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UPDATE TIME: 2018-06-27 
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" I've only read mythology-based tales from Rick Riordan, but with the upcoming Norse-based Magnus Chase series still a little ways away, I wouldn't mind something to fill in the gap especially when it is centered on the same mythology. Hope to get around to this series. " said.

" I really enjoyed this middle grade intro. to Norse Mythology! I've seen some comments about the misogynistic leanings of the main male characters, and this is true, but it's done on purpose. It's made obvious that the boys were raised this way and have to fight it to treat the girls equally. I actually appreciated this flawed, honest representation of hero descendants. " said.


This was a very easy read. Flew through the book. I've never read a book based around Norse Mythology(even though Magnus Chase: Sword of Summer keeps staring at me lol). I will say that, at my age, there are things in this book that are a bit too juvenile and cliche. I did see and pick out some Percy Jackson/Rick Riordan influences.

Looking past that, I think this was a very solid introduction to this trilogy. Do I want to continue reading? Yes. The drawings are pretty cool to see, too. And the cover!
" said.

"Oh my goodness this book was WONDERFUL! I read it today and couldnt put it down! I honestly was leary about reading it since I love all of Riordan's books so much and no one has come CLOSE to writing good middle grade mythology but I was engaged the entire time! The only down side is that it does end on a cliffhanger, and I feel how I imagine non-readers felt after seeing the movie Fellowship of the Ring, but its okay because it left me needing more! Armstrong and Marr did a wonderful job writing from three different POV's and still keeping a clean, flowing story. Matt, Fen, and Laurie are all well defined characters and the authors mostly steered clear of pigeonholing them. What I mean by that is although its two girls and a boy, their roles are as precisely divised as say Harry Potter, or Percy Jackson. Basically, Laurie is able to be a "smart girl" without being the bookworm, and Matt is able to be hero Thor while also being a history buff. Fen then is just a bad bay with a protective streak, which lets face it, Im a sucker for! This will be my new go to book for middle grade recommendations! LOVE IT!" said.

"Loki's Wolves is a decent read. For the intended age group I think it is a great read, but at 20 I fall a bit outside of that range. I love fantasy; especially fantasy based off mythology and ancient cultures. Is this the next YA/Middle Schooler fantasy series to sweep the literary world? No. Is it a fun read? Yes, and that is what's really important. This book doesn't require that you know anything about Norse Mythology to understand what's going on. This book also does a great job of explaining the Norse Mythology that is relevant to the story in a way that flows with the action and doesn't feel like getting a lecture. The characters are complex without being complicated. Readers can easily understand that Fen is touchy for a reason, why Matt wants to feel like he's doing the right thing, and so on without the characters losing themselves in their own perspective pity parties. It's nice to have characters that can look at situations from others' perspectives and resolve to change themselves for the better. These are characters that are still being fleshed out, and their youth provides a lot of room for personal growth. Is this series going on my Fangirl List (the mental list of series/authors I squeal about and obsess over)? Not at this time, but I will most likely check out the next book when it is released." said.

"I’ve read quite a lot of popular, YA fantasy over the years. Anything my younger sister likes, I pick up and read along. Some of these collaborations have been great (she gets credit for Harry Potter, to be sure). Some have been disappointments… either too juvenile or too derivative to hold my attention. I approached LOKI’S WOLVES holding my breath, hoping not to find a Norse Percy Jackson, and within one chapter, all my fears were allayed.

Wonderfully written, this book has a whole host of great characters sharing the spot light. It’s rare for me not to have a favorite (ok, ok, and I do kind of love Laurie a little bit extra), but Matt and Fen totally won me over as well. LOKI’S WOLVES is that rare book that was interesting as an adult while remaining completely appropriate for kids. Outside the villains and some bad parenting (though at least Armstrong and Marr didn’t kill off all the moms, Disney style), LOKI’S WOLVES is filled with relatable, admirable characters. In keeping with a younger audience, LOKI’S WOLVES focuses on friendships, not romance. It talks about insecurities and longing, disappointments and finding a place where you belong.

The morals of this book are a little heavy handed and repetitions, but I liked these characters so much I tended to cheer their growth towards security and teamwork rather than get tired of it. LOKI’S WOLVES is bit younger than my usual urban fantasy fare, but I’ll definitely be back for book two. In the meantime, the review copy of LOKI’S WOLVES I received had tantalizing blanks where full page artwork will be inserted, which means I can’t wait to order my own copy to enjoy the full effect. And you can bet that I’ll be passing it on to my little sister to read along.

Sexual Content: None.
" said.

"After the whole Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard left in my heart, I'm getting ready for this...
Buddy read with my mate Kai

"That's what they are", she tought with a smile. "Warriors". They might be kids, but they were going to do something amazing

Debe ser un riesgo gigante escribir sobre mitología cuando no eres Rick Riordan.
Te pude pasar esto.
Aunque Loki's Wolves me gustó, no ha sido .lo máximo. Mi amiga Kai me lo recomendó y yo le tenía mucha fe, pero al parecer nadie puede superar a Magnus Chase.
No puedo evitar pero comparar The Blackwell Pages con Magnus Chase porque es una de las referencias más conocidas mundial mente en el ámbito lector con lo que respecta a la mitología nórdica. Incluso muchas cosas de LW han sido muy parecidas al estilo de Riordan, y eso es un poco chocante al principio. Fue cool, aunque no me terminó de convencer.
Sin embargo, a pesar de todo, quisiera agradecerle a Kai por recomendarme este libro y enseñarme que una mente abierta es muy útil cuando se trata de leer.
Gracias, Kai, por todo...

"That's what they are", she tought with a smile. "Warriors". They might be kids, but they were going to do something amazing

It must be a giant risk to write about mythology when you're not Rick Riordan.
This could happen to you.
Although I liked Loki's Wolves, it was not awesome. My friend Kai recommended it to me and I had a lot of faith, but apparently no one can beat Magnus Chase.
I canot help but compare The Blackwell Pages with Magnus Chase because it's one of the best-known references in the reading field with regard to Norse mythology. Even many things about LW have been very similar to Riordan's style, and that's a bit shocking at first. It was cool, although it didn't convince me at all.
However, in spite of everything, I would like to thank Kai for recommending this book and teaching me that an open mind is very useful when it comes to reading.
Thanks, Kai, for everything ...
" said.

"This MG series tries (and only sorta fails) to be for Norse mythology what the Percy Jackson series is for Greek mythology. That being said, it has a pretty great story that I had no trouble getting behind, some likable characters, and is overall quite enjoyable.

I loved the setting, because...South Dakota. You can't really beat it. Mostly Deadwood and Mount Rushmore, completely ignoring the best place EVER, but still, it was a lot of fun. But it didn't fit in with the story, as South Dakota is just about as UN-Scandivian as you can get in the States. I get that it is fantasy, so you can do whatever you feel like, but really. It left me with a bit of a disconnect from the story, because I was thinking about how much it doesn't fit the whole time.

It had a really rough start for me. The writing was childish, the characters were annoying, and I couldn't get into it. As the book progressed, most of these issues faded away, thank goodness. As for the characters, I like Matt and Fen, and especially Laurie and Baldwin, but Fen and Laurie's relationship is ever so slightly disturbing. At first I was excited to see a cousin duo who were best friends and the boy was protective of the girl and everything would be great, right? Wrong. Fen is far too overprotective of Laurie, to the point where if she wasn't so strong willed, she wouldn't do anything because he would never let her do anything. He needs to be around her constantly and gets upset if she gets too chummy with anyone else, especially if it is a boy, usually Matt. They touch a lot, holding hands or whatnot, and it's just all very weird. Laurie is not as clingy as Fen is and generally regards a lot of his weird behavior towards her with an eye-roll and continues on with her life, but I sincerely hope there's less of that in the forthcoming books or whatever it is gets resolved.

Side note: I went from one Norse mythology series (Starling by Lesley Livingston) to another in the space of a few days and it was actually kinda fun to compare which direction each went with regards to the gods and Ragnarok. If anyone cares, I liked how this one deals with Ragnarok a bit better.
" said.

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