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UPDATE TIME: 2018-01-05 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 9 user ratings

"Riverdale's gonna rock and roll all night and party every day!

I'm a fan of KISS and a bit of a comic book geek, so when Dan Parent came to Vancouver Fan Expo 2015 and I saw Archie Meets KISS for sale there, I knew I had to get a signed copy of it. The fact that this crossover even saw the light of day should be reason enough for me to keep on shouting in joy.

The originality of the crossover unfortunately didn't translate into Alex Segura's story. The story is not very imaginative or particularly well done. Adding Sabrina to the cast ensures that magic can happen in the story which is a fun way of getting KISS to Riverdale. However, the execution and conclusion are a bit lacklustre.
It feels like more could have been done in ways of references, puns and general exploration of the KISS characters. Now they were sort of "just there".

That's not to say I didn't like this unique crossover of two universes. I just wish the story would have been treated with just a little more TLC. Dan Parent hits it right on the nose with some amazing covers, the depiction of KISS and a few sketches in the back of the book.

Now I'm going to be listening to some KISS for the rest of the afternoon...
" said.

" Obviously an ready read. But lame. Moving on. " said.

" This was absolutely ridiculous. " said.

" You drive us wild, we'll drive you CRAHAYZAY. " said.

" Besides Kiss being a money-hungry garbage band, and besides the completely dull story (it IS Archie, after all), what stood out to me most was how mean this comic was. Every page had at least one character insulting another. It stood out a lot. Read Afterlife with Archie instead. " said.

" Let's face it: The fact that this even exists is delightful enough. Sadly they didn't come up with much a of a plot to go with this hilarious premse. Beyond, y'know, revealing that KISS are actually a group of supernatural crime-fighters from another dimension. S'true. Jughead kept sassing KISS, and I waited for Gene Simmons to vomit blood on him in retaliation, but it was not to be. Sigh. " said.

"This was just horrible. I used to love Archie, I read everything, but today's comics are just missing their soul. The stories are just awful and paint the crew as unlovable. The storyline was horrible; just awful. And Archie and the gang are all doing witchcraft? When did that happen? I thought it would be cool having Kiss in it, I love Kiss. I thought that they would do a battle of the bands or something; but monster hunters? Really? Who thought that would be a good idea, because it wasn't one. It was lame. " said.

"Public library copy. Sorry, I'm not a Kiss fan, but I wanted to give this title a try before my kids devoured the book as they read everything and anything Archie. I was pleased that the writer brought in Josie and Sabrina, but their inclusion didn't make the story better or more fresh and surprising. I don't think other parents need be concerned that the story will be scary for younger readers. Production-wise the art is decent with a sketchbook at the end. I was pleasantly surprised to find Francesco Francavilla covers inside the collection along with the gold foil lettering of KISS on the cover, it really pops when seen in person.

Archie: The Married Life continues (IMHO) to have raised the bar so high that anything else modern Archie-wise is going to have difficulty pleasing an old fogey like me.
" said.

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