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UPDATE TIME: 2018-01-15 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 32 user ratings

" On the prowl on Halloween night. " said.

" a fun story of 5 black cats slinking and sneaking around til they find themselves at a Halloween party. Fantastic illustrations will keep kids interested. Children will also love finding the spider on every page. " said.

" This is a fun, cute book I read to my daughter. The illustrations in the book are really good, and go along with the narrative of the story. This is a good way to introduce poetry to children when they are small. " said.

" Cute little Halloween themed book, though we read it in the middle of the summer and still enjoyed it. The one drawback is that on a couple of pages, the text was hard to read because of the dark tones of the illustrations behind the black text - I wish the publisher would have switched to white text or blocked it out somehow. " said.

" Fun story - look at the illustrations closely and you'll learn the personality of each of the cats (quite distinct!). I liked the outcome with the lovely spooky overtones that build and build as the story progresses. For a board book this is meatier than any I've really seen before, leaving me impressed and thinking how nice it would be to read to a very young child something like this which is a pleasure to hold and allow them to turn the pages and play with. " said.

" This was another book that I found on the Wal-Mart Halloween book display that was out for the perusing of curious book-readers. Unfortunately there wasn't much of a selection to go through and since I like cats I chose to quickly read this one as my bf was trying to get my attention for something else before we left the store - such is life.

The book was fun but not much of a read. Basically there are five little cats with no introduction of how they came to know each other who are all out prowling about this Halloween night. They get to meet other Halloween characters as well as some of the sounds and sights that we normally tie with this time of the year. Fortunately these other characters that are presented are done so with more of a cute tone so that they aren't scary at all.

The colors are bright more or less for when the cats aren't out in the night while at other times there is the perfect color complement for the night itself. The only problem that I do have with the book is that each cat is suppose to be black but if the reader looks close enough they mostly all have some part of white included while their size and shape also helps to differentiate them as well as some personality quirks that have been included.

Non-educational this book will be a fun addition to Halloween shelves for young children to enjoy, especially for those who enjoy cute kitty cats.
" said.

"This is a cute find for Halloween! What I like most about this board book is that it's easy to make the story interactive. Almost every page has reoccurring critters, such as a spider hiding in one of the corners or a bat flapping in the sky. When we read this one, I usually ask the kiddo to "find the spider" and "find the pumpkins," as well as count the five black cats. Each cat also has a different shape (re: a moon, a star, a circle, etc) on its collar, so sometimes we spend some time finding the different shapes.

We also like the illustrations, which are bright and colorful. The story features rhymes and has a sing-songy rhythm. And of course, the kiddo loves this book because it features cats and pumpkins and many other Halloween staples. As far as board books go, we really like this one and would recommend it as a fun Halloween read!

Recommended by both the Kiddo and the Aunt.
" said.

" Adorable book, but the font is a bit dark for the background in many of the pages. " said.

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