The Vanishings (Left Behind: The Kids #1) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-10-03 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 341 user ratings

" I have never read anything like this in my life! This is such a breathtaking book! I loved hearing the back stories of the four kids and how the vanishing personally affected them. It was really cool how every chapter was through the eyes of a different kid. This book definitely gave me a new understanding of Revelation. I would recommend this book (and the rest of the series) to anyone who likes to read adventure novels or is curious about the book of Revelation. " said.

"When I started reading this, I didn't realize that this was the series rewritten for elementary school age children. The story is ok. The execution however is dull and repetitive. I had always intended on reading the Left Behind series but this has me questioning if I will ever bother with that. There is no resolution at the end of this particular book. It really does just stop in the middle of everything. I'm not a fan of that. I think every book entry to a series should have a proper beginning, middle, and end. This does not. But neither were the characters compelling enough to encourage me to continue reading all... 40 (!) entries in this series." said.

"It's hard for me to review this book. I did not read it for the Christian message, so let's just judge it on its merits aside from that.

I was prepared to not like this book, but it was weirdly readable. The characters were stereotypes, but despite the hilarity of them all, you want to keep reading. Maybe it's the trainwreck effect, where you just have to see the rapture happen, knowing these kids will be left behind (obvs from the title, right?)

Once I started, I had to keep reading...maybe it's the tiny pages that make it so easy to thinking you can finish in a sitting. I finished this in a day, and though it's super simplistic, I kind of want to read the next one. Not sure if I will, because once I read #2, I'll probably need to read all 40 of them, lol.
" said.

"A quick read but very good! It gets the point across about what will happen when the rapture occurs and why you need to ask Jesus into your ❤️ Great for kids and young adults. Definitely recommend!!!" said.

" 30th book read in 2014.Number 178 out of 374 on my all time book list.Follow the link below to see my video review: " said.

" Poorly written and awfully scary for children. " said.

" I remember that this book was the first series I read as a teenager. The story caught me completely and I went back to read a lot. I always loved this book, not only by story, but it's based on the Bible and it may happen in the future. Whenever I return to read it, it makes me think of what really matters in this life. " said.

"i saw this book in a hotel lobby and remembered i read this series all the way through in... the 5th grade, maybe. it was just when i was getting into sci-fi too so thankfully i compartmentalized it with that instead of, like, internalizing all the crassly propagandistic bs. seriously, tho, parents, if u want ur kids to respect religion teach them to interact with it in a critically instead of "scaring them straight" with such images as, say, a left-behind punk girl who shuns her old lifestyle and literally dons her enraptured mother's clothing in a godly attempt to honor her wishes / change for the better" said.

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