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"Grades 1-6
Reviews: School Library Journal; Kirkus Reviews; Publisher's Weekly; Children's Literature
Summary: Poem about meanings, feelings, uses, celebrations and rememberances surrounding flags, specifically the American flag. Great little tidbits of flags interspersed.
Curriculum Connection:
Flag day
American Symbols
" said.

"This is an entertaining book that teaches children about the American flag. The narrative in larger font is rhyming and can be read all by itself, especially to younger children.

The additional notes and facts at the bottom of each page are very interesting and informative. Overall, I liked the book and think it would be perfect for teaching children at school and at home about the origins and traditions of our flag.

I read this book while shopping for a present for our girls during a visit to the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.
" said.

"First of all, let me say that this is a beautiful book. The colors are deep and rich. Each two-page spread has a four line poem about a particular historical aspect of the flag or a way in which the flag is used, as well as a full-page illustration of the content of the poem. Also on each two-page spread there is a box with more detailed information for older kids or for adults. With words like “connotations,” this is not a book of five-year-old could read to him or herself. However, it would be a great book to read with a teacher or a parent.

There is a certain lack of coherence in “The Flag We Love.” The first page, which has four lines of poetry and no box with more detailed information, seems to indicate the purpose of the book. The book will tell us of the many things the flag means to people in our country. But the very next spread is about the creation of the flag, which doesn't address what the flag means to us. The next spread is about the flag flying above schools. The meaning of the flag flying above a school, says the book, is to let children know that in the school one can learn. Since a public education is not a right granted in the Bill of Rights, it’s a stretch to say that the flag flies above schools to let children know they can learn at school. In fact, I always thought the flag flew above schools as part of the civics lessons given at schools that are so important in making us feel like Americans.

The spreads aren't all muddy. One set of pages addresses athletes competing for the United States. In this spread its clear the flag is a symbol of the country, and joins us all together on the same team rooting for the athletes who represent us.

The book, unfortunately, doesn’t hold together as a whole. But if read with an adult, it would be an excellent starting point for discussions about what the flag means to Americans and so what it means to be an American.
" said.

" This book is amazing! I loved how the author included information on every page. Each page was about a topic that tied into the history of our flag. " said.

" This Social Studies Informational book is about the details of the flag and what it stands for. The books seems to be really kids friendly. The only thing is that the cover may not attract a lot of students due to it not really being that colorful. Although, this is a great book to pair with a social studies lesson . " said.

" This would be a great book to read to young readers, and inform them of our country's flag and its history. It is simple, but informative. The illustrations are wonderful. They depict the flag from its earliest stages of creation to today. This would be a nice book to read to students during a patriotic lesson! " said.

"This book was FANTASTIC! I loved how the author included information and poetry. Each page was about a topic. For example, the Pledge of Allegiance. There was a picture, a poem, and information all regarding the topic. This book was all around really interesting as well as educational. I will most definitely be buying this book to use in my future classroom to use during poetry lessons and/or American history lessons. This would be a good book to read when you discuss Betsy Ross. It includes the history of the American flag as well as information about the many occassions it's used. " said.

"The red, white and blue of the American flag can be seen flying above government buildings, on homes, at sporting events and even from the tops of skyscrapers. But who made the first banner that represented the United States (It wasn't Betsy Ross) and why is Old Glory such an important symbol to the citizens of the U.S.?

Younger children will enjoy looking at the images of children saluting the flag, marching in Independence Day parades and watching fireworks. Beginning readers will love being able to read about the nation's symbol and older readers will learn some important information about the flag that is a part of American culture without feeling overwhelmed. This is a book that is appropriate for any age.

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