The Sinking of the Titanic (Graphic History) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-01-10 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 11 user ratings

"No Awards
Appropriate Grade Levels: 3-4
This is a graphic novel about the sinking of the Titanic. It tells the story of the passengers that were on the ship from when they first boarded. There are thought and speech bubbles throughout the book that show what the passengers were thinking.
This is a good book, considering it's a "darker" story. I really liked how the author added the thought and speech bubbles. I think that the illustrations added to the emotion of the book.
You could use this book to teach about the Titanic. You could also use it to show children how to add more to their drawings using those thought bubbles.
" said.

" This is a book i didnt expect to like but it was pretty good. I saw the movie and thought it would be kind of cool to learn about. It would be so scary to be in the ship when it was sinking!! " said.

" I think this comic will be much better if there's more information to the sinking of Titanic, rather than just about 20 pages about it. " said.

" The tragic story of the Titanic is told in brief graphic novel format for young readers. Illustrations are lackluster, but the comic book look will draw readers in and keep them turning pages. Two pages of more information, along with a glossary, table of contents, bibliography, index, and lists for further reading and research on this high-interest topic are given to encourage students to dig further in the the ship’s history. " said.

"This an interesting book about the mighty Titanic sinking. The novel includes story's about the 2,200 passengers and crew aboard the vessel as it sank. Also other story's about how Frederick Fleet not having binoculars to spot the iceberg, and when he did, it was too late. If the iceberg was seen earlier it would have saved the ship and all the people that died on the voyage. Also about other ships seeing the distress signals and playing them off. It's an interesting book which would be 3/5 stars." said.

"A unique approach to re tell the story of the Titanic that many of us know and sustain curiosity for more and more. This is a graphic novel ie comic book take on an event that overseas an array of characters and personalities that make up the events of the night no one will forget. We are immediately thrown into the action and not given much of a history lesson on the ship itself but instead the reader is immediately put into a setting that involves fear, bravery, courage, and the will of survival. Amongst human error and an over estimation of sheer technological abilities the characters must develop new strategies to save as many lives as possible aboard a doomed ship. The book is hardcover and the illustrations are simple yet colorful in a classic comic pin print style." said.

"Genre: Graphic novel- nonfiction
Format: Children's Comic Book
Award: None

Summary: This comic book is a true story of the Titanic tragic voyage. First it begins by explaining, the different people who were on the ship. Then it explains how the collision happened. The Titanic was going too fast, that it was hard for them to steer the boat away from the iceberg. The Captain gives orders to get as many people off the ship onto the life boats. Many families were separated because they were only allowing women and children onto the life boats. At 2:17 the Titanic split in half. About two hours after, the Carpathia reached the scene. They helped the survivors on board and try to comfort them as best as they could. When they arrived in New York City, thousands of people were waiting to search for their friends or family members. Unfortunately, many people learned the worst that day.

Critique: I like this book and will definitely use it in my classroom. I have a student now that really enjoys reading comic books. If a teacher can find a format in which the student will enjoy, they should definitely use it. The student will be more interested about reading about a time in history through a comic book.

Teaching prompt: After reading the book, the teacher can refer to page 9 and ask the students "do you think the operator could have avoided the sinking of the Titanic, if he would have just rushed to get that message to the Captain?"

Craft element: After reading the book, the students can write about how they might have felt if they were waiting in New York City for their family or friend and learned that their loved one was not on the ship.
" said.

" A great way to get students interested in non-fiction books! Great pictures and facts. " said.

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