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"I picked up this book for my nephews because I thought they may like it. I was not familiar with the author's name until I read some of his credits as a screenwriter for films like Daddy Day Care and RV. Two of my favorite comedic films to watch. So if you are familiar with these films then you can expect that this same sense of humor would be infused in this book. Which it was. I could not stop laughing at the antics and bickering between Claudia and Reese.

At first I was not sure if I would like the interview format of this book but it worked perfectly for this story. Besides being funny it also had whimsy and sarcasm but in a good way for the younger readers to enjoy as well. I say this because readers of all ages will like this book. Me and my sister used to bicker and fight too but we had nothing on the Tapper Twins. There is so much fun to be found in this book that just like me you will find yourself lost for track of time. This was a quick read.
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"THE TAPPER TWINS GO TO WAR (WITH EACH OTHER) by Geoff Rodkey is the first in a humorous middle grades series focusing on 12-year-old twins Claudia and Reese.

This silly, fast-paced story documents an epic sibling battle that begins when Reese calls Claudia “Princess Farts-A-Lot” in the middle of the school cafeteria. The war quickly escalates as Claudia retaliates with a dead fish in Reese’s backpack. Before long the battle moves to cyberspace and the world of MetaWorld.

Told as an oral history project, the Rodkey uses transcribed oral interviews, text messages, and chat logs to tell the story. Labelled drawings, maps, screen captures, and photographs are woven throughout the narrative providing additional evidence in the ongoing conflict.

Tween readers will enjoy the sibling banter and references to MetaWorld aka Minecraft and other popular online environments. Because Rodkey invents the social media service names like ClickChat, the books should remain more timeless than some others.

Fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and other satirical realistic fiction novels will enjoy this new addition to the rapidly growing tween humor collection. Keep your eye out for the second book in the series The Tapper Twins Tear Up New York coming in Fall 2015.

To learn more about the series and the characters, go to There’s even an Instagram photo blog featuring photos by the twins.

Published by Little, Brown on April 7, 2015.
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"Twins Claudia and Reese have always butted heads, but one morning what started out as an argument turned in to an all-out war between the two. As Reese and Claudia scheme up ways to prank the other twin and ultimately win the war, pictures, illustrations, and text messages give you an inside look at their mischievous lives. A fun, enjoyable and humorous read, Geoff Rodkey’s latest book will definitely get love from the middle-grade audience.

This book was SO MUCH FUN to read. I enjoyed most every second of it and will admit that I did breeze through it in one day. This book made me laugh at times, and made me cringe at others because of the mean things Reese and Claudia did to each other. This is TOTALLY just me, but the fact that the character Xander in this book was a JERK didn’t mix well with me for obvious reasons. Also, Metaworld: I want that to be a real thing haha. I’d totally play on Planet Amigo! I LOVED the media aspects to this story; it really added a unique touch to this story. It made the story very realatable and you could see it all play out, basically, on paper which was super cool. I also totally have a crush on this cover. I don’t think siblings would ACTUALLY do this in real life and go that far with it, but that is the fun of fiction! I will most definitely look forward to Claudia and Reese’s other adventures in the near future! I don’t know where the story will go since it seemed to have a pretty solid ending, but it makes me all the more curious!
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"I first read this book in 2015, but I decided now was the time to do a re-read.

Well, it turns out 2 years isn't enough time for this book to have faded away. I knew all the details and events. I considered stopping with reading this book and just go to another one, but I didn't. Since even though I knew all the details, it was just the right book at the right moment. I needed something fun/light-hearted.

This book is all about Claudia and Reese, and the war that escalated from a small thing to something enormous. Something that got the two of them in big trouble.

Claudia is the one writing everything down, in a script-ish way, and we see interviews with her friends, with Reese, with her parents, with everyone that had something to do with this war. Not only that but we also see text messages, comments from sites, photographs (with comments), and much much more. I am not always into books like this, often it feels weird, but in this case I just couldn't stop reading, and I think this is definitely the best format to document the war that took place between them.

I am not entirely sure if I liked the twins. Claudia had some good points and she was quite a fun character, but she was such an Hermione (in other words thought she was better + didn't mind rubbing her smartness into other people's faces). While Reese had some kind traits and he did seem to care about his sister deep down, but mostly was a rude, stupid boy.

It was quite fun to see how the war escalated. How it all started with that toast, but then ended in full destruction. And how no one really had a clue it got this bad until it was way, way, way too late to stop. There were some moments that had me shaking my head. Mostly to do with the parents' reaction to it all.

Yes, the parents. I am not sure if I think they are good at parenting. They aren't really around much, plus going by their texts, I doubt they have a clue how to handle the twins. And that is such a shame. I feel that this whole war could have been prevented, or at least wouldn't have gotten out of hand so much, if the parents actually got together, with the kids, and just talked it over.

I quite enjoyed this book, and I hope my libraries will one day have book 3 and book 4 in their catalogue, I really want to see what the twins will be up to in those books.

I would recommend this book if you are looking for a fun, hilarious book.

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"Oh, it's on!

When Claudia eats Reese's pop-tart, he retaliates by making fun of her in the school cafeteria. Since karma just can't wait, Claudia gets her revenge by hiding a dead fish in Reese's backpack, setting off a chain of events that proves how far anyone can go to save their honor.

Although the book might hint at the topic of bullying, Rodkey handled it with a lot of humor, allowing the character's conscience to eventually set in. To do this, he told the story in a recording format, where the characters and their witnesses talk into a device, and added computer screens and text messages. This technique spared us from background descriptions and made the story less judgmental since we were hearing it from both sides.

Interesting concept worth looking over.
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"This is done in the format of a living history where each twin tells parts of the story (heavily influenced by Claudia) and there are pictures, diagrams, and copies of their parents text messages and emails. It is funny in some places and a quick read. It's good to have around for kids looking for more of the books like Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries.

One major issue I had was the whole Fembot thing. MG WRITERS AND PUBLISHERS I AM GETTING TIRED OF THIS. This book is certainly not alone in this treatment. In reading for the Cybils right now in MG Fiction, I'm seeing it over and over. Girls do not need to be demonized due to an interest in clothes and make-up. And your female character does not get to be awesome because she's "not a typical girl". Don't be so lazy. People are more complex than that. And girls are people. (Shocking, I know.)
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"This boooook. I don't usually read funny books, at least not ones that seem to be only about funniness, because for some reason funny always = plotless in my brain, and I want DARK AND SCARY AND THRILLING. I'm sure that's just a dumb prejudice and funny books have awesome plots, blablabla, but whatever: because I have not read Diary of a Wimpy Kid and all the ones like it, this was my intro to funny MG books, and I'm glad it was because it's *hilarious*.

It's a really fast read, it does have a plot, and it's tailor-made for reluctant readers, with lots of phone conversations and chats and illustrations to break up the text. Also, the funnies: I laughed out loud several times, in public, on a train, especially toward the end were one of the Tapper Twins delves into an online Minecraft-esque game to sabotage her brother's castle. I kind of want to start quoting at this point, because I'm laughing just thinking about it, but I'll refrain. If you have an MG-reading human in your life, I think they would love this, too.
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"Those of you who are lucky enough to be only children probably don’t understand the agony that truly annoying siblings can create. (I love both my brothers but dude, sometimes. Sometimes.)

Meet the Tapper twins:

Claudia and Reese.

This story is a narrative of the war that was fought between the Tapper twins (tweens?) told in interviews, online messenger conversations, text messages, pictures and illustrations.

See, it all starts with a pop tart. Or rather the absence of one. Or so Reese maintains. Claudia doesn’t agree but they never do so we’ll go with Reese because I say so.

My brothers and I have been known to fight for the last fry in the box on occasion so this scenario is definitely believable.

Anyway, things escalate rather quickly when Reese humiliates Claudia in front of their entire class/year and Claudia swears revenge. There is stinky cheese involved, (cyber) worlds destroyed, (cyber) blood spilled, and dead fish. The war may not involve trenches but battles are definitely fought–to the extent that the law gets involved.

This middlegrade novel made me snort (once I was drinking water while reading and that became a bit painful) and laugh at other times. The insertion of different kinds of media (such as pictures, text messages, messenger conversations etc.) gives the novel a very modern feeling (and though this may ultimately date it) and makes the reading experience very fun.

Though there were moments when I felt that Claudia’s voice was slightly forced (this was in the beginning), Rodkey’s expression of the child-voice began to feel authentic as the narrative continued. I also particularly loved the text message conversation between Tapper parents. That they both love their children is evident and that they are both driven to the limits of their patience is just as evident.

I commend the diversity in the cast of characters–the schoolmates are all of different ethnicities and this never feels contrived–these kids weren’t included simply because they are of different cultures but because diversity exists in classrooms.

I also appreciated the careful attention Rodkey gives to cyber bullying. He avoids a heavy didactic tone but approaches the subject carefully with sensitivity that drives the point home without overwhelming the reader.

I enjoyed The Tapper Twins Go to War. I reckon your students/children will too (actually, so will you). The Tapper Twins has something to offer both the adult reader and the child reader. Get your grubs on it.

(p.s: if you still have annoying siblings, this book is a great guide on what not to do to win the eternal war. ;) )
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