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" This was a great junior novelization! I loved how accurate it was. It was like reading the movie and that's totally okay since I'm having withdrawals til it's released on DVD! " said.

" I registered a book at! " said.

"Zootopia is the story of Judy Hopps, a bunny rabbit from a small farming community who strived from a young age to become the first Bunny Police Officer. Finally achieving her dreams, she moves to Zootopia, the big city filled with Predator and Prey alike. Unfortunately, it's not all it's cracked up to be when her chief immediately demotes her to Traffic Duty. However, when an opportunity arrives for her to be involved in one of the biggest cases, she takes it immediately. The only catch is, she has 48 hours to solve it or else she'll lose her badge for good.

When I watched the trailer to the movie, I instantly fell in love with the idea of an anthropomorphic Disney buddy cop movie. So, when I seen the novelization I didn't hesitate to pick it up... despite the fact it looks less like a book and more like a leaflet you pick up from a travel agency. At 121 Pages (8 of those being color pages with screenshots of the movie and several pages only being half-pages) and with big print, it's a very small book. Which, means a very short read. Thankfully, it's a very, very enjoyable short read.

The book is a junior novelization, so it's not the most detailed or intricate writing. Thankfully and unlike some other junior novelizations, it's not dumbed down to the point of being insulting. Yes, there are some moments that took me out of the book for a moment by how much it was trying to sound like a kid's book, specifically with the overabundant use of the exclamation point ("She threw the giant donut over his head and around his body, trapping him inside. The weasel was stuck!"). However, these are few and far in between to be too annoying. Just know that readers who have an avid love of old style or new poetic style writing and don't like modern writing, might want to avoid this book. It's watered down modern writing at it's finest.

The plot was extremely predictable, however, that doesn't mean it wasn't enjoyable. It was more of an adventure than a mystery, as the actual 'twists' were too obvious to really hold any weight. The characters had some depth to them and some had nice character development. Judy (the bunny) and Nick (the fox) make wonderful leads as their by-the-book cop/sarcastic sidekick dynamic is both amusing and very nostalgic of shows like Castle and The Mentalist. There were some funny references to The Godfather (as anyone who has seen the trailers will know) and even a funny Frozen reference thrown in there that had me chuckling a bit.

The biggest surprise for me was the blatant overlying tones of modern day issues like racism. I'm usually not one to pick out "hidden meanings" or try to figure out if a writer was trying to say something else with their story but as an adult, it was so obvious it could as well have been smacking me in the face. Lines like "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone", "You're not like them./There's a THEM now?" as well as a discussion on how Predators are 'Savages' and prey want them to "get out/go home" riddle the book, more so in the last half. I'm not sure if a child reading/listening would pick up on these messages or just associate them being bullying (which is another theme present in this book) but, an adult or a teenager definitely will pick up on these right away. I'm curious to see how the movie will portray these issues and what the reaction from audiences will be.

Overall, this is a really quick, really fun buddy cop story with an underlying theme. It's also got the cute Disney-like quality to it while still staying true to those crime drama tropes that I personally enjoy. If you don't want the entire movie spoiled, you probably should avoid this. However, if you want to know what the movie is about or just interested in a crime fighting bunny and her wise cracking partner, then definitely pick this up for a quick enjoyable read.
" said.

" This is okay, only the movie is far better than the novelization. " said.

" 2.5 stars

The only reason why I read this was because of the movie lol. I loved the adaptation so much and I've watched it several times, so when that this audiobook was available at my library, I immediately borrowed it, so here I am, with this audiobook... it was fun, but definitely doesn't live up to the movie. The narrator wasn't very lively in the right places so I wasn't engaged. And Nick and Judy kept repeating each other's thoughts like if one of them did something kind to the other, they'd be like "that's so nice of them" in the same exact wording, if you catch my drift. Anyway, what was said and what happened was very similar to the movie so I appreciated that. While I love the story of Zootopia and the characters and it's plot, the book/audiobook was not very good. In this case, I'm totally movie > book! (Which is rare for me, and all other book lovers as well!)
" said.

" Want to take the nephew to see this one because the previews looked really fun. I picked up the B&N exclusive hardcover novelization to read first. Loved it. " said.

" Mis hijos y yo lo disfrutamos igual que la película.La película es muy buena, y la adaptación no sólo es bastante fiel, sino igual de entretenida. Estas adaptaciones no agregan mucho a la historia, pero resultan útiles para promover la lectura, pues los pequeños quedan enganchados con la historia. " said.

" The spanish version has a lot of problems with the translation! It changes some words that didn't made much sense to me, but having seen the movie it didn't affect the story for me. It had some scenes that were a bit different from the movie and even new ones. If you're fan of zotopia...its a good way to keep the fandom and the feels. Good adaptation for children!....But fix those translation details, please! " said.

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