The Fall of the Readers: The Forbidden Library: Volume 4 Reviews

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"What a fun, whimsical, and entertaining conclusion to the Forbidden Library Quartet!!!! I discovered Django Wexler about 3 1/2 years ago when I stumbled upon 2 books, The Forbidden Library and The Thousand Names. I started with the Forbidden Library and man did it ever impress me for being a middle grade. It had an easy to follow story, a wonderfully crafted world that any book lover would want to be a part of, and also a colorful ensemble of characters. Here we are with the Fall of the Readers and Wexler does everything in his power to create a satisfying conclusion and man does he deliver. From the very first page it was action packed, we had a couple plot twists, we also had maybe a slight window to carry on with the story, but if not I am satisfied either way. I highly recommend this series to anyone. I believe this series is very underrated and would like to see it soar and be loved by more people. 5 out of 5 stars to the entire series. Now the wait continues for the finale of the Shadow Campaign series but not too much longer now." said.


" I really enjoy this series and can't wait to find a copy of this book somewhere when it comes out. " said.

" This 358 page book gives us a great ending to this fantastic series. The author does a wonderful job of leading us through his plot with nicely drawn characters in intriguing settings. Surprise Twist!!! I highly recommend the entire series. " said.

"Moram da priznam da sam možda imao nerealno velika očekivanja od završetka ovog serijala ali u svoju odbranu kažem da su prethodne tri jedne od mojih omiljenih (dark) YA knjiga.

Kako da objasnim, knjiga je odlično napisana, likovi su stalno opasnim situacijama ali se ponašaju onako kako bi od njih očekivali. Niko nije savršen, grške se dešvaju i priča nas drži u neizvesnosti tokom većeg dela. Ali meni lično knjiga jednostavno nije odisala da se dešava nešto epsko, iako se dešava, da vidimo finalnu rezoluciju. Plus nema se osećaj da su glavni likovi stvarno u opasnosti da stradaju ko u prethodnim delovima a i kraj je nekako suviše... fin. Lep.

Odnosno oću da kažem da knjiga nije dovoljno mračna i da dosta odskače u odnosu na prethodne knjige i ta mi je najviše smetalo.

Sem tona sve ostalo je bilo odlično i služi kao fin završetak serijala koji treba pročitati. Naročito oni malo mlađi :)

" said.

" GIVE IT TO ME!I want so much Isaac and Alice it's not even normal. (view spoiler)[ESPECIALLY AFTER THEY KISSED. LIKE FUCKING TWICE???? (hide spoiler)] " said.

"Executive Summary: A good ending to the series, but I didn't like it as much as The Palace of Glass.

Full Review
I read very little Young Adult, and absolutely no Middle Grade. I'm not the target demographic by any means. I really like Django Wexler though, so I decided to pick up The Forbidden Library from the library a few years back.

By the time The Palace of Glass came out I was really enjoying the series and bought all the books. I was late in coming to fantasy, not really reading very much of it until college. If there had been more books like this when I was growing up, I probably would have been more interested.

I really like the world building and the magic system. As someone who loves books, the idea of magical books has always appealed to me. This series combines elements I've read or seen in other books and games, but done so in a unique way as to not feel derivative.

Over the four books, Mr. Wexler did a really good job of telling a stand alone story, while building up to a bigger narrative. The characters and creatures are a lot of fun, and Alice is a great protagonist. I've always been more of a dog person than a cat person, but I know Django has cats and that really shows in the way he writes them in this series.

All of the past books have had an element of seriousness to them, but this one seemed to have the most of all. I found that weighed it down a bit compared to past books, where it was always just a fun, light read.

Don't get me wrong, this was still a fun read I just thought it was a bit slow in places. I think he did a really good job with wrapping everything up. I feel like he could tell more stories set in the world, but there isn't a need to do so.

Overall this is a really fun series and I'm glad I decided to pick it up. I still prefer his Shadow Campaign series to this one (where I'm much more the target audience), with The Infernal Battalion coming out next month and finishing that series, I'm interested in seeing what he does next. Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be good.
" said.

"4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum

Django Wexler’s outstanding Middle Grade series The Forbidden Library comes full circle in The Fall of the Readers, the concluding volume of this richly dark and enchanting adventure through the magical world of books. So far we’ve seen the young protagonist Alice through some very harrowing times, following her as she visits new worlds and encounters their strange and whimsical inhabitants—some of whom turn out to be allies, while others reveal themselves to be fiendish and dangerous enemies.

But now, Alice is about to face her biggest challenge. If you’re not caught up with this series yet, please be aware that this review may contain spoilers for the previous three books, because The Fall of the Readers is definitely not meant to be read on its own. This fourth and final installment wraps up a saga that has been long in the making. It all began with the disappearance of Alice’s father which landed her in the care of her uncle Geryon, a crotchety old man who actually turned out to be a member of a ruthless organization of sorcerers known as the Readers. To her shock, Alice discovered that she has the same magical powers that allow her to enter the world of certain books, enabling her to subdue and bind the nasty creatures locked within to harness their special abilities. Although she agreed to study as Geryon’s apprentice, it soon became clear that her uncle may have had something to do with her father’s disappearance. Stricken, Alice decided to strike back, but in doing so, she also incurred the wrath of the older and more powerful Readers who are now targeting her and her friends in retribution.

Desperate for a way to safeguard those she cares about, Alice decides to turn to the powerful cat-like entity known as Ending for a way to defeat the old Readers once and for all. The mysterious Labyrinthine reveals that in fact there is a way—but Alice probably won’t like it. The plan will involve great risk to our protagonist and her friends, as well as all the otherworldly creatures they’ve agreed to protect. But with the old Readers’ attacks growing more frequent, Alice knows it’s only a matter of time before her defenses will fall, and since surrender is not an option, it is better to take the chance and hope for success. Better to go down fighting than to sit and watch as the enemy destroys you little by little over time.

This being the last book, there is a distinct sense of urgency to the story which keeps any digressions and mini side-plots to a minimum. In every aspect that counts though, Wexler comes through with flying colors, conceding no ground in areas like character and story development. The Fall of the Readers basically thrives on its plot, the book’s greatest strength proving to be its ability to make you want to turning the pages and never put it down. As a result, this was a lightning quick read for me, but it’s important to note that the pacing still remained well-balanced and appropriate for the different events of the story.

But the most amazing thing about this book is Alice. Not only is she a heroine you want to root for, she’s also one you’d definitely want on your side. She’s smart, brave, and strong. She’s an amazing friend and role model, as well as a leader who takes charge. But because she’s young and still learning a lot about the burdens of responsibility, the pressure of so many lives depending on her can sometimes lead her to make rash decisions. This book sees Alice growing up fast, having to learn to deal with the consequences of her mistakes, but instead of growing more jaded with her failures, she simply becomes even more determined.

Because the story itself is so streamlined though, this does leave little room for other characters to play much of a role. But ultimately this might not even be an issue, given the way we’ve been made to care so much about Alice, thus conveying the understanding that this series has always been about her journey, and now only she—and she alone—can see it through to the end. My only disappointment in this is the fact that we got to see much less of favorites like Isaac and Ashes the talking cat. Still, I believe Wexler was fully aware of this, because he also made sure to make the most out the scenes between Alice and Isaac, continuing to develop their friendship and perhaps nudge it towards something more, and yes, thankfully we still get plenty of Ashes’ epic snark!

Of course, the world-building was also fantastic, and what impressed me was seeing how all the elements of the world finally came together in this climactic conclusion. There was a big twist near the end that I wish I could have said I saw coming, since I pride myself on paying attention to the details, but the truth is, the author was imply very clever and subtle in his foreshadowing and hint dropping.

Like all good endings, The Fall of the Readers managed to unite the various themes and elements from the previous books, gradually building tension and momentum until events culminate in an epic showdown. This novel has everything you want in a finale, from excitement and suspense to tenderness and heartbreak. I think fans of the series, no matter how old you are, will be very happy at how things play out. I know I am! The Forbidden Library is another winner from Django Wexler, a series of magical and endearing books that I would not hesitate recommending to children and adults alike.
" said.

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