Flying Deep: Climb Inside Deep-Sea Submersible Alvin Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-01-12 
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"I appreciate that this book is accessible to a younger elementary-aged audience. Typically books about less mainstream topics tend to be offered primarily to upper elementary readers. And nonfiction books for younger elementary readers tend to be more dumbed-down than they need to be. An advanced second grader could probably read this and she would find it fascinating. It's not fair to this book that I'm reviewing it the same day as the Katherine=Roy-illustrated Otis and Will. Flying Deep's artwork pales in comparison and it's why it's getting 3 stars instead of the 4 it probably deserves." said.

"I especially liked the way the story is told as though the reader is going along on the mission to explore the deep sea. From there, the rhythm of the language is almost like waves as the experience of being inside ALVIN unfolds. Beautiful, soft illustrations compliment the sensory details of the ALVIN trip, making the whole book an undersea experience. I loved the way the text is sprinkled with questions that invite the reader to share their own ideas and thoughts. It was interesting that time stamps were included to give a clear picture of how long the journey took." said.

"I feel like Michelle Cusolito could've written FLYING DEEP utilizing a range of POV's, but it's incredibly refreshing that it was ultimately written in second person - which allows the reader to do what books do best: immerse themselves in a world entirely different from their own. Though quite obviously a nonfiction picture book, I think that FLYING DEEP excels because it takes you along for a mission aboard Alvin (with nuanced and textured illustrations from Nicole Wong), as if this was a work of fiction. There is tension, there is plot, there is adventure. I'm not quite sure this book really needs 'permission to launch', as it already has...quite swimmingly, I'd add." said.

"Kids (and grownups) have always been fascinated by what lies deep beneath the surface of the ocean. This fascinating nonfiction book takes readers onboard ALVIN, a deep-sea submersible craft. The book discusses the details of diving, the dangers the pilot of the submersible might encounter, how the scientists on board collect specimens for study, and many other interesting topics. Years ago, I took a ride on a submarine in Grand Cayman (Atlantis) and loved looking at the underwater life so far down below the surface. This book is has a nice bibliography and list of resources, including websites, at the back. This is a terrific nonfiction resource to have on the shelf." said.

" What an exciting, informative book! Such a fantastic intro to a mysterious, deep sea world - provides an adventure and a peek into scientist lives with appealing language and lovely illustrations " said.

"The author takes the reader along for the ride as ALVIN descends into the ocean depths. Step by step, we see how the vehicle is launched, how it maneuvers, and what its mission is. We also get the play by play with radio communication to the ship on the surface, which would be totally fun in a read-aloud with some crackle and static realism in a darkened classroom with the images projected on a screen. The narrator uses present tense which allows readers to vicariously experience this scientific mission. This very unique book is sure to get kids interested in marine sciences." said.

" All the benefits of going underwater in a deep-sea submersible without any of the danger or claustrophobia. This well-written story about a trip in a deep-sea submersible teaches without it feeling like teaching. This book does an excellent job using captivating text paired with fascinating illustrations of the deep sea. I have never been so fascinated by the deep ocean. A book anyone ever curious about this topic should read. " said.

" Readers are invited to be a part of the deep-sea sub, ALVIN's mission to explore the depths of the ocean. A perfect book for anyone interested in subs, oceanography, exploration- or really anyone up for an adventure. " said.

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