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UPDATE TIME: 2019-01-10 
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" This is a love letter from a man to his father. It's sweet and sentimental. If Dr. King read this, he would have tears in his eyes. But it's lengthy and there wasn't a story to move along. Also, I didn't care the the illustrations. I have issues with other works by AG Ford. It's just not good. " said.

" This book gives insight to Martin Luther King, Jr. as a father. His son describes him as warm and playful, but he knew what an important man he was to social change. It's so sad that Martin Luther King III was only ten years old when his father was killed. The illustrations are warm and bold, capturing the heart of both father and son. This would make a nice pairing with My Brother Martin by Christine King Farris. " said.

" A very approachable storybook for ECE; written by Dr. MLK's son; very realistic art. Includes information about Dr. King going to jail, and his son's confusion about this. Includes some basic details about the violence directed at the civil rights movement, but no graphic imagery. Includes a story about the boys' burning toy guns they were given for Christmas, as their father (Dr. King) was non-violent. " said.

" While reading about the legendary Civil Rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. my daughter and I learned that his oldest son was named after him, Martin Luther King III, and I wondered what it was like being named after such a loved and hated important man of history. This book gave me some insight to that question and was also extremely touching. I’m sure if his father could read this he would be bursting with pride. A fantastic edition to any elementary school library or classroom. " said.

"I'm surprised I never got across this book before. It was a touching book whereas the son of Martin Luther King Jr. describes his father and how he grew up. It was refreshing to hear about how he was loving and caring for his family. The son talks about his belief, how his family had difficulty everyday due to their skin color and what he learned from his father of words being more powerful than violence. I would read this book in class to connect with Martin Luther King Jr. as well as the topic of family. I would mention that students do not have to write about their father, but their role model in their life. This would be a excellent opportunity for students to discuss about their family and how they are inspired by their family or friends.
" said.

"Text to Text:
This book is about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr son’s memories of him as a father. Dr. King was referenced in Brown Girl Dreaming and both Jacqueline and Dr. King has dreams for a better life as Black Americans living in the south. They were both stories about their lives.
This book is culturally specific because Martin Luther King Jr’s son wrote this book and the book was about events he remembered about his father. Martin Luther King’s actions affected the country’s future.
1-List two items that you did not know about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and his family?
2-Explain what the author means in this statement, “There are a lot of books written about my father. But not a whole lot has been written about my dad.”
3-How would you summarize this story?
4-How would you compare this story of Martin Luther King III to Brown Girl Dreaming? They both are books written in the child’s view point and talks about events that happened to their parents. Compare and Contrast these differences.
5-How would use the knowledge from this text to teach others about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr?
6-Act out your favorite part of the story.
" said.

"Class, we have been celebrating this month. Can anyone tell the class what we're celebrating? (Students explain) That's right, Black History Month. Who can name someone who is a famous African American? (Students respond) Those are all great people and have contributed a lot to our history. (Show cover) Who can name the man on this cover and give an example of why he is important to Black History Month? (Listen to students responses) Those are all great examples of MLK. We will see if we can learn anything else about him while reading. But first, the title is "My Daddy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr." Who can make a guess what the point of view will be in the story? (Students respond) Those are good guesses and reasons. Lets read the story to find out if we are right and more about Martin Luther King Jr.

-Raise interest in a topic or theme
-Draw attention to point of view
-Activate prior knowledge

I chose this book to include in my text set because it can be read on a holiday to enrich understanding and learning of the day and why we celebrate it. I really like this book because it gives MLK's story from a child's perspective and gives more to relate to as a student and a different view point.
" said.

"I LOVE this portrait of American hero Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by his son Martin Luther King III! Many of us know the life and mission of Dr. King's life to bring equality to all Americans. However, this wonderful book gives us an inside look into the King household to see how this hero acted as a warm, devoted, and loving of a father.

Adults know how ugly and hateful this time in American history played out and the tragic way that Dr. King died. Presenting these truths to children can be difficult. However, the author showed glimpses of this reality in a peaceful way (just like his Daddy did). The suggested reading age is grades kindergarten through second. However, parents will appreciate sharing a taste of history with their children (providing they are not racist people who espouse harmful beliefs).

Some of the best takeaways from this picture book are the bond between parents and children, sacrifices parents make for their children and livelihood, and the beauty in Dr. King's dream of celebrating diversity. The illustrations set tone with the muted colors and shapes ranging from round to boxy. Some pages flow with happiness and warmth, and others show turmoil in a safe way for younger children.

The genres are picture book and historical literature. I recommend it for those who love Dr. King and want to teach the celebration of family and diversity.
" said.

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