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UPDATE TIME: 2018-10-04 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 67 user ratings

"I loved this book. Its one of my favorite books i ever read. It has the action the good story line and characters that really pull the story together. I thought that it was cool how the book had the famous brother thane in the NFL and his little brother is just a skinny quite kid not many people pay attention to. Ty (the little brother) does start to get attention but I wouldn't say its very positive attention. Unless you would say mobsters and gambling is a good thing to get involved with. Its an awesome book!" said.

"Synopsis- Ty Lewis is a great football player ands trys to prove himself by giving his best and last energy using his speed to be a replacement for another player.

Audience:10+ aimed toward teens and up
Purpose: Mostly giving tips and advice
Medium: Graphic novel
genre- setting- realistic fiction
genre-style- idealism and historical

This book football hero is one of my favorite books because i love football and it gave me tips on how to be a better player and be more active. This book is made for sports lovers and story's about kids trying to fit in with the crowd and ty trys to improve his skills and shows that he is the best.
" said.

"Football Hero was an outstanding book. It was action packed and entertaining. This book was humorous and funny to read about. In some parts of the book you just want cry and in others you just laugh silly. I like this book because in parts of it I can relate to it. Football Hero was a sports genre book and was filled with excitement and interest. It involved multiple characters and gut-pulling scences. I would say this book is an just right book and it really cool. Football Hero involved things like the law [police] and the mob. It tells you about a character named Ty and what he does throughout the book. I would definetely recommend this book to anybody and you will enjoy it." said.

"This book Football Hero is about a kid named Ty. On his birthday his uncle shows him a working permit, so now Ty has to deal with that. His coach wants him on his team and figures out that his brother is a famous football player, Tiger Lewis.
This book was really good, in the beginning it is slow and I didn't really like it but when i got farther into the book, it got better. This book made me feel sad for Ty in the beginning because now he has to work for his uncle's plumbing business. I liked how they didn't make it from the famous persons perspective but from the little brother. I recommend it to people who like football, and to people who like story's about lives getting better.
" said.

"Football Hero is about a 12 year old boy named Ty,who lives with his aunt and uncle ever since his parents died in a tragic car crash. Ty also has a brother who is leaving college and going into the NFL. When Ty tries out for the school football team,to follow in his brothers footsteps,and is placed as starting wide receiver. He will have to try as hard as he can to catch all the balls that are thrown at him in the games,and become the football hero!

This book was amazing! I like the way in the book,the used adjectives to make it feel alive from the book. It almost seemed like a movie that I have watched before! This book is an outstanding football related book that I would recommend to everyone who loves and plays football. There must be another book for the series, Tim Green is an amazing author,who was actually a defensive linemen for the Atlanta Falcons. So if your looking for a great and outstanding sports book,football hero is the book.
" said.

"Football Hero by Tim Green is sports fiction was published in 2008. I think this book was OK because some parts were interesting while others are boring. One main character is Ty who is a 12 year old boy who is a new kid at school. Another character is uncle Gus who does not want Ty to play football. The main conflict of this book is that Ty is a new kid and he decides to do football and people are making fun of him. The setting is the school and at his uncle's and aunt's house. I learned to never give up or care what people think and do your best no matter what. The story was confusing. I don't recommend this book because there is not a lot of action." said.

"This was a great book! I read it for my classroom library, but I can't wait to tell my students about it! It was full of a lot of great life lessons as well as just a good story. Ty is torn between doing what is right and wrong. He is being pressured to get inside information for his uncle from his NFL playing brother. His uncle is using the information for an underground gambling deal he is in. Once Ty realizes what is going on, he finds that he has a lot of other problems then just cleaning the toilets at his after school job. All this is happening while he is learning to play football himself! " said.

"My sister went to high school with this author1 I was a freshman when he was a senior so I never met him, but he was the BMOC (big man on campus!).

I did not think I would like this book, but about halfway through, I started liking it. I picked it up because it was in our school's book fair and the boys seemed interested in it. So, naturally, I needed to keep up with the kids. I thought there was some unnecessarily gross stuff in the beginning, but when the story started picking up, the grossness stopped. I think boys would really enjoy this book if they like football or not. I would keep it in 5th grade, though.... the mob is not very nice and neither is the uncle.
" said.

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