Un Libro Ilustrado Sobre Cristobal Colon / A Picture Book of Christopher Columbus (Picture Book Biography) (Spanish Edition) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-06-27 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 4 user ratings

" Another nice mini-biography for elementary age students by David Adler. This series is a good introduction for students on numerous notable people throughout history. " said.

" This is a great book for teaching about the life of Columbus. The pictures are lovely and the writing is very easy to read. However, the names of countries might be a bit hard to pronounce! " said.

" It doesn't show both perspectives in this book. It is very skewed it makes Columbus out to be a hero showing pictures of pictures of how he traded with the native people and built homes for them. Activity:Have your students write down the other side of the story, the students could do research and tell the Native peoples story of Christopher Columbus's arrival. " said.

" 2.5 stars rounded to 3. The author gave the bare minimum of information on Christopher Columbus. It was the basic information that is so well known it probably wouldn't even have to be cited in a paper. There was so much more that could have been included and still been appropriate for children. If one of my students had written this as a report, I would have given it straight back to them with a note to add more details. " said.

" If you child really loves to question and explore his surroundings then this is the book for them! Christopher Columbus always wondered if the sea ended. He began is life as sailor, but it was put on hold because of an injury when his ship was attacked by pirates. He took on sailing the sea to see if it ever ended. This is how he cam across America! To find out what happened when he arrived you’ll have to dive deeper into the story! " said.

"My little reader is actually reading this Literature read aloud to me with my reading the international city and country names as well as people names. She's doing quite well. We did a bit if partner reading and in delighted that she picked up wherever I stopped and read on, she was truly reading along with me.

We will come back again and read this again with the Enrichment Guide for Memoria Press First Grade and discuss more. I also have pulled aside a Kingfisher Boats Ships Submarines where we will read about floating and sinking for science.

I bought this book used from
" said.

"The Spanish version of "A Picture Book of Christopher Columbus" by David Adler, part of the Holiday House picture biography series, is a fairly informative and well-written account of Columbus' life and voyages to the New World from a clearly Western (i.e., Eurocentric) perspective. It mentions in a single sentence that Columbus discovered the European men he had left behind after his 1st voyage were cruel to the natives and were subsequently killed in reprisal. Aside from this sentence, one would believe based on this account that the arrival of Columbus in the Americas was an altogether peaceful affair. With this in mind, however, the book is more informative than most when it comes to actual information about dates and individuals involved in planning and funding the voyage and the subsequent return trips across the Atlantic. The illustrations by John & Alexandra Wallner seem fairly appropriate and kid-friendly, and the translation by Teresa Mlawer was free from errors, as far as I could tell." said.

"This another great biography by David Adler. I think David Adler does a wonderful job creating biographies that are easy to read for the elementary student. This biography about Christopher Columbus provides great detail about his life as a young man to a sailor who finds new land; known as America. The illustrations in this book of very simple in color but detailed in what it is portraying. I like that the illustrations do not take up the entire page and are boxed in. The back of the book includes a timeline of events. I think that a timeline of events can be very informative when students are writing about the story or the events that took place. Students are able to refer to the timeline rather than searching for the date in the book. I would use this book to integrate language arts into social studies. I would have this book readily available in my classroom. Non-fiction needs to be a greater interest to students to improve their knowledge of history and facts. I would use this fun book as a fun and short introduction to Christopher Columbus's life. " said.

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