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UPDATE TIME: 2018-01-15 
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"THE SCIENCE OF BREAKABLE THINGS has been one of my most-anticipated 2018 reads since I saw the deal announcement go live last year. It combines so many of the things I love - difficult family situations, plucky MG heroines solving problems the best they know how, friendships, and a comparison (in said deal announcement) to one of my all-time favorite MGs, THE THING ABOUT JELLYFISH. I absolutely devoured Keller's story last week, even while in the middle of packing for a big trip! Natalie is the kind of character you just want to hug, the story threads are so deftly woven together, and the ending is the perfect mixture of sweet and sad. Also, the illustrations are darling, even in the ARC—I can't wait to see what they're like in the final! If you like contemporary middle grade, be sure to check out THE SCIENCE OF BREAKABLE THINGS when it drops next year!" said.

"“I’ve been wondering about breakable things, and how to protect them.” So says Natalie, whose mom has withdrawn from the world and is fighting depression.

Dad is a therapist, but doesn’t quite know how to handle the situation (other than to send Natalie to another therapist so there isn’t a conflict of interest) which leaves Natalie to sort things through on her own.

She uses science.

See, Mom was a botanist and told of the mysterious Blue Orchid, a flower that bloomed after toxic aluminum and cobalt spilled from a power plant and killed all other flowers. What made this plant survive? Can whatever it was bring her mom back?

In school, a zealous science teacher has the class keep a lab journal, so it’s here where Natalie documents her questions and notes her observations. (Looking into her eyes was like peering into a well and not being able to see the bottom. I wanted to shake her. I wanted to jump on the couch and wave my arms in the air and scream.)

A fantastic debut, written with care, compassion and insight on a middle schooler, keep the Kleenex handy for the latter part of the book.
" said.

" This is a really lovely and emotional middle grade contemporary about friendship, family, and hope. The characters are smart and hilarious (especially Twig <3) and the writing is lovely. Have a box of tissues on hand for this one! " said.

" Such a lovely, funny, warm-hearted book! I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and yes, I did very literally both laugh and cry (okay, sob) while reading it. I adored the characters and the clever use of footnotes. " said.

" I love that this is told through science project entries (and further love all of the STEM included, between the project and Natalie's mom being a botanist!), but the heart of this story is the angst Natalie feels over her mother's withdrawal from the family due to depression and the sweet lengths Natalie will go to in hopes of fixing the situation. It deals with a very serious topic in an accessible way that really works beautifully. " said.

In Tae Keller’s heartwarming yet humorous middle-grade novel, THE SCIENCE OF BREAKABLE THINGS, we meet Natalie Napoli, a seventh grader whose botanist mom is suffering from depression. The only way to get her out of her funk, Natalie believes, is to take her mom to New Mexico to pluck the magical Cobalt Blue Orchid—a flower that Natalie hopes will bring her mom back to life. Using the scientific method—and with some help from her best friend, Twig, and their lab-partner Dari—Natalie learns that miracles can and do happen. It just takes patience, and faith in the impossible. A stunning debut. Highly and enthusiastically recommended!
" said.

" This book was so touching and wonderful. I teared up! Full of STEM geek love, bubbling with emotion, fun, sass, great friends, family problems, friendship break-ups and make-ups, real 7th grade problems I recall all too well! And a real look at parental depression. Highly recommend this one. <3 <3 " said.

" What a lovely book about coping with the unknown, challenging family circumstances, friendship, and hope. This is Tae Keller's debut novel, and I can't wait to read what she writes next. " said.

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