Throw Your Tooth on the Roof: Tooth Traditions from Around the World Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-01-12 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 88 user ratings

" I found this a bit repetitive, but a really fascinating idea. Who knew there were so many things you could do with tiny teeth? " said.

" Great book to explore different lost tooth customs. Very meaningful for first and second graders! " said.

" Worked well with a group of 1st graders who all had lost teeth and have been studying folktales.I'm glad our tradition is the tooth fairy and I didn't have to grind teeth into my food! " said.

" This one is getting read over and over since we enjoy it so much. Last night my son combined a couple of traditions he tried out the S. African tradition of putting his front tooth in a slipper in the hopes of getting a present. Worked pretty well as El Raton (Mexico, Venezuela) left a dragon in exchange. " said.

"What a fun book filled with small snippets of colorful illustrations and text. Kind of tedious if the whole thing is read in one sitting but a superb collection of 2-3 sentence descriptions of customs around the world. My adult daughter and I got to laughing as I read these aloud and then she asked the "What did you do with my baby teeth?????" question. I had to admit they are in a little keepsake box in my dresser and she responded "Gross!!!". I guess that rules out having them dipped in gold and put on earring wires for her special Christmas gift!

People who enjoyed this one might find The Tooth Fairy Meets El Ratón Pérezas much fun as I did.
" said.

"My niece, nephew, and I enjoyed Throw Your Tooth on the Roof. My niece and nephew both liked learning about what kids from various countries/cultures do with their teeth when they fall out, and my nephew, like me, was fascinated by how many cultures believe in a "Tooth Mouse" rather than a Tooth Fairy. Really, just the kind of book that curious little kids are apt to enjoy--it is, after all, a story about them and a pretty big rite of passage in their lives.

I also found the book interesting from an adult perspective. Many of the South American countries believe in a "Tooth Mouse," as does Spain. Canada, the United States, and Australia believe in a tooth fairy, as does England. Not only is Throw Your Tooth on the Roof a story of lost teeth and the now-what-do-I-do-with-this-thing aftermath, it is a story of colonization as evidenced through beliefs and traditions.

I also loved that a lot of unexpected nations were examined here. Mauritania, Denmark, Tajikistan, Benin, Bangladesh, Cambodia, just to name a very few. The author also took pains to address some native or aboriginal beliefs, among them Navajo, Aboriginal Australians, and Maori, and where differences exist between urban and rural beliefs in a single nation, the author presented both.

Throw Your Tooth on the Roof was a well done book, and it has inspired my niece to try throwing her next lost tooth on the roof of her house. The Tooth Fairy might enjoy a night off.
" said.

"“Throw Your Tooth On The Roof”, 1998, is a wonderful exploration of culture by Selby B. Beeler. When she discussed the tooth fairy with her daughter, Selby’s Brazilian friend was puzzled. If the tooth fairy was unheard of to her, what did her family do with teeth? I enjoyed the background story of her idea. She wrote to cultural centres and canvassed places where ethnicity gathered, such as airports and universities. I love that everyone willingly answered Selby’s unusual question. Tooth-growing is a standard chapter common to us all. She expresses appreciation for everyone’s friendliness and humour.

This book is most certainly informative to all of us but is geared for little children. I will give it to my toddler niece, who is soon to exchange her first baby teeth. I know she and my brother’s family will find this unique treasure fun! The last several pages are genuinely educational in a scholarly way because G. Brian Karas drew views of the mouth, that name all of our teeth types. I am certain these biological details have never been paired with the international process of tooth-losing and I truly recommend that children’s dentists carry this duo’s book!

The drawings on every page are divided by continent with their cultural groupings: for instance South America, Africa, and Asia. It is interesting that only Canada, England, and the United States conjure the tooth fairy. Most countries do have a tradition pertaining to gift-giving, or the good fortune of new teeth being straight and strong. However most of the gift and luck traditions are associated with a mouse! The most popular practice, more than leaving teeth under our pillow, is to throw them over a roof! Some bury teeth, a few other animals are wish-bearers but our tooth fairy is in the minority.
" said.

"A charming book of disgusting milk tooth traditions from around the world. Reminds me of Pratchett's book Hogfather in that many of these teeth are being taken away or protected. There must be some powerful universal hoodoo associated with this. Mice seem to be in charge of collection in many places, which makes sense as they are rodents and have the continuously growing teeth. I'm not sure what throwing the tooth on the roof represents, but it seems to be popular. And, I don't know Danish, but I suspect that the tooth fairy "named Tand Feen" is actually named "Tooth Fairy." Germany needs to get on the stick. Apparently, they don't do anything special with baby teeth which just seals their fate for me as the Most Boring People in the World. Before anyone complains, I should point out that both sides of my family are German and no noticeable personality developed until they emigrated. If anyone knows of any interesting tooth traditions from Germany, please let me know.
For additional reading, I suggest I lost my tooth in Africa by Penda Diakité which is a really cute story with great illustrations.
" said.

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