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"Forces Of Nature Book Review
By: Victoria

In this unit we are reading non-fiction books and I have been reading The Awesome Power Of Volcanoes, Earthquakes, And Tornadoes Forces Of Nature By: Catherine O’neil Grace It is a book about what the forces of nature do on our earth. For example, what causes these forces and what can you do to protect yourself in case you are in any danger when these natural disasters occur. For example if there was an earthquake it will teach you how to protect yourself by hiding under a sturdy table and covering your head with a pillow. I think it is very interesting to learn about our earth, and how it works because these natural disasters happen often and cause mayhem and I think you will too.

The author, Grace says that the power of volcanoes, earthquakes, and tornadoes are very interesting and powerful. She is right these natural disasters cause many problems such as damage and shortage of food, water, and homes. People have to stay at places such as Red Cross or with family because they have lost their house, or it is too damaged to live in. If one does not have food or water one would have to go to places where they give free food and water to those in need. Scientists have been informing people before these natural disasters occur so that not as many people get hurt or killed. I think that these resources can be very successful when these powerful storms come by, because when citizens are hungry, thirsty, and homeless, people can go to community services and not suffer.

I learned so much about these natural disasters and how they start. It is interesting to know because you can tell if a storm is brewing or if a volcano is about to explode.
I really liked how the book had sections that had sections titled, “did you know facts?” There were some things I didn’t know that could be useful information. I didn’t like how the book only picked three main destinations for research. Which was Boulder Colorado because it is located in an area known as Tornado Alley. They researched Volcanos in Montserrat a volcanic island in the Caribbean. They research earthquakes in Istanbul, Turkey. I would really like to know more about the same natural disaster in different places so that I could compare the research.
The authors writing style is informational and explanatory which helps you gain knowledge on this subject. I learned that under the ground there is magma and seismic waves that cause volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

Overall I think this book is a great choice to read and gain knowledge on natural disasters. I would recommend this book to people who want to learn more about the earth and the way it works. As for the age recommendation, I would say that my nine year old sister could understand this book. Therefore, anyone above fifth grade could learn about natural disasters. Give this book a try, you might really enjoy it!

" said.

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