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UPDATE TIME: 2019-01-11 
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" I really don’t enjoy this collection as much as I always expect to. I think it’s because I’m not already acquainted with most of the authors who contributed. " said.

" A surprisingly strong collection. Very varied but there's barely a dud among them. All have something to recommend them; a startling image, humour, a twist, or just a creepy and fantastical atmosphere. Robert Westall's 'Fifty-Fafty' particularly impressed me. " said.

" 4.0 Tanith Lee "Ceres Passing" I started to write this one off as another riff on the teenage daughter dominated by a selfish mother theme, but then it changed into something more mythological. Quite satisfying. " said.

" I don't think DWJ chose these stories - I think she just sent around to the authors she liked asking for stories (based on the foreward). Mostly, the stories didn't impress me much. I'd already read "The Master," the only DWJ one included. That one seems to me like one of her less-coherent stories, though I like it largely for its vivid-but-not-really-explained weirdness. " said.

" Stories I liked:"True Believer""Ceres Passing""The Walled Garden""The Master""The Sky Sea"Stories that were okay:"The Vision""Urgeya's Choice""Turntables of the Night"Stories that fit into this weird conflicting area between "liked" and "okay":"Dogfaerie""Fifty-Fafty"Stories I didn't like:"A Bird That Whistles""Kalifriki of the Thread" " said.

" This collection made a big impact on me when I read it when I was around 12 or 13.Douglas Hill's True Believer freaked me out because I did have a strong imagination and Lisa Tuttle's The Walled Garden blew my mind and Geraldine Harris's Urgeya's Choice really made me think and stayed in my memory a long time. " said.

" “True Believer” by Douglas Hill ★★★☆☆“Ceres Passing” by Tanith Lee ★★★★☆“Fifty-Fafty” by Robert Westall ★★★☆☆“Dogfaerie” by Garry Killworth ★★☆☆☆“The Walled Garden” by Lisa Tuttle ★★★☆☆“The Master” by Diana Wynne Jones ★★★★☆“The Vision” by Mary Rayner ★★☆☆☆“Urgeya’s Choice” by Geraldine Harris ★★☆☆☆“The Sea Sky” by Helen Cresswell ★★★☆☆“A Bird That Whistles” by Emma Bull ★★★☆☆“Kalifriki of the Thread” by Roger Zelazny ★★★★☆“Turntables of the Night” by Terry Pratchet ★★★☆☆ " said.

"This was a mixed anthology. There are some very good stories in here. Emma Bull's "A Bird That Whistles" is the exact sort of mix of music and faerie that I'm very into at the moment, and thus it's probably my favorite. Robert Zelazny's story was also an excellent multidimensional adventure that felt like a science fantasy sword and sorcery tale. Terry Pratchett's story was amusing and I really liked how the narrator's voice. The Sky Sea was short but fun. The Walled Garden and True Believer were both clever stories with thought provoking endings. The Vision was fun, and The Sky Sea showed just a hint of a larger world that would be a lot of fun to explore more of. The other stories were rather disappointing, however. Fifty-Fafty really doesn't feel like it fit here and just wasn't good. Ceres Passing was clever but I found the details of the setting too distracting. Dogfaerie was okay but nothing particularly special. The Diann Wynne Jones story was unfortunately confusing and strange, which especially disappointed me. These lackluster stories were packed into the first half of the anthology, which was almost enough to make me want to stop reading. Fortunately, I ended up continuing and was rewarded with a much better second half. Still, this book could have been much improved by having a different order of stories, and I'm annoyed enough about the disappointing ones to have overall only somewhat enjoyed the collection." said.

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