Dawn Patrol (Orca Sports) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-06-08 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 0 user ratings

" What a fun book to read I was sad to see it end. " said.

" Absolutely horrible book lacking depth and a good storyline. The characters are extremely flat and don't change throughout the whole book. It was boring. " said.

" This book was good it had a really great plot to it but the ending was sorta confusing " said.

" Luca and Esme love to surf. So does their friend Kevin, but he has disappeared. They decide that he may have gone to Panama for the big waves. When they get there, they discover that there is a lot more going on than they realized and they have a lot more to worry about than just the next big wave. A longer than usual Orca sports book that will be appealing to younger students even though the protagonists are all 17 or 18 years old. " said.

"Recommended for gr. 6-12. High interest-low level book, the main characters have recently graduated from high school so I think it could appeal to older teens with a low reading level.

Friends Esme and Luca have traveled to an island off the coast of Panama both to surf and to look for Esme's boyfriend Kevin who has been out of touch since shortly after his parents were killed. The surfing action felt very realistic, and the mystery of what has happened to Kevin moves along briskly. An attractive surfer named Alana joins them in their search and helps them out of dangerous situations.

Active, athletic female characters are a plus in this short mystery novel with a touch of romance and lots of surfing action.
" said.

"It wasn't until I finished this book that I realized the author was Canadian and therefore not eligible for the WAW award. It was a pretty good book, though. My sport enthusiasts would really like it. This is part of an extreme sports series I may need to get for my library.
In this book, Lucas and Esme travel to Panama looking for Kevin who disappeared after his parents were killed. Kevin is Esme's boyfriend and Luca's best friend so they're worried and trying to find him on the island where his parents died. They are all big surfers and this island is supposed to have giant waves coming in, so Luca figures Kevin will be there. They all become involved in a mystery surrounding Kevin's parents that keeps you guessing.
I guess I can't vote for this one.
" said.

"Teens Esme and Luca are off to Boca del Mar, an island off Panama, after graduating from high school. Sounds like a fun summer vacation, right? Not quite. Six months ago Esme’s boyfriend, Kevin, lost both of his parents in a tragic plane crash. Three months ago, Kevin disappeared. Knowing Kevin’s love of surfing and chasing the next largest wave, they figure he’ll show up in Boca as 40-50 foot waves are predicted in the next week.

Since Luca and Kevin have been best friends forever, Luca joined Esme in the search. Upon arriving at Boca, circumstances threaten to become perilous when Luca and Esme start asking other die-hard surfers if they have seen Kevin. The first time Luca sees a suspicious-looking surfer named Jose, Jose bolts away on his surf board. The second time Luca sees Jose is when Jose forces Luca into some deadly rocks while surfing. Along the way, Luca becomes friendly with a fellow female surfer,Alana, but is she just being nice or does she have ulterior motives for tagging along? Esme and Luca need to piece the clues together quickly to find Kevin before deadly danger finds them.

Like most Orca novels, reluctant readers will enjoy this fast-paced mystery that’s full of surfing action, danger and a wee bit of romance. However, all readers will have to suspend disbelief over some parts of the ending that are too unrealistic to be probable. This book’s reading level is 3.1.
" said.

" What a fun book to read I was sad to see it end. " said.

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