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"I loved this book. Its one of my favorite books i ever read. It has the action the good story line and characters that really pull the story together. I thought that it was cool how the book had the famous brother thane in the NFL and his little brother is just a skinny quite kid not many people pay attention to. Ty (the little brother) does start to get attention but I wouldn't say its very positive attention. Unless you would say mobsters and gambling is a good thing to get involved with. Its an awesome book!" said.

"Synopsis- Ty Lewis is a great football player ands trys to prove himself by giving his best and last energy using his speed to be a replacement for another player.

Audience:10+ aimed toward teens and up
Purpose: Mostly giving tips and advice
Medium: Graphic novel
genre- setting- realistic fiction
genre-style- idealism and historical

This book football hero is one of my favorite books because i love football and it gave me tips on how to be a better player and be more active. This book is made for sports lovers and story's about kids trying to fit in with the crowd and ty trys to improve his skills and shows that he is the best.
" said.

"Football Hero was an outstanding book. It was action packed and entertaining. This book was humorous and funny to read about. In some parts of the book you just want cry and in others you just laugh silly. I like this book because in parts of it I can relate to it. Football Hero was a sports genre book and was filled with excitement and interest. It involved multiple characters and gut-pulling scences. I would say this book is an just right book and it really cool. Football Hero involved things like the law [police] and the mob. It tells you about a character named Ty and what he does throughout the book. I would definetely recommend this book to anybody and you will enjoy it." said.

"This book Football Hero is about a kid named Ty. On his birthday his uncle shows him a working permit, so now Ty has to deal with that. His coach wants him on his team and figures out that his brother is a famous football player, Tiger Lewis.
This book was really good, in the beginning it is slow and I didn't really like it but when i got farther into the book, it got better. This book made me feel sad for Ty in the beginning because now he has to work for his uncle's plumbing business. I liked how they didn't make it from the famous persons perspective but from the little brother. I recommend it to people who like football, and to people who like story's about lives getting better.
" said.

"Football Hero is about a 12 year old boy named Ty,who lives with his aunt and uncle ever since his parents died in a tragic car crash. Ty also has a brother who is leaving college and going into the NFL. When Ty tries out for the school football team,to follow in his brothers footsteps,and is placed as starting wide receiver. He will have to try as hard as he can to catch all the balls that are thrown at him in the games,and become the football hero!

This book was amazing! I like the way in the book,the used adjectives to make it feel alive from the book. It almost seemed like a movie that I have watched before! This book is an outstanding football related book that I would recommend to everyone who loves and plays football. There must be another book for the series, Tim Green is an amazing author,who was actually a defensive linemen for the Atlanta Falcons. So if your looking for a great and outstanding sports book,football hero is the book.
" said.

" Football Hero is a pretty interesting story. I never saw myself reading it since its about football and mostly for guys, but hey it actually is pretty cool. Its about this boy named Ty. His parents died when he was a little boy, so now he's stuck living with his uncle Gus in an old beat down little trailer. Ty's dream has always been to play football and when Coach V recruits him for the football team, he cant believe it. Its his big chance to show how fast he is and that someday he'll be like his older brother Thane "Tiger" Lewis. Tiger is about to graduate college and is being courted by the NFL.
A problem is though, that Uncle Gus wont let Ty play. Uncle Gus needs Ty to scrub floors and toilets for his cleansing business while he cooks up gambling schemes with the local mob boss, a man called "Lucy." When Lucy hears how famous Ty's older brother is, he becomes suddenly friendly. Lucy wants to ruin Tigers football career and Ty must come up with a plane to save Thane's football career and ultimately, his life.
I would certainly recommend this book, especially to all the guys who love football. Its a very interesting story that will never get you bored through all the challenges Ty must go through. It will have you on the edge of your seat rooting for Ty.

" said.

"This book is about a kid, Ty, whose lived with his aunt and uncles after his parents death. He also has a brother, Thane. Thane, or Tiger, the star rookie wide receiver for the New York Jets. Ty gets caught up with the mob after Ty's uncle drags him into it.

I liked the characters in this book. I liked how all of the characters could be real. I think the conflict of this book was cool. When you think about an NFL rookie, you usually don't think about the mob. The author of this book liked to keep you guessing and surprise you. I think almost everything thing about this book was cool from the conflict to the resolution.

This book kind of reminds me of slavery because Ty's uncle makes him work for him and his cleaning service. Ty has to clean store bathrooms from the time he's done with school until midnight. He also doesn't get paid or rewarded for anything he does. At the beginning of the book Ty wasn't even allowed to play football because he had to work. There's not much else this book reminds me of because it's very original.

Overall, I think is one of the best sports books I've ever read. Like I said, this book is original in many ways. Anyone who likes reading sports books would like this book. I would recommend this to anyone who's read any of Tim Green's other books, Dan Gutman's books, or Mike Lupica's books. This is one of the few books I've stayed up all night reading.
" said.

"Reviewed by Jaglvr for

Ty Lewis' parents have died in an accident, so he has gone to live with his dad's sister, Aunt Virginia, and Uncle Gus. Ty's older brother is Thane (aka Tiger) Lewis, a hopeful NFL first-round draft pick from Syracuse University. Thane and Ty are close, but because Thane is finishing up his college degree, Ty is forced to remain with his aunt and uncle.

Living with his aunt and uncle is horrible. Ty remembers the loving home he came from, and misses his parents terribly. His relatives make him sleep on a stained mattress on the floor in the laundry room. His uncle has scavenged an old Porta Potti that he forces Ty to use instead of the indoor plumbing. And now it's his twelfth birthday. Ty doesn't expect anything exciting, and it's even worse than he thought possible. His uncle presents him with a work permit allowing Ty to work for the family cleaning business. So while Ty and his cousin, Charlotte, spend their evenings after school scrubbing toilets and floors, his uncle sits back and drinks beer and socializes.

Ty has two shining spots in his life: his brother, Thane, and the chance to play on his middle school football team. Ty is fast and has sure hands. Coach V has great plans for Ty for the upcoming season. But his Uncle Gus does everything he can to keep Ty from playing football and away from his brother.

Then, Thane gets his draft pick and is worth millions. Uncle Gus enters into illegal gambling with the mafia, and Ty and Thane are the unwitting pawns. With the intervention of the FBI, Ty may come out better or worse than he started. But you have to read the story to see how the plot twists and turns.

I admit that I have never heard of Mr. Green before reading this story. Mostly because I will be honest and say I am not a fan of football. I go out of my way to avoid any game that may be on TV. But Mr. Green's story sounded exciting and thrilling. The story moved fast and had plots outside of football to interest those beyond the sports fans. This book will easily have appeal to boys ages 10 to 100. The reader will be satisfied to see the underdog does come out on top in the end!
" said.

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