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UPDATE TIME: 2018-06-29 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 8 user ratings

" Easy to get through, very interesting! " said.

" if you like hogans heroes then this is the book for you!! " said.

" I bought this book at a library book sale to take to work for my students to read. I could tell that it had never been checked out and I thought it looked interesting, so I decide to read it before I put it on my bookshelf. I was never invested in history class as a student; this book was a quick read and held my interest, while also teaching me something about WWII that I didn't know. " said.

" I picked this book up in the library while waiting for Bruce to select a "book report book". It is the story of RAF pow's in Germany during WWII. These officers felt that if captured, it was their duty to escape. 200 pow's spent months constructing a tunnel under their captors' noses with the intent to have all 200 escape in one night. Tragically, they fell short of the original plan, but I have to admire their creativity and determination. " said.

"After being captured by the German's air force during WWII, British POWs were not content to just sit around and wait for the war's end. Instead, they were determined to escape--even if they didn't get very far, because any escape at all tied up German soldiers and police in looking for the escapees. A group of POWs in Stalag Luft III decided to embark on the greatest escape attempt in history, wanting to get 200 men out of their camp, and they set out build tunnels out of the camp--with 2 to be decoys and the third to be the real escape route. Hundreds of men assisted in the plans--digging the tunnels, finding ways to hide the sand that they extracted, forging documents, making clothing, and more.

This is an interesting piece of history and the author throws in some fun details (like the fact that the people in charge of disposing of the sand were called penguins because stuffing the sand in pouches in their pants made them waddle like penguins). It's a very accessible story, making it great for teen readers.
" said.

" Incredibly detailed and so fascinating. I am awed by the courage and audacity those POWs had, and that they could accomplish so much with so little to work with. " said.

" Giving this book a 5 because it simply deserved it. I've read many escape stories, however, this one stayed the course and the drawings made the escape story easier to follow. It's a gripping tale of how 200 POW soldiers from different countries came together to plan out the ingenious tunnel escape. " said.

" Easy to get through, very interesting! " said.

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