Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron: The Junior Novel (Marvel's the Avengers: Age of Ultron) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-01-11 
Review Score: 3 out of 5 star From 9 user ratings

" I liked it okay, but it was really meh. It's an incomplete story, leaving the reader hanging. Novelizations of movies are supposed to be this very thing: the movie in novel form. With the beginning, middle, and end of the movie they are supposed to be from. I've read enough of them to know that's how they go. They might not necessarily follow the movie exactly, but they are complete. This book was a disappointment to the extreme. " said.

"This was an interesting read. Now, I've seen the movie so it was nice to recognize some of my favourite lines and moments of the movie as being in this book.

I would have liked if the story covered more of the movie but I understand that it needed to be shortened so it wasn't intimitating to younger readers (there is a lot in the movie!). I think this could easily be "part 1" to have a second or longer book that covers the whole movie. That said, it sums it all up nicely and ends at a good point.

I do love how the author referred to the characters as their codenames (and Maria Hill as "Hill") because that just makes so much more sense. And Black Widow is appropriately bad-ass! Lovely to see.
" said.

" Asher (11yo) read. "Really cool. I really want to watch the movie." " said.

" Doesnt end where the movie ends... These Marvel junior novels don't do justice to the novelizations genre... " said.

"While I am more a fan of DC Comics, I must say that Marvel Studios has frequently outdone DC and Warner Brothers Studios with their respective franchises. Where Marvel does not shine is in movie novelizations. I enjoy movie novelizations because there are no issues with mumbling actors and ambiguous cinematography. This novel, written for youngsters, reads like a series of facebook posts. There are more exclamation points than I could count and the scene depictions are very dry. There is very little insight into the characters, their thoughts and their feelings. Basically, Mr. Wyatt wrote down what he saw on the screen and heard on the speakers. I do like the attractive layout and format of the book and the movie stills are a plus. However, personally, I would never recommend this book to a young reader - I don't care how bored he or she is with reading. I don't think it would encourage reading at all. The best thing I can say about this book is that the hardcover version is less expensive than the kindle version, it's pretty and would look nice on a bookshelf and I now know all the dialogue despite mumbling actors. " said.

"Where is the other half of this book? (A review of the audiobook)

Published by Marvel Press and Blackstone Audio on April 10 of 2015.
Read by Tom Taylorson
Duration: 1 hour, 34 minutes.

This is my third audiobook of a junior novelization of a movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They adhere closely to the movies, have all been well-read, easy to listen to and, on the whole, quite enjoyable.

But, this one is troubling because it only covers half of the movie. Literally, this audiobook is about half of the length of the other audiobooks as well. If you have seen the movie, it only goes to the fight scene in the ship that is being harvested for scrap metal and it alludes to the Iron Man/Hulk fight scene. That's it.

Up to that point, it's an enjoyable audiobook. Reader Tom Taylorson does a very good job with the different voices of the Avengers, especially Thor. He also does an especially good job with the voice of Ultron - sometimes he sounds exactly like James Spader who voices him in the movie.

The problem is that this is only half of the movie is in this audiobook.

It probably stems from the fact that...

Read more at:
" said.

"The Kiddo's cousin loaned this to him. They're both fans of all things MCU, so he was excited to check it out. I read it aloud to him.

Apparently, "Junior Novel" means "contains less than half of the story".

This does do a nice job of fleshing out some details and giving some interesting insights into the film, but the writing on the action sequences felt flat, and there was a lot of tell-rather-than-show.

The book ended in what felt like a very awkward spot in the movie plot, and the epilogue that was really just a summary of the next scene, which there wasn't room to include, didn't help matters.
" said.

" Source: LibraryAt the time that I requested this from my library I didn't realize it was a "Junior Novel", I saw Avengers and I automatically requested it. However, this was really a disappointment. " said.

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