Royal Wedding Disaster: From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-01-11 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 21 user ratings

" Copy won from Goodreads Giveaway " said.

" Super cute read! Light, funny and extremely entertaining. Hope we have more of these coming soon. :) " said.

" Written with typical charm and humour, this is another lovely middle grade book from Meg Cabot that'll please all of her fans. *Please note: this review is meant as a recommendation only. Please do not use it in any marketing material, online or in print, without asking permission from me first. Thank you!* " said.

" A fantastic and fun addition to the middle-grade Princess Diaries spinoff series. I love Olivia as a character and seeing her adjust to being a princess like Mia did. It also helps that readers of the Princess Diaries series still get to stay in touch with Mia, Michael, Grandmere and the rest of the gang through Olivia's journey. " said.

" Suuuuuuper cute with lots of laugh out loud moments. I am extremely tickled that Olivia finds Grandmère to be a comforting presence, but that's the benefit of a different POV.These books are just similar to and different from the original Princess Diaries series to delight old fans like me. Although, I do wish Olivia's nemesis wasn't basically a mini-Lana. " said.

" So since the Princess Diaries series is over (I can still hold out hope, but it's over) - I have to get my Michael Renaldo (ne Moscovitz) anyway I can. Also, Meg Cabot just writes good, cute stories.. so it's worth a read. I can already see some parallels between this series and the original one. Gunther reminds me a lot of Boris, and Khalil is the cute, smart guy.. so like a junior Michael. But not as awesome as Michael. I just really like Michael. Does it show? " said.

"I'm an adult reader and have enjoyed the Princess Diaries series for years. I'm not exactly this book's target audience, but nevertheless, I love Olivia Grace's new series and I think she's a fantastic role model for young girls. She stands up for herself and doesn't stay silent when something is wrong. She doesn't let people get away with being mean to her unchallenged, but she also remains polite and graceful and doesn't lose her cool.

The plot of this book was fun, too. Olivia Grace is sent to the Royal Genovian Academy, where she has to deal with mean snobs and booger-flinging princes, and learn how to sing Genovian folk songs. But it also details the Royal Wedding of Princess Mia, which--as a fan of the Princess Diaries--I couldn't help but be curious about! Basically, I read the book to get details about Mia's wedding, but fell in love with Olivia Grace along the way. She's such an adorable, smart kid who definitely has the inner strength to run a country someday. :) Would highly recommend for young princess fans!
" said.

"It's a cute spinoff series—Olivia's so much more relaxed than Mia (or, in fact, than any of Cabot's other heroines that I can think of—I haven't read all or even most of her books, but those I remember tend to be on the higher-strung end of things). I'm really curious about the decision to spread the overall Princess Diaries series/world across multiple age ranges: Princess Diaries for YA, Middle School Princess for MG, and Royal Wedding as something closer to NA. Are they expecting a lot of crossover readers from those of us who read The Princess Diaries when the books first came out? (I mean, they got to me, apparently. So there's that.)

It's pretty unexciting as far as plot goes—the plot goes off into crushes and mean girls when I'd much rather have seen culture shock and family adjustment. (Do we really need a retread of what Mia went through?) And for all that this is ostensibly the book in which the wedding takes center stage, it...doesn't. It's still a lot of wedding prep and very little about the wedding (note: not that I particularly care, being a cold-hearted unromantic, but I like accuracy in book marketing), and the 'disaster' in question is, uh, not a disaster. Even the cake thing is not remotely a disaster.

Is Rocky normal for a nine-year-old boy? In the previous book (or Royal Wedding—can't remember what was in which) I sort of wondered if there was some spectrum behaviour going on, but there's no mention of that, so I'm inclined to think that he's just...a bit of a caricature, I suppose. Or maybe just another reminder that I'm well and truly out of the target age range here.
" said.

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