

" The story starts off slow, but picks up after a couple of chapters. Frankly, it's a bit crazy that anyone would find the story plausible. I did like how the author notes at the end what was fiction in the story. The illusrations are standard fare. I honestly didn't find anything in them worth noting. C- rating. " said.

" Graphic novel historical fiction set during the Civil War and told from the perspective of an escaped slave who ends up joining the Union army. The point-of-view is interesting and no punches are pulled in depicting the brutalities of slavery but the story has too many implausibilities. An epilogue explains what's fact and what's fiction. Something to offer to reluctant readers. " said.

" I didn't want to like this, but I did. I like the idea of graphic novels teaching about historical events a LOT - even as an adult I found myself nodding and being surprised by new facts that I never knew. That being said, some of it is WAY confusing for even upper elementary kids. The whole introduction was extremely wordy and it might lose kids within the first few pages. I like the idea better than the book, but it was good. " said.

"A few weeks ago when my coworkers and I were working on iBrowse in a department meeting, we were talking about a nonfiction graphic novel about the Oregon Trail -- and this book's cover popped up in my head. I still haven't found (or remembered the title of) the Oregon Trail graphic novel I was thinking this book was... but I know it's somewhere in our collection. (And no. It's not with the Oregon Trail books. I think we ended up putting it in fiction.) Anyway, this was a good, fast-paced historical graphic novel." said.

"Of their own accord, young people probably won’t pick Fight For Freedom by Stan Mack and Susan Champlin up unless already interested in the topic of the Civil War. Normally, this is a strike against a book. However, Fight For Freedom is an educational book and so it’s okay if young people discover it first through an adult. Once they do, they’ll find it an entertaining and informative read. The adults who point it out to them might enjoy it too!

First, there is the educational part. The text-based prologue sets the stage by stating, “Of all the issues that led to the Civil War, one overshadowed every other: slavery.” The authors proceed to explain how the Northern and Southern states differed from one another in the 1800’s, namely the South enacted legal acts which allowed slavery while abolitionists in the North responded with outrage. By 1862, a battle had erupted between the two sides, war was coming closer to Twin Oaks in Virginia, and…. Two pages later, the authors switch to a comic-based narrative about Sam and his family who are slaves to the Beauregard family. At the end of the story, there is also a text-based epilogue which distinguishes facts from fiction.

Second, there is entertaining part. There is humor, such as when Sam’s father tries to convince the slave-hunter that he helped the captured slave escape by cutting the rope with his “real sharp teeth”. There is action, such as when Sam runs away to Washington to earn freedom and find his father. Or when Sam tries to teach former slaves how to read Shakespeare and they help break up a fight. There is sadness, such as when Mr. Beauregard is captured during the war and leaves his wife and daughter to care for their home without his support. Most of all, there is bravery such as when Annabelle Beauregard stands up to robbers or when Sam partakes in the war effort even though this increases his risk of being captured again as a slave.

Some of the fictional elements were familiar to me from movies set in the Civil War era, such as the friendship between Sam and Annabelle or the numerous attempts by slaves to escape their plantation master. Others such as the fact that Abraham Lincoln loved Shakespeare, Clara Barton was the first nurse to serve on American battlefields, and that a real-life counterpart to Zeke (an African-American reporter) existed were new to me. Because war isn’t a topic that I typically read about, I probably wouldn’t have learned these facts except through a form like Fight for Freedom. That probably holds true for many of you too. How fun that we can learn facts like these in the palpable form of a graphic novel!
" said.

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