Flying Deep: Climb Inside Deep-Sea Submersible Alvin Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-03-22 
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" What an exciting, informative book! Such a fantastic intro to a mysterious, deep sea world - provides an adventure and a peek into scientist lives with appealing language and lovely illustrations " said.

" All the benefits of going underwater in a deep-sea submersible without any of the danger or claustrophobia. This well-written story about a trip in a deep-sea submersible teaches without it feeling like teaching. This book does an excellent job using captivating text paired with fascinating illustrations of the deep sea. I have never been so fascinated by the deep ocean. A book anyone ever curious about this topic should read. " said.

"This book puts the reader in the driver seat of a deep-sea submersible. It has a good mix of sounds (like "psssssss" for the oxygen being turned on), sights (like the water getting darker as you go deeper), feel (like your stomach flipping on the descent), taste (like, peanut butter sandwiches for lunch) and much more.

There's also a surprising range of emotions to experience, even though this trip doesn't span more than a day. First of all there's the wonder of undersea life, but there's also the worry of getting trapped or crushed deep in the ocean. There's also a spot of humor...there are no restrooms on the submersible. You can tell the author did an impressive amount of research to make the scenes come so alive for the readers. Also, Michelle Cusolito is a very talented writer to convey it in such a short text.

There's back matter and additional resources for readers who want to dive even deeper. All in all, an exciting trip under the ocean and an informative read!
" said.

" The stunning cover pulled me right into this adventurous non-fiction picture book. The narrator speaks directly to the reader, inviting you along on a journey down, down, down, into the abyss. I was struck by how perilous the trip seemed – pressure, fishing nets, anchor chains, crumbling columns that could trap you in the deeps. The illustrations really capture the depth and darkness and the clean form of Alvin. (I read an advance copy of this book) " said.

" FLYING DEEP is an illuminating dive into a fascinating world few people get to see! Through Michelle Cusolito's engaging descriptions and Nicole Wong's gorgeous illustrations, kids and adults are treated to a glimpse of creatures and landscapes that exist far below the ocean's surface. A delight to read! " said.

" Michelle Cusolito's writing is engaging and picks the curiosity of the young readers. Nicole Wong's illustration are detailed and at the same time full of sensitivity and emotion. A great pairing for a fabulous book that will get us some future explorers and scientists! " said.

"In Michelle Cusolito’s Flying Deep, children get to experience the deep-sea submersible ALVIN and imagine themselves inside. In short fun descriptive text, children learn what lies in the deep. They themselves are on a mission to collect specimens from the bottom of the ocean. Ghost crabs, Pompeii worms, and a Dumbo octopus are just some of the interesting creatures waiting for Alvin. Wong’s beautiful illustrations clearly show Alvin’s journey through the different zones of the ocean and the thriving creatures. This book will grab the curiosity of young and old alike and is told in simple way for even young children to understand. Author's and illustrator's notes tell further details about Alvin as well as a glossary and "for further reading" section." said.

"The authors takes the reader along for the ride as ALVIN descends into the ocean depths. Step by step, we see how the vehicle is launched, how it maneuvers, and what its mission is. We also get the play by play with radio communication to the ship on the surface, which would be totally fun in a read-aloud with some crackle and static realism in a darkened classroom with the images projected on a screen. The narrator uses present tense to instruct the readers as they vicariously experience this scientific mission. This very unique book is sure to get kids interested in marine sciences." said.

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