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UPDATE TIME: 2019-01-12 
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" A bedtime story gone wrong as any Guardian of the Galaxy fan would suspect. As baby Groot settles in for the night, Rocket must rile him up by reminding him of all the adventures they have pretended to have with not only bad guys but The Avengers as well. The narrator continues the soothing bedtime story in rhyme while Rocket's speech bubbles add funny commentary. Rocket and Groot fans will enjoy this bedtime story as part of their nightly routine. " said.

"I know, I know, another picture book review. I’m usually not this bad, I’m just so busy, my reading is at an all time low. But I had to share my opinion on this book I picked up at Boxed Lunch last week. It was too cute to pass up, and I’m a sucker for picture books with adorable illustrations—and it certainly helps that it’s filled with some of my favorite people ever. The book is cute and simple, with of course toddler Groot as the main character, which Rocket at his side the entire time. We also see cameo appearances by some all time favorites, including Cap, Nat, Dr. Strange, and even Captain Marvel. The book could have been a bit longer, but I really did enjoy the pictures and the cute rhyming narrations throughout the story. Great for little Marvel lovers, and of course people like me who can’t pass up something so adorable and innocent in the Marvel universe...especially after seeing Infinity War. In cases like these, I need all the cute baby Groots I can get." said.


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Hello, friends! Our book today is Night Night, Groot, written by Brendan Deneen and illustrated by Cale Atkinson, a wildly fun Marvel-themed bedtime book starring everyone's favorite flora colossus, Baby Groot.

It's bedtime on the Milano, and Baby Groot is being tucked in with a story. After all, he's had a very busy day: fighting bad guys, spending time with his superhero friends, and generally saving the galaxy from evildoers. But his best friend Rocket isn't having it – he insists that this is no time for sleeping, there's more feats of derring-do to be had. More ships to crash, more mix tapes to listen to, and more Hulks to meet (and just how many Hulks are there, anyway?). But after all that excitement, even Rocket must admit that little trees should get their rest, and helps tuck Groot in with the promise of sweet dreams… and more adventure tomorrow!

We were so excited to receive this as a gift for JJ's birthday, and I have to say, it absolutely lived up to expectations! Disney (plus Star Wars and Marvel by extension) are getting very clever and unique with their picture book tie-ins, and this was one of our favorites so far! It's full of action-packed scenes of vanquishing villains and hanging with superheroes (favorites from both the movies and comic books make cameos, and adult Marvel fans will have just as much fun picking them out as their little ones). Cale Atkinson's art is vibrant and fun, mixing comic-book style action with kidlit-style characters and layouts, creating some exciting illustrations with hilarious details. The length is perfect, and JJ loved it. A fantastic read for Marvel fans big and small, and Baby Bookworm approved!

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" said.

"Night Night, Groot is fun and absolutely adorable story that Marvel fans of any age will appreciate!

So first things first, how adorable is that cover?! I love the title text and how the author and artists note is added to the lower right corner in a color that matches the inside of the spaceship. I also love the movement; from the nightcap flying off Groot's head and his planter tipping over, to the two characters running off to the right. And come on, that poker photo of Iron Man, The Hunk, and Thor? Perfect.

However, what is under the dust jacket may just be even more adorable!

The story was wonderful. I loved that there was a main storyline (the bedtime story) that was running through the whole thing, meanwhile Groot and Rocket are off saving the world.

I especially loved when Rocket broke the fourth wall and called out the narration.

And seeing a bunch of Marvel Heroes make their appearance was so fun!

When I reached the last page, I was so sad that it was over! This was such a cute story and the artwork is awesome! Definitely one that would be fun to read out loud over and over again!
" said.

" Yes, I own this. Yes, I read this. Yes, it's super cute. A lot of Marvel heroes make cameos in this and the illustrations are filled with little things to see. Simple rhyme story, fun for all little super heroes and heroines. " said.

" Personally I enjoyed it but yet another book that probably wouldn't work unless we did a Star Wars themed storytime. (I laughed at some of the the one about bringing the cat in reference to Black Panther.) " said.

"This falls into the category of books I was exposed to in search of something for the kids that was new and fun. As a comic fan, this works for me and is a fun read with the kids. The book is all about luring the young Groot to bed while reviewing the adventures and heroes he encountered throughout his day. It plays like a superhero "Goodnight Moon" with fun art and some epic cameos and the like. If your kids like heroes in any form, this is a fun bedtime story for kids (and not a bad read for Dads looking for a break from the usual bedtime story fare)." said.

"In Night Night, Groot, author Brendan Deneen details the adventures that are involved when Groot gets ready for bed. It's a post-Guardians of the Galaxy baby Groot, and it's not too long before Rocket pulls him into another adventure.

The genuis of Night Night, Groot isn't just that it's a book with some truly adorable illustrations. It's also a book that makes the Marvel universe accessible to a younger crowd, particularly for those readers that may not necessarily be ready for the movies just yet.

(Because after all, who wants to be the young reader who doesn't know what the Marvel universe is, especially if all of their friends are talking about it?)

Deneen carefully walks readers through a fun landscape adventure, where readers and baby Groot encounter a number of familiar Marvel faces. It's a series of fun, active adventures with these faces, written in short, easy-to-grasp sentences that will pull the reader throughout the book. But by the time the adventures are over, both Baby Groot and the readers will be ready to finally bed down for the night. .

With vivid illustrations and a colorful palette, this is a beautiful fun book for any reader. Highly recommend, full stop.
" said.

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