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" I always enjoy a quick read, especially when it's written by Ms. Cabot! This one continues with the series and has Olivia attending school before the big wedding day. I will admit that there were times where I wanted to slap her for letting her cousin get away with being rude, but I guess she's just doing what a princess should. Good book and a great example for young kids. " said.

" If you loved The Princess Diaries series read these new books! So much revolves around Mia and you still get to see her grow up :) " said.

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I won’t usually read middle grade. I think a lot of it is because I like my characters to be a little bit more mature, and middle grade characters are still kids and to be honest that’s usually not a period in my life I want to reflect upon.

To be fair, I really don’t want to reflect on my teenage years either, but YA book has kissing and other stuff that middle grade does not.

I’ll make an exception though, if the book purports to have a drawing of Michael Moscovitz in it like Royal Wedding Disaster has.

And to be fair, I did enjoy this book even sans Michael drawing. It’s something I would feel very comfortable with buying for a younger reader. It was pretty kid friendly-although, I could tell Meg wanted to include a romance in here since there were allusions to crushes and all that good stuff.

And honestly, that was probably one of the weakert part of the book.

Olivia is only eleven. The crush just came off a little too much to be realistic. Not that I think it wasn’t cute, but I just really couldn’t believe an eleven year having that much of a romance.

The stuff I enjoyed was the more middle grade centric stuff. I liked watching Olivia adjust to her new life in Genovia. I loved her relationship with Grandmere and adjusting to a new school.

The mean girl subplot. Again, meh. I think if anything was weaker than the junior high romance, it was this part. Mean girl plots were a staple in the 2000’s when YA was just getting it’s foothill in the industry and Cabot was one of the big proponents of using it. While she has stopped using it to some extent in some of her newer YA work-side note, it’s been awhile since a new YA Cabot book has come out, I love the updated adult versions of her past YA novels, but more YA Cabot please-it’s rearing it’s ugly head here.

However, again, the book was so cute that it was very easy to overlook. The book’s plot is pretty simplistic and goes more into detail about Mia and Michael’s wedding while dealing with Olivia’s first days at school in Genovia.

I’m going to be honest, the whole “princess” school concept made me roll my eyes and gave me flashbacks to that turd of a movie-Princess Diaries 2– if I was twelve (okay, that’s pushing it) or really to be honest eight or nine I probably would’ve loved it. As a cantankerous adult burned by bad movies, I ignored my misgivings best I can, and read the school part for the dynamics for the characters.

While I am mostly continuing with this series for updates on Mia and Michael (because, come on, that’s why a lot of people who are over a certain age are reading these books) I’ll admit that they’re cute and are the perfect books for a younger audience.

Is it perfect, no. But the original series wasn’t either. This series is perfect for a younger audience.
" said.

" Loove the cover :DCant wait to read it.Just finished this.As expected I love it.It was fun seeing more of the wedding and from Olivias pov.really happy there is at least one more book in this series. " said.

"A few moments of this bothered me, but otherwise I am utterly satisfied with narratives like this. They are everything I wanted as a little girl--a little royalty or magic in everyday life, but starring someone like me instead of just another white kid. Olivia is biracial! And raised not by her biological parents! And even though it's weird how much she doesn't miss them in this book, they're not exactly Cinderella's family in the first book, so that's nice. Also, (view spoiler)" said.


Royal Wedding Disaster is the second book in the From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess series. This is a middle grade series. This book has an alternate title: Bridesmaid-in-Training.

I read this book because I read and enjoyed Meg Cabot's adult Princess Diaries book called Royal Wedding. We got to see a lot of Olivia in that book (she is the narrator of this series). Royal Wedding Disaster is sort of a companion book to Royal Wedding. We get a lot more details (this time everything is from Olivia's point of view).

But this book is about much more than just the wedding. Olivia now lives in Genovia. She lives in the palace. So we get to see what palace life is like. Plus we get to see a lot of Grand-mere (the character made famous by Julie Andrews in the movies).

I really enjoyed this book. We get to see the royal school. We get to see some princes. We get to see Rocky (Mia's half brother). Overall, a really fun continuation of a cute series.
" said.


Really cute, Olivia is such a sweet character!
It's funny to see how much she and Mia differ.
I belong to Mia's generation and I was exactly like her, but I see young kids Olivia's age and they're SO mature for their age compared to how I was!
So it's nice to see that in this book.

I could have done without the romance, though, I feel like Olivia's interactions with Grandmère and the rest of the family weren't delved into as deeply as they should have been.
They all seemed very distant, for all that Olivia kept telling us otherwise. I guess it's a case of telling instead of showing...
" said.

"I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher. This in no way impacted on my view.

Bridesmaid-in-Training is the second book in Cabot's new MG series, following the life of Mia's long lost sister, Olivia. This book takes place roughly during the second half of Royal Wedding, if you've read that one. Olivia is now in Genovia with her family, and is learning about the ins and outs of being a princess, at the same time as learning how to be the best bridesmaid for her wonderful sister. She's has a nice time with her Grandmère (as shown in the little e-short, Royal Day Out), but now her cushty time is about to change. Even though there's only a few weeks left of the school year, Olivia has to start at the prestigious Royal Genovian Academy, home to many of the world's young prince and princesses, and she soon learns that not all royals are as nice as her new family.

As Olivia grows in Genovia, she really grows as a person. I'll admit, I had to ask twitter how old she was, cause the American grade school system has always confused me, but for a 12 year old, she seems really mature. She's still a little insecure in her new family, not really feeling as if she fits in yet, because it's all new, and she is trying to be perfect. But the thing is, she doesn't need to be. The whole extended family, including her soon to be step-brother, Rocky, love her, as she is, and when she finally realises this, it's perfect.

Once she starts at the Academy, she realises that not everyone is nice, and not everyone like her new found status as princess. Her 'cousin' who should be helping her, is trying to sabotage her, and any new friendships she might make, including with the kind Prince. Even though Olivia is only 12, her feelings are starting to blossom, and seeing her little case of puppy love grow into something a bit more, was sort of like seeing Mia falling in love with Michael all over again.0

Yes, this series is a little young for me, but I've always loved Cabot's writing, and Olivia is sort of like the little sister I've never had, but would have loved. Seeing her, and Mia, is a return to my childhood, and I can't wait to see more from their growing relationship, and growing family.
" said.

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