The Misadventures of Max Crumbly 2: Middle School Mayhem Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-10-02 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 65 user ratings

" It is a very funny book full of adventures and chaos. Of course, I read this book, the second before the first. Try to read the first book before this one, it will make more sense that way. But this book can double as a first book if you need it to. It is a great book if you like the diary of the wimpy kid books. All in all great book, and I suggest to read it. " said.

" I had to read to vet for elementary and this is perfectly fine for elementary. The plot was odd, probably because I did not read book 1, but was too goofy for me. I know some kids will enjoy this but it doesn't have the connections that Dork Diaries has. Easy read and fine series if kids ask, I am just not sure they will. " said.

" The second volume of The Misadventures of Max Crumbly begins right where the first left off.I really enjoy all the illustrations and hijinks Max gets up to. The writing has a humourous, conversational style and you really want to see Max triumph!It ends on a cliff-hanger so I'll have to wait to see what happens next. " said.

" The premise was fun. The actual events of the story were really nifty, too...the problem I had with it was that Max didn't sound like a real kid to me, at least not one in an era where people use cell phones. If I made a drinking game where I had to take a shot every time Max said the word "totally," I would *totally* need a new liver. Sometimes he sounds like a teenage girl from the 90s. I didn't notice this in the first book. It's a shame, though. Those traps were really great. " said.

" Maybe I needed to have read the first book to really appreciate this book...My kids enjoyed this book but I was looking forward to its end. Max is stuck inside a middle school trying to keep a group of bullies from stealing computers. He comes up with some creative ways of keeping the boys inside the school so they will be there when the police come. I can see how the book might be appealing to kids, but I just didn't enjoy it. " said.

"Max Crumbly is left off when he gets settled on the pizza of the three burglars that is trying to steal the South Ridge Middle School's new computers. He, being an unfortunate hero, gets trashed, gets caught, and trying to survive the seventy-three rules he broke for this school. The writing for this book was fun and fast-paced as this is a direct sequel to the first book. Max Crumbly had a radical humor while being stuck in the school with 46 minutes of battery on Erin's phone. I can't wait for the next book in this series!" said.

"BL: 4.5

Summary: This graphic novel chronicles a day in the life of Max at his middle school and all of the crazy things that happen to him!

Writers trait: Conventions. This book has AMAZING conventions! There are so many words that are bolded and caps for emphasis as well as words that are written and then crossed out. I think this book would be great for students to learn how an author communicates to their readers that they want us to use emphasis when reading. I think this would also be a great mentor text to discuss why the author chose certain words to be bolded and emphasized/purposefully crossed out...what is the author trying to tell the reader by doing this?
" said.

"I might have enjoyed book two even more than book one. It's at least as good. There's more Erin and less Thug! :)
Fast paced and illustration-packed, I don't see this series deteriorating anytime soon. The illustration style is completely the same as Dork Diaries, which only bugs me a little. I mean, what if Max and Nikki both entered the same art competition and--sorry, I'm getting off track. Anyway, while the art style is the same, the writing voice is noticeably different. Max seems to have a calmer laid back attitude than Nikki. He doesn't "squee". He doesn't obsess over his crush, won't even admit it. This new POV is very refreshing!
So encourage you to read this book, and not just middle schoolers. (Chiminee, I'm not one!)
" said.

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