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UPDATE TIME: 2018-06-27 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 40 user ratings

" What a great book!  Chin is the best at nonfiction books for children--I honestly wish I had them as a kid.  I can definitely say that if they were around when I was younger, I would've been a lot more interested in science.  This book is jam packed with facts and sources, paired with Chin's beautiful, misty drawings.  I think it's safe to say that it's not just the subway that becomes magical, but reading this book as well.  Review cross-listed here! " said.

"I like the topic and the illustrations are intriguing. I like how the boy is reading a book about redwoods on the NYC subway and then he’s transported to the west coast where the trees are. I also like that it puts the redwoods in context and shows how the largest redwood is six stories higher than the Statue of Liberty and how it would fit right in next to a skyscraper. I’ve never seen redwoods in person, but the pictures can make me envision how big they are pretty well. I also like the concept that books can transport you! " said.

"I learned so much about redwood trees that I hadn't known before. The fact that new trunks grow right out of the branches and other trees even grow way up there was surprising to me. I really want to go see the redwoods now. The sad end note that tells more about how the trees are disappearing is terrible. I adored the flying squirrel friend and its expressions made me giggle. I liked how Chin has the book affecting a new child at the end. That's how books should be used--passed on and proselytized to others. :)" said.

"Reminds me of The Red Book in that the book pulls the child reader in.

The text is straight information on Redwoods, but the pictures tell a much bigger story. The boy finds the book on a bench on a subway platform. As he rides the subway, the window behinds him shows dinosaurs. Then the people beside him turn into Ancient Romans. As he leaves the subway, we see him climbing up into the crown of a redwood. These illustrations give the story a wordless feel, even though you have text, because the text isn't explaining the boy's adventure.

When he's done with the book, he leaves it on a park bench and a girl finds it and the story starts over for her.
" said.

"This book, like Coral Reefs and Island, has so much to recommend it on different levels: science, imagination, a subway ride, detailed pencil sketches, whimsey, and immersive drawings. I love how Chin launches from reading a book—actually the book we’re holding—flanked by a Roman senator and centurion, then transitions into the Jurassic period at a subway exit. Chin does a great job embedding the reader in the timeline and scale of the trees. And he stuffs the book full of interesting things he learned as he wrote the book. This isn’t an easy reader—there is a fair amount of text—but young listeners who can stick with or be enchanted by he details will be rewarded. This could be a nice companion to a visit to the Northwest’s redwoods. Chin again uses appendices to offload more of his passion, providing more info as launching points. He also uses a very nice device at the end of these books—another child finding and experiencing the book as we are. This book preceded Coral Reef and here Chin is still mastering his style and draftsmanship." said.

" A wonderful choice for the Kindergarten and up crowd, especially as they are learning about the amazing world of the Redwoods.... " said.

" Lauren and I read this book last night - AMAZING! Lauren stopped me in the middle and said, "Mommy, this is a really good book - I am learning a lot!" So true - even Tim sat down and listened while we finished it. I would buy this book! Thanks for the recommendation Cass! " said.

" What I love best about this book is how it shows the ability of a book, of learning, to fully transport us.I also love that where we're transported is the incredible redwood forest and includes its importance to so many lives, from that of fungus to endangered animals and us. " said.

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