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UPDATE TIME: 2019-01-10 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 39 user ratings

" My new favorite picture book! Starring a peaceful mouse named Leo who would rather read than fight, this charming book has so many delightful features. The rhymes are jaunty, the illustrations are detailed and colorful, and the joy of reading is suffused throughout. I especially like the peaceful resolution to all Leo's encounters with fearsome creatures. Highly recommended as a story-time read-aloud. " said.

" I love The Story Book Knight! As cool as it would have been to see Leo the mouse fight off a griffin and a dragon, it's way cooler that he made friends with them instead. Who doesn't want a dragon as a friend?The messages here are good ones, too. The obvious one is that reading is a good thing, and enjoyable for everyone. The second is that violence isn't necessarily the way to get what you want. All good things!The illustrations and story were both great. A fine addition to any child's library. " said.

"This is one of the most adorable picture books I have yet read! (And that is the reason why I review it on here, what I usually do not do for picture books....)

The story is very cute, funny and transports the moral of the story without seeming to focus on it.
The pictures are adorable and the rhymes make it very easy to access for children.
Just look at that gorgeous cover! It also doesn't just show that you don't need to use violence,, but can use your brain - it also shows a love for books, which can never be installed into children to soon. :)

I'd say 3-6 years is what it is best suited for.

100% recommended by me!
" said.

"In this story, Leo is a young mouse who is raised to be a fighting knight. But Leo would rather read instead of fighting. When his parents see an opportunity for Leo to tame a dragon, which all good knights are suppose to do, he sets of on his trusty stead armed with a stack of his favorite books. Will Leo be forced to fight or will he be able to share in the joy of reading instead?

This was a cute picture book that would be a great addition to any elementary school librarian. The text is written in a nice lyrical and rhyming matter which kids enjoy. The illustrations are bright and I especially like the addition of the dragon poop at the end. I can see many young kids giggling when they come across those pages. This is a winning title that shows the magic of reading over fighting to win the day.

*I received this book as a preview from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.
" said.

"Leo’s quest (the ones his parents send him on) is an adventure of all the things I love in stories. From the beginning when we see him buried nose-deep in books to the end when he ‘slays’ the terrifying dragon by being exactly who he is.

I loved –

* the story
* the message
* the wonderful artwork (seriously if it wasn’t for being an absolute sacrilege I could love to take the dragon illustrations and stick them up but there is no way I can destroy books, especially not lovely ones!)
* all the little details within the illustrations (yes that gets a separate mention)
* the characters, not just Leo (he’s adorable) but all the ones he meets on his quest
* the cleaning (this makes sense when you read the book)
* & how the story ends

The Knight Who Wouldn’t Fight just wonderful through and through. So if you have a younger audience to read to they will love it. If you don’t, well who cares – I’m pretty sure you’ll like it too.
" said.

"What is a mouse to do?!

When you’re a knight and your name bestows you with the courage and bravery of a lion…what is a mouse to do?

Everyone meet Leo!! The knight who does not fight with a sword and somehow still wins battles.

Leo is only small but has a very powerful weapon, words! And this lovely tale follows him on his mission of peace.

Helen and Thomas Docherty form a formidable pair while delivering a message through a rhyming story and wonderfully colourful illustrations of magical creatures familiar to us from other tales.

Any child reading about Leo in this adventure, will understand that words and stories can solve issues better than swords can, and in this tale lies their introduction to diplomacy at an early age.

The adult in me however cannot help but look a little deeper and see Leo as an unlikely political envoy somehow finding common grounds with big and mighty antagonists who could not be more different from him but also from each other. This only emphasises one truth that we only all know too well:” We have far more in common than which divides us.”

This is a beautiful picture book that I am happy to recommend to both adult and young.

Thanking team @scholasticuk for providing me with a copy of this title.
" said.

" I was extremely excited to get this book, The Storybook Knight by Helen & Thomas Doherty, for a couple of reasons. One is because it came with another book- book two to one that I've read and reviewed previously. (Hint Hint: the review will be posted tomorrow! and the second reason is because the dragon you see in my banner, came with the book! It's one of those spongy dragon's that is attached to a wire handle so he can bob about. He's actually hanging from my office ceiling! Yes- I didn't give it to my Ewoks lol Oh, I gave them book- Don't Judge Me! Lastly, there's a sweet giveaway!

This book is tots-adorb! It's about a small, knightly mouse who doesn't like to fight. Instead, he winds over his opponents by reading to them. It's so cute- before he even reaches the dragon, he has to come up against a few other fairytale creatures. I promise your little ones will love this book!

The illustrations in this book are amazing and remind me of books by Richard Scarry- you remember him? They're gorgeous and fun to stare into after reading the rhythmic wording that keeps the little ones interested!

I think that anyone who loves to read will love this book- especially since the main topic of this book is how everyone should love to read- no matter what! In the end, the little mouse is a hero! What's better than that??

*For review and GIVEAWAY:
**Book provided by Source Jabberwocky, for an honest review.​
" said.

"Stories, knights and adventures while reading... What more could a reader ask for?! Not much from my point of view. I absolutely loved The Storybook Knight and have read it multiple times! Not only does this book contain fantastic illustrations and a rhythmic flow to the story line, but it contains an important message for the reader (or listener) to take away... This book helps the reader (or listener) learn that it is okay to be yourself, to love books and do what you think is right. This book reiterates that different perspectives are key and books can save lives. I definitely plan to read this during story times, more than I already have, as the kiddos become captivated by the story and don't want it to end.

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" said.

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