The Little Mermaid Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-06-29 
Review Score: 3 out of 5 star From 8 user ratings

" This is one of my favorite fairy tales. The illustrations here are just hauntingly, achingly beautiful. " said.

" This is a shortened version of Andersen's original fairy tale. The text captures the highlights and is beautifully enhanced by watery illustrations. " said.

" This is actually the first time I have read a non-disney version of The Little Mermaid. I have to say it was just gruesome enough and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the illustrations. " said.

" Very different from the Disney version! The prince marries another girl and the little mermaid dies! Who knew the original from Hans Christian Anderson (which I believe this author follows pretty closely) could be so morbid? :) Good exposure--and just in time for us to see The Little Mermaid ballet--the classic version. " said.

"I have had this book for a long time sitting out simply because I like the cover. When I read it, I realized how gruesome this version of the Little Mermaid really is. Specifically, in order to get legs instead of a tail her tongue must be cut out and every time she walks it wil be "as knives slicing through her feet" which is not very child appropriate in my opinion. As a teacher I would not have this version in my classroom, but I still like the book. The pictures are very pretty and colorful, and I do like the theme of sacrificing yourself for love, however I think it is a little bit too much for younger children." said.

" I very light-hearted retelling of the classic. " said.

"Folktale/Fairytale- Motif: Sacrifice

Isadora, Rachel. The Little Mermaid. G.P. Putman & Sons, 1998. Isadora retells the famed folktale/fairytale, The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen, with a twist to the ending. The little mermaid dreams of a life on land with a prince she rescued out of the sea. Determined to be with her true love she strikes a deal with the sea witch to turn her tail into legs- with a horrible price. The little mermaid willingly pays the price for the chance of being with her one true love and an immortal soul. She makes the ultimate sacrifice when she realizes her true love will marry another. In this retelling, Isadora gives the little mermaid a happier ending than the original. Isadora keeps more to the original tale by not muting the lengths that she goes to find love and gain a soul (pain and torture, and possible death). The illustrations are beautifully showcased with watercolors. Isadora uses blue and green hues to set the tone of the calm and peaceful sea. To foreshadow future events, she uses dark ominous colors and striking details like her take on the evil sea witch. The little mermaid is painted as a beautiful, yet haunting, fifteen-year-old. Isadora’s retelling stays true to the original motif of sacrificing oneself for the person you love. Ages 8-10, due to some of the vocabulary used, content, and partial nudity (parenting choice).
" said.

" Much better than the Disney version. " said.

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