Bunny Island Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-01-02 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 3 user ratings

" Adorable, but mis-marketed. There is no factual information about the bunnies or the island from whence they came. That said, this made for a great easy reader for my son. He loved it. " said.

" Would be super to have the kids act this out as we read it together! " said.

" WHAT??? So much fluffiness!!! Seriously, I plan to share this during Toddler Storytime and they will love it. Highly recommended for reading to toddlers (or for grown-ups who like bunnies). " said.

" This book is not really about THE bunny island (Okunoshima, Japan), although the photographs may have been taken there. Nor does it provide any factual information about bunnies. What it does offer are lots of cute photos of rabbits romping around. And amusing captions. Fun to read and browse, but not good for those who want to know more about rabbits or Okunoshima. " said.

"I saw this at Book Expo last year and have been waiting patiently for my birthday copy since. It is, of course, adorable. It's short enough and simple enough for a first grader to read out loud to you with little complaint, and who can complain about photos of rabbits from Bunny Island. There's no backstory included, though... just a bunch of pictures of rabbits doing rabbity things that children can identify with. More like Busy Bunnies than, say, Panda Kindergarten-- even though it's based on pictures from an iconic internet sensation, like Panda Kindergarten. Ecologically,(view spoiler)" said.

" With adorable photographs, I hoped this would be more engaging to my young reader than it was. Still a sweet book! " said.

" I can't help it. I love Bunny Island.Yes, I know the island is an ecological disaster. Sometimes I worry about those rabbits who clearly are neither getting enough food nor having their population controlled. And this book hints at none of that. It's a picturebook of an internet meme. I don't care. It's adorable. " said.

"I love the cute bunnies in this book, Bunny Island by Pippa Kennard and Yukihiro Fukuda.
The bunnies in this book are so cute and it's perfect for little children to enjoy! You can easily read this or allow them to read the book by themselves. I think they will love the cute illustrations and adorable bunnies found inside. It's truly a wonderful book and so soo adorable! There is information about the bunnies, cuter than actual information and yet shared in a cute way. I use to own a rabbit and they are a so adorable. This book just reminds me of my bunny, Bugs as he was gray and just as cute! I think anyone, child or adult who wants to know or learn about bunnies, will
love this book! Finally, I'd like to mention this is a small book, perfect for young ones. Also, the photos of the bunnies are so cute, you just want to pick one up and give it a hug!
" said.

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