The Tapper Twins Go to War (With Each Other) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-06-27 
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"When siblings go to war, they both end up hurt especially if they happen to be twins! Claudia and Reese are very different from one another, but they are also alike. They both love toaster pastries and that is how the entire war began, when one twin accused the other of stealing their pastry. That was bad enough, but then it escalated quickly at their school cafeteria where Claudia was accused of being the one who farted and got the nickname “Princess Farts-A-Lot.” That led to Claudia trying to get Reese to be called stinky by the others and she put a dead fish in his backpack, perhaps a bit too well hidden. From there though, the war gets really ugly and turns virtual with social media and video games as the battlefields. A modern look at being a sibling and having one enormous fight, online and off.

Rodkey has created a very smart book that captures the digital age and being a tween. The book is in a unique format where Claudia is documenting what had happened during the war with Reese and Reese regularly interjecting his own point of view. The book has photographs, cartoons, and texts between different family members too. The result is a book perfect for reluctant readers who will enjoy the short blocks of text broken regularly with images.

They will also enjoy the humor of the book, including a very nicely done interplay between the two siblings. Their anger at one another and their relationship really works in the book and is life like. The escalating war between the twins is made possible by parents who are tired, inattentive and also lifelike. Their exchanges with one another are equally humorous as the twins’ exchanges are.

Funny and very friendly, this is a book that middle school readers will love. Appropriate for ages 8-12.
" said.

"This book was so much fun! Claudia’s twin brother, Reese, embarrassed her at school in the lunch room in front of their entire class. Claudia decides she needs to humiliate Reese the same way he humiliated her. Thus begins the war: there’s some stinky fish, an embarrassing music video, crazy haircuts and an online trouncing. The book is told from Claudia’s point of view but as a series of interviews she conducts with her brother, her friends and her babysitter. Also mixed in are photos, screenshots of online chats and text messages between her parents.

Rodkey perfectly captures that age where kids are starting to come into themselves. That age where we have first crushes, where what other people think is so important, where an embarrassing incident can either crush you or make you stronger, and the most responsibility we have is for our homework and the people we control in a video game. At the same time, he captures the mannerisms, speech and slang of this age group perfectly. Claudia and Reese could absolutely jump off the page and fit right in at my son’s school. They were authentic and funny and sounded and acted like kids without the author talking down to his audience.

The plot is funny and engaging and brought back memories of tiffs between my brothers. While they never put dead fish in each other’s bags, and online games like Meta World weren’t around yet, the idea is the same and I was somewhat nostalgic while reading. Kids will find the pranks hilarious. As a parent, the snippets of text message between the Tapper parents had me rolling. Like many parents, they want to be involved but are really rather clueless despite their best efforts.

The format of the book lends itself well to the MG reading group. The pictures and screen shots add a lot of humor but also break up the story into pieces which will keep kids interested. This book will have wide appeal – both girls and boys will find characters to identify with. It’s definitely not a “girly” book even though the account of the events is being compiled by Claudia. It will also appeal to both avid and reluctant readers. The format lends itself well to reluctant readers because the pictures and screen shots add a lot of humor and also break up the story into pieces which will keep kids interested. Stronger readers won’t be disappointed by the strong characters, great dialogue and quick pace.

I have a quick side note about age. The twins in the books are 12 years old. The book is listed on some sites as being for ages 8 and up. My son is 8 and while there’s nothing inappropriate in the book, it was a little bit above is reading level. He could read it but some of the nuance and humor was lost on him. Some very mature 8 year old readers may appreciate this more than my son. He enjoyed it but not, I suspect, as much as slightly older kids will.

Overall, I really loved this book. I was thoroughly entertained. It was funny and made me a little bit nostalgic. There are some sweet moments at the end between Claudia and Reese that show how siblings can love each other even when they’re so different and even after they make mistakes. There are also some great messages here. Cyberbullying is addressed without preaching or beating you over the head. There are also nice lessons about how doing something not-so-nice can sometimes backfire, and about how, despite it all, the bond between siblings can be an amazing thing.
" said.

" Una lectura entretenida y divertida pero que definitivamente no es mi tipo por lo cual a pesar de que me pareció un concepto original la historia no consiguió atraparme. " said.

"Историите на Джеф Родки вече са ме разсмивали, и то доста. Не от страниците, а от екрана. Родки е сценарист на симпатичните семейни комедии „Таткова градина” 1 и 2, както и на някои други приятни, неангажиращи филмчета. Ето обаче, че дойде ред обаче да се забавлявам с Родки не като зрител, а като читател! Макар, че поредицата за близнаците Тапър е с характерно художествено оформление, та гледането тук е почти толкова важно, колкото и самото четене. Ето и ревюто ни на първата книга – „Близнаците Тапър подемат война (един с друг)” (изд. „Егмонт България”). Прочетете ревюто на "Книжни Криле":
" said.

"I enjoyed the sequel to this enormously! In the sequel, the Tapper twins go on a field trip and (of course) all hilarity ensues. Luckily though, I enjoyed this book just as much as its sequel.

The novel starts out with the Tapper twins bickering over a pop tart. They can't decide who ate the last one, and so it turns into a sibling fight, which turns into all out war.

I particularly enjoyed the part where Claudia went into Reese's MineCraft game (or whatever the secret name is that won't get them sued for using it in the book) and just totally wreaks havoc. Total annihilation!

In reality, the parent conversations were my favorite. The higher dose of empathy interspersed with moments of parental WTF was fabulously done and I was cracking up over their attempts to control their children. Kudos to them for being successful and also trying to raise good kids with (mostly) good humor.

It's a great book to get kids into reading! Even us adults like it!
" said.

" I read an advanced reader copy from my Mother who works at Barnes & Noble. I really enjoyed this book it had an interesting plot and climax. I recommend this to 3 to 7 grade. " said.

" Best een beetje herkenbaar voor alle broertjes en zusjes die wel eens een "beetje" ruzie hebben gehad... " said.

" Funny for a sixth grader. Interesting mix of online games, social media used by teens, childish revenge that goes really very wrong....but overall not a bad book at all. :) " said.

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