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"I admittedly hate math with a passion. So, it was with pure reluctance that I even read this book. However, I like the author and so I gave it a go. I was not disappointed.

Zero simply gets a bad rap through the entire book. No one likes him. He thinks himself a hero from the very first pages, this includes the cape and mask and is only out to prove himself. What is a hero to do. Well...nothing?

That is where the book gets to be fun! I loved that each number had a different personality and is illustrated in cartoon form. This was brilliant on the part of the illustrator and the genius of the author.

Of course math does play into this book but in a subtle way that the reader gets it but is not bogged down with it. Win! Does Zero save the day? Read the book and find out.

I give this book 5+Zero the SUPER Hero stars!

Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for my open and honest opinion. The views expressed here are 100% my own and may differ from yours. ~Naila Moon
" said.

"In the beginning of this math book, Zero is told over and over again by his friends that he has no purpose and is really just a placeholder for all the other numbers who have higher importance than zero. Then Zero begins to feel very sad and starts to think that he needs the right chance to show all his friends just how important he really is. The book highlights how if Zero and any other number are added together, it always equals them and not him and if you subtract Zero and any other number, once again, it always equals the other number and not zero. But, when it comes to multiplication Zero realizes just how important he is because3x0 always equals ZERO. The Zero really was. They weren’t even able to add themselves together and get the correct answer anymore without him. For instance 2+3+5=1____. This idea applies for all the numbers counting by ten. The book ends in a cute way with the other numbers realizing just how important zero really is. This book really teaches math in a creative way and it even has a cute/creative storyline. It’s a great one!!" said.

"The story is about the number zero not being part of the normal counting numbers. This story tells of how zero is mistaken for many other round objects, which makes him very sad. After being so frustrated, he learns that he is important and proves why he is important.

The audience for this book would be a preschool classroom learning about numbers. Especially about counting forward and backwards. Also, students who need to learn that everyone is important.

I would use this book for teaching students about counting as well as being nice to one another. I think crossing the two could be a great way to let the children count and learn the numbers as well as learning how to be nice to one another.

The appeal for this story is the slight humor and how it will really fit with some students on how they feel. I think that since it is a number rather than a child, it makes the scenario a little more humorous, with still getting the point across.

Holub, Joan, and Tom Lichtenheld. Zero the hero. New York: Henry Holt, 2012. Print.
" said.

"{My Thoughts} – Zero the Hero is a Hero in every sense of the word. He is the number Zero and he is needed to solve math equations that wouldn’t be able to be solved without him. Zero the Hero goes through the book feeling like he is a nothing a no number because in a sense he is – his number is Zero which means nothing. But eventually the other numbers start to realize how much they need him and him how much he needs them and he becomes a Hero by the end of the book.

I really believe my seven year-old son will enjoy this book. He is always interested in reading books that he can read out loud. A lot of the time I ask him to read quietly to himself. This book has eye catching illustrations that go hand and hand with the story written between it’s pages.

I am truly in love with the writing style of Miss Holub, she has such a knack for words. Her children’s books are so nicely written and illustrated. I really recommend her books for parents looking for books for their children. She also has Middle Grade Series that I have been reviewing as well, look into them, they are some of the best books I have read and I am sure you and you children will enjoy them as much as my children and I are.
" said.

"At the beginning of the book, Zero feels as though he does not fit in or has a special purpose amongst the other numbers. However, Zero feels as though he just needs a chance to prove that he really is a hero! This book certainly teaches students math concepts in a creative and fun way! The other numbers begin to realize that Zero is not needed because one can add and subtract a number from zero, and not get zero. He is "nothing,” but then comes multiplication, and zero suddenly finds he can turn others into nothing! Eventually the other numbers realize that without Zero’s help they cannot form two digit numbers that involve the number zero such as 5 + 3 + 2 = 10. Zero really is needed after all they discover! Zero only wants to help others and runs away so he will not hurt the other numbers. Of course, after he has left the other numbers start to realize they need Zero, but before they can find him the Roman Numerals attack, spears, togas and all! Zero comes back to save the day and he shows the Roman Numerals what happens when he does multiplication (he uses a rock. Zero X rock = zero). The Roman Numerals get scared and run away. Delightfully illustrated and even more creatively worded - this would be a wonderful read aloud, especially in the classroom context. This book is truly filled with humor and teaches students’ that all numbers are important and more specifically zero is more than just a placeholder! " said.

" Laugh out loud funny. Loved the story. " said.

" This would be a great book when teaching students about the importance of zero as a placeholder in the number system. This would also be a good book when talking about how to include people who are different than us. Everyone has unique gifts and talents to bring to the table! " said.

" 6-year-old daughter: 4 stars5-year-old daughter: 3 stars " said.

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