Como van a la escuela los dinosaurios? (Spanish Edition) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-01-02 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 6 user ratings

" Another nice addition to the series. The page with the Herrerasaurus yelling over his lost tooth is awesome. The kids loved it! Special note about the bullying element. I thought the fact that the flying reptile (not a dinosaur, people. Just sayin'!) just growls at the bully until he cuts it out is great. ANd the smug look on the bullied kid's face is priceless. If we all banded together and just growled at bullies, I doubt they'd keep doing it very long. Peer pressure can work wonders! " said.

" I am a huge Jane Yolen fan. Her books for children are some of my favorites. I read this installment in the How Do Dinosaurs...? series to a 5 year old getting ready to go off to kindergarten in a few weeks and she loved it. " said.

"Basic Plot: Good little dinosaurs behave properly at school, but bad dinosaurs cause mayhem!

I'm beginning to really like the "How do dinosaurs..." series. They start off with a series of questions about bad behaviors kids could display, with the obvious intention of getting the little kid to respond with "No!" then go into describing the good behaviors that are the alternatives. The artwork is excellent and I continue to be pleased with the embedded dino names that make me seem much more brilliant & dino-savvy to my son than I really am. I'm looking forward to finding as many of these as I can for my son, as he really enjoys them, too.
" said.

""How Do Dinosaurs Go to School," by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague, is another installment in the "How Do Dinosaurs..." series, which focuses on encouraging good behavior by modelling bad behavior in dinosaurs. It may sound like a weak or odd concept, but the books are a huge hit in our house thanks to the fantastic team of Yolen's excellent writing and Teague's expressive artwork.

As with the other books in the series, Yolen's writing has very readable rhythm and rhyming, and holds up well to repeated out loud readings. The dinosaur's behavior is portrayed not just through the text but also through Teague's humorous artwork. The dinosaurs' personalities, and that of their parents, teachers, classmates, etc, shines. While we try to avoid portrayals of negative behavior in our household, focusing on books and shows that feature positive behavior*, the format of the "How Do Dinosaurs..." books invites discussion of negative behaviors and why they're negative. Additionally, the books end on a positive note, with the dinosaurs behaving in kind and cooperative ways and getting approval from the adults and kids around them, which reinforces the lesson.

As is obvious from the title, "How Do Dinosaurs Go to School" is specifically about school-related behavior. Not running, being quiet in class, that sort of thing. It's featured as one of the Scholastic shorts on Netflix if you'd like to take a look at it (narrated by Yolen herself, no less), and is a good preparatory text for a kid who's nervous about starting school or who has been having mild behavioral issues at school (or day care).

*kids model the behavior they see, and if they see negative behavior EVEN WHEN IT IS SHOWN AS NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR, they pick up on it. So if kids watch a half hour show that has a student bullying other kids, and the final 10 minutes is the bully realizing the error of their ways and apologizing, kids pick up on the bullying behavior aspect and not the final lesson. However "Dinosaur Train," for example, shows active problem solving among the child characters to prevent sibling rivalry, bullying, etc with a lot of positive interactions and cooperative play. So we try to give preference to that type of show, that models good behavior.
" said.

" The "How Do Dinosaurs" series has a lot of books, and I have a few of them in my classroom library. The series is written by Jane Yolen and illustrated by Mark Teague. The illustrations are a lot of fun to look at - very colorful and engaging, with dinosaurs depicted as children. All of them are written in rhythm and teach positive behaviors to kids. It's always nice to have interesting books available for young students that also teaches and promotes positive behaviors and messages. " said.

" The illustrations in this book will immediately catch the attention of the children and the reader. It is very colorful and detailed. The dinosaurs are the biggest drawings in the book. The author makes school comical by displaying out of the ordinary situations. There is rhyming throughout the book which would be great to practice sounds with young children. This would be a good way to talk to children to think critically about how we go to school, appropriate and inappropriate school behavior. " said.

"Jake's Review: Why are you making me read all the baby books today mom? (Mom: I was hoping you would get the hints in this one on how YOU are SUPPOSED to behave at school). We have lots of this series of books and they are really funny to look at. I like how the dinosaurs are drawn to look like little kids. I like it when you read this one to me -- but why do you stop and stare at me funny after certain sentances like "Does he interrupt class with his own show-and-tell" I think Jesse and other little kids like him will really like this one! I wish the actual names of the dinosaurs were spelled out like they sound.
Rating: 8/10

Jen's Review: I love these series of books! They are great at teaching kids manners in a fun and beautiful way. The illustrations are bright, and silly and the text is delightfully fun. I recommend these books, especially this one for all parents and teachers. Kids and parents will get a kick out of reading this one together
Rating: 9/10
" said.

" My littlest loves this dinosaur book. The short pages take on a rhythm as they bring the reader through the dinosaur's day at school. I enjoy the fact that all of these books end with positive things the dinosaur is doing. Great series! " said.

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