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"Ella the elephant is nervous about starting a new school. When she finds that her grandmother has sent her her lucky hat, she feels slightly better. But when she gets to school she quickly learns that a neat hat does not always guarantee friends. One of Ella's classmates immediately begins to tease her. When Ella is challenged to retrieve a ball off of a high safety wall, she challenges the other student right back. The other child accepts and up the wall she goes...only to find herself stuck. While some classmates run for help and some stand there not sure what to do, Ella climbs right up that wall to help. But the weight of two elephants is too much and they both go toppling over the wall. Good thing Ella has her good luck hat on. It opens as a parachute and saves them both! The next day at school the whole class shows Ella their appreciation by wearing beautiful hats! " said.

""Ella the Elegant Elephant" written and illustrated by Carmela and Steven D'Amico is a great story for younger kids, I would say Kindergarten/First grade maybe even preschool. Ella and her family are living somewhere in the Indian Ocean on Elephant Island. Ella is nervous about soon starting at her new school. But when she finds her grandma's lucky big, red hat she can not wait. However, once starting at school no one likes Ella's hat as much as Ella loves it. You're gonna have to read what happens but after waking up late one day and running to school, only to still be late, Ella finds all her classmates, including Belinda the bully, wearing big hats just like Ella's! This book is great to show children about being an outsider and not fitting in because of something you love. It shows children to stick up for themselves and in the end everything will probably be out. I loved the pictures throughout the story. Many take up the whole spread, while there are some pictures that are just cut outs on the page. I first picture up this book because I thought the cover of little Ella was cute, and boy am I glad I read it! Super cute story for younger kids!!" said.

" Beautiful narrative that hooked my focus " said.

"Somewhere in the great, wide Indian Ocean lie the Elephant Islands, hidden by a fog so thick that no human being has ever found them.

I find this highly doubtful. Also, this country looks like Turkey. Yeah, a lot like Turkey.


Elephant Islands:

Ella is nervous because she is the new kid.

So her mother suggested that she do something constructive, but Ella didn't know what.

"Well, there's still quite a bit of unpacking to do. Why don't you give me a hand while we wait for these cookies to cool?"

Her mom's a baker. ANYWAY, this is a typical mom thing to say. Oh, why don't you do this boring thing instead of worrying?

Of course, Ella isn't thrilled. But while helping her mother unpack, she finds a hat. The hat is addressed to her from her (dead) grandma. Her mom tells her that this big, church-lady hat (my description) was grandma's 'lucky hat.'

Ella loves it and decides to wear it to school. Everyone at school dresses in a uniform that looks exactly like a Russian soldier.

Second to the left.

It's very bizarre. Like combining Turkey with Soviet Russia and adding elephants. Also, it looks like an overly warm outfit to be wearing on an island in the Indian Ocean. They even have little caps.

The teacher asked if she wouldn't mind sitting in a desk in the back row, so she wouldn't block the other student's view of the chalkboard.

This sounds like a reasonable request.

But then a bully named Belinda Blue starts picking on Ella. She trips her and is scolded by the teacher.

"Belinda Blue!" scolded Miss Briggs. "I saw that! Shame on you!"

Belinda slumped down in her seat.

"I didn't mean to," she said."

*Carmen scoffs* Yeah, right.

The bullying doesn't end there. Ella sits alone on the playground, and no one approaches her to play. But Belinda and her two cronies do approach her to make fun of her hat.

"That is a dumb hat. It doesn't even match your uniform."

"Yeah," said Belinda's friend, Tiki, pushing up her glasses. "But maybe she thinks she looks elegant in it."

Belinda shouted, "I know! Let's call her Ella the Elegant."

"Yeah!" Tiki laughed. "Ella the Elegant Elephant!"

Um... that's not really an insult. But it feels like one to poor Ella.

When Ella gets home and tells her mom about her horrible day, the mom says,

"My dearest Ella, things will get better, I promise."

Lies, filthy lies. Also, don't make promises you can't keep!

Thus far this book has been a very accurate portrayal of bullying.

The bullying continues the next day as Belinda throws a ball at Ella's head and then invites her to play with her.

Ella didn't want to play ball with Belinda, but she was afraid if she didn't, she'd get teased even more.

But Belinda throws the ball onto the high safety wall and tells Ella to go get it. Ella protests, saying it's against the rules and dangerous.

Belinda rolled her eyes. "No it's not dangerous. Just climb right up and throw it down. What could be more simple?"

Ella responds beautifully.

"Well, if it's so simple," said Ella, "why don't YOU do it?"

Tiki and the others turned and looked at Belinda.

"Fine, I will." Belinda glared at Ella. "But you flunked the test."

This is amazing accuracy in re: bullying.

ANYWAY. Belinda climbs up to get the ball, starts clowning around on the wall and slips. Now she's crying and no one is doing anything, so Ella steps forward like a woman (read: boss!) and says she'll help. But Belinda's so heavy she pulls both of them over the edge.

In a very unlikely turn of events, (view spoiler)" said.

" Love it! Thank you Mrs Rhodes!! " said.

" Normally I would not add a children's book (normally I wouldn't read a children's book) but this was very cute and I want to remember it. This strikes me as something that would have been one of my favorites as a child. " said.

" I fell in love with the cover art! SO CUTE!!!!! It reminds me a bit of Joan Walsh Anglund's art elephant-style ;-> The illustrations are quite fun throughout. The story is a good one for kids new to school, or a new school, in that it encourages one to maintain their personality and goodness in the face of bullies and against the threat of "not fitting in." Alas, the writing style was really not all that special for me, but it was still a pleasant book all told. " said.

" I bought this for Ella for obvious reasons. The story is ok but I don't anticipate it becoming a favorite. " said.

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