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" I love how this book started: "I was born a slave and a woman. In my time, you couldn't get much lower than that." It is a great way to teach your child about this historical journey. Go Harriet! " said.

" Great history series for kids. This is our second one. Harriet Tubman was certainly a tough woman. Having to explain what slavery was to my seven year old made me realize just how innocent she really is. It also served to remind me just how horrible slavery was. " said.

" Far more the usual one sentence in a history book, Harriet Tubman was an interesting person who lived an exciting life. Born a slave, Harriet had to be strong despite her slight build and incidents where she was sick or injured. The author gives a realistic account of what it must have been like for Harriet. " said.

"This book was pretty good. I read it because I like to learn about the Underground Railroad. I also read it because it was really short and we have a nonfiction reading requirement. I liked how Harriet Tubman stood up for what she thought was right. I liked how she just ran away when her husband (John Tubman) said he wouldn't help her become a free slave like himself. She was a crazy person for wanting to lead an army and help people escape behind everyone's back. I recommend this short and easy book to anyone wanting to learn more about Harriet Tubman. " said.

"This book follows Harriet Tubman from a personal viewpoint. It felt like you were reading a letter from a family member telling her story. I really enjoyed the viewpoint and information included in this version of her life history. I gave this book 5/5 stars. I thought the pictures and illustrations were well placed and helped the book have credibility. I learned things about Harriet Tubman that I did not know! I would recommend this book to anyone who wants an easy to read and understand retelling of her life story!

I would like to thank the publisher for the copy of this book I enjoyed reading. I gave an honest review based on my opinion of what I read.
" said.

"Scholastic's new biography series is perfect for 2nd graders on up. The reader-friendly chapters are short and engaging. Numerous detailed illustrations fill the book adding to the story. This particular volume focuses on Harriet Tubman and her heroic deeds throughout her life. She was born a slave and a woman, a small woman at that. So it is quite amazing all that she accomplished despite these seemingly insurmountable circumstances. At barely five feet tall Harriet was not afraid to stand up to her white owners which usually resulted in severe beatings. She eventually escaped on the Underground Railroad and later became its most well-known conductor. She saved over 70 slaves and never lost a single passenger on her railroad. She also was a spy and scout during the Civil War. Later she continued to fight for equal rights for her people of color as well as her gender. Harriet even worked for better care of the elderly. A lot of grit and gumption filled this small woman who did a lot for our country. " said.

"Last year DD7 and I read and enjoyed the Drinking gourd, so this book was a step up. It is a new (Jan 2013) biography of Harriet Tubman by Grace Norwich (Scholastic). It has a recommended reading age of 7 years and up. DD7 could read most of it herself. Instead, we chose to read it together so I could answer any questions she had. It deals with some pretty serious topics for a 7yr old such as slavery, the bad treatment of slaves and racism. Harriet Tubman’s life and work for civil and woman’s rights is inspiring to say the least. Books like this make it easier for our children to understand that they live with equal rights today because of the sacrifice and courage of women like Harriet Tubman. Although it is marketed as a children’s book I think that even adults who would like a simple outline of Ms. Tubman’s life would enjoy this book.
This title is the sixth in the Scholastic 'I am' biography series written by Grace Norwich.

the review as originally posted on my blog
I Am #6: Harriet TubmanGrace Norwich
" said.

"Harriet Tubman was born into slavery in Maryland in 1821. She escaped to freedom in her late 20s and from then on worked tirelessly to end slavery. She was a conductor on the Underground Railroad, returning over and over again to the south to guide more than 70 slaves to freedom. When slavery ended, she worked for the rights of blacks in the United States, and also for the rights of women.

This book is an excellent introduction to Harriet Tubman. It covers her entire life and does so at a pace fast enough to keep the reader interested. The beginning of the book contains some history of Harriet Tubman's family, and thus some history of slavery. The details of her many trips on the Underground Railroad increase the fascinating nature of the book.

The pencil illustrations break up the text and add additional information. Boxes contain facts related to Harriet Tubman and freedom and slavery are included. The boxes, though, aren't so long that they take the reader's focus away from the text of the book.
The cover illustration is in color and shows a fearless woman reaching out a beckoning hand.

After reading I Am Harriet Tubman, I’d like to know more about this courageous and powerful woman. Several books are listed as possibilities for further reading. The end papers also include a map of the Underground Railroad, a list of 10 things one should know about Harriet Tubman, followed by a list of 10 more interesting facts, a glossary and index.

The quality of the binding isn't great. I suspect it will fall apart after three or four readings in a school library. This isn't a reason not to buy the book, but it may be a reason to buy multiple copies.

Although the title of the book implies the book is written in first person, it’s actually written in third person, with a three page first person spread in the very beginning.

Harriet Tubman’s primary work wasn't as a politician, but through her civil disobedience she helped to bring about political change.
" said.

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