Netherworld (Hallowed Realms) (Volume 1) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-01-15 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 29 user ratings

" I was stunned why I had turned to read the next chapter to realize I had already finished the book! Woah was this one a good one. I loved it. It had such a strong leading role as a women. I loved how the Prince wasnt necessarily pampered and had earned his keep as a few years on the battle field protecting his people. Such a fun suspenseful and full of twist and the love, not just to build a possible relationship but between families too. " said.

"I was excited to read this one as I have never read about a Banshee before. I found the synopsis intriguing and the story was excellent. When Taryn is tasked with her daily job, things quickly go wrong. And when you think things can't get any worse for her... They do. I really liked the characters and not only are we given one book boyfriend to lust after we are given TWO!! Oh my.. On one hand we have Devlin.. and the other Prince Aed. But with everything going on, it is hard to know just how things will play out. The story moved at a steady pace, and at the end we find Taryn in a precarious situation and i am anxious to see what happens next. This series is definitely one I would be absolutely thrilled to see come to life on the big screen. I cannot wait for more of the Hollowed Realm, and what lies within..." said.

"Netherworld is the first installment in a series featuring a hidden world of banshees and reapers named Netherworld that is separated by a veil from Earth. The lead character is Taryn, a strong-willed, independent female who goes against the norms of Netherworld society. The male leads include Devlin, a human who can for reasons unclear, see the creatures from the Netherworld and Aed, the prince of Netherworld who is fighting an epic battle against evil. Each chapter is told from the point of view of one of these characters. There is a lot going on - on-going battles between good versus evil, supernatural creatures, class struggles, loss of loved ones, and a love triangle. Each character has their own specific role to play while also providing some good interplay among the characters. Good start to the world building. I found the writing and pace enjoyable. Looking forward to reading more.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to Red Coat PR!
" said.

"You thought that you knew everything about Reapers and Banshees that there is to now? Believe me, this book will change your mind!

In this amazing and imaginative book, you will learn a lot more about this kind of reapers and this kind of banshees, and believe me, you'll love them. At least, most of them. You won't love the King. At all.
This fast-paced novel takes us to a realm that is a part of our world as well but those who live there never interact with humans, at least not as long as the humans are alive. The reapers and banshees are responsible for retrieving the souls of the deceased and guide them towards their destination.
What will happen, when those two worlds collide? What will happen, when a human is able to see the banshees and the reapers? The law forbids them to interact, ignoring them, you might even pay the ultimate price: your life.

With the threat of an army of monsters at the horizon and the possibility that the King is already trying to get rid of her, Taryn is not in the best place right now. Add some mysterious encounters with a human who can see her - wait, let me rephrase - an attractive human, who can see her and you might understand, whey her life isn't exactly all rainbows and unicorns right now. When the prince comes to her aid, the cure might even be almost as difficult to accept as the fate he is saving her from. Almost.
Caught in the middle between the two worlds and their male representatives, Taryn just has to hope that everything will turn out right...

This book is great to read, I love the interesting characters and the gripping story that won't let you go. Definitely a book to recommend and - I AM WAITING FOR HE NEXT BOOK!
" said.

"I received this free eARC novel from the authors and from Red Coat Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

Taryn is a banshee. No, not the one that you are thinking of where they scream and suck people's souls out of their bodies. That is just the typical lie that humans are told. No, Taryn retrieves humans souls when they die and help them onto the boat to get to heaven. She lives in a world where humans can't see or reach, but she is constantly in their world helping the humans move on into their next life. Only women are banshees, and guys are reapers - soldiers who are trained to fight the Lorcan - the monsters who are out to steal the souls before they can be at rest.

Taryn hates that she can't be a fighter, because her world is pretty sexist and splits the two jobs between gender instead of talent or their own wishes. But she doesn't let that stop her. In fact, with the help from her cousin, she has been training on how to fight in secret with him for a few years now. Just in case she would ever need to defend herself.

When Taryn is in the human realm, she realizes that there was a "mistake" on her job and she is actually faced with a Lorcan. And just because she has trained, she really doesn't know what it means to fight and kill a Lorcan.

Thankfully she makes it out of there alive - with a lot of nasty looking scars - but one interesting thing happened: a human guy saw her. Humans can't see banshees, but Devlin definitely saw Taryn when she was covered in blood and so many wounds.

With a war abrewing in the Netherworld, Taryn is determined to make her people see that her king is corrupt and possibly even aiding the Lorcan to reach their town. With the help of the Crown Prince Aed, Taryn may be able to do something to stop the destruction of her people.

Even though Taryn is tied up with the state of her people, she is always drawn to Devlin. First it was because she had to transport his twin sister over after she passes away, but also because Devlin is not like anyone that she knows.

Now Taryn is in this terrible triangle between herself, Devlin, and Aed of all people and things are getting a little out of control, which is not good since Taryn really loves to be in control of all things.

One thing is for sure, though. Nothing is going to be the same after Taryn figures out what to do, and she better figure it out quick, because she's pretty sure that the King wants her dead, and fast before she starts a revolt.

This was a great novel! I wasn't sure what to expect when I first started reading it, but I was immediately sucked into the story and flew threw the whole thing like I needed air to breathe!

Taryn is such a badass and I love her oh so much. She doesn't give two shits what happens to her because she is all about revealing the secrets of the king and getting to the bottom of the Lorcan issue that her town is having with them. She doesn't let the law stop her from training to be a mediocre reaper, because she wants to be able to defend herself and have a fighting chance.

Devlin is an okay guy. He doesn't do it for me like he does for Taryn, but that's okay because I got Prince Aed :) But I do feel for Devlin because he lost his twin sister and it ate him up inside so much. I can't imagine being that close to a person and then to lose them so quickly. And to have that person be the other half of you? It would be devastating. I think in the next book we might bet a mire intense version of Devlin since he did a lot of grieving during this book, and he will have a different mission to focus on now that he needs to find Taryn.

And Prince Aed... I gotta admit, I am totally Team Aed. I don't know, a crown prince, a soldier, a sensitive guy. One who is trying to solve all problems around him. I definitely fell for him during the first chapter we had his point of view, and I never stopped falling after that. Plus I think that Aed and Taryn would be great together because they could do so much good overall. And the push each other so much. Granted, I bet that she will end up with Devlin, since he is the one the authors focus on during the synopsis, but I am hoping for my kind of ending! ;)

I am so glad that I got this an an ARC and now I just have to wait a year to see what happens to all of these characters - bummer. But I loved the comedy, the seriousness, the different world and overall everything about this book! I definitely recommend it to everyone! :)
" said.

" Very unique storyline. Love the main character Taryn. It's an interesting blend of fantasy and the human world. Cannot wait for the next book in the series. " said.

"I received this ARC from Red Coat Publishing and the author in exchange for an honest review.
This was my second book by the author and once again I was more than blown away by the story.
It is so refreshing to meet characters, who are neither stock nor do they only possess the best of every personality trait. The main and secondary characters alike are complex and do not always do what is in their best interest. They are not always shown from their best side, which is rare to come by in most YA novels. The reader is introduced to a headstrong banshee, an emotionally exhausted human and a conflicted prince, all extremely complex characters and all extremely interesting to follow through this first installment of the Hollowed Realms Trilogy.
The plot is intricate, filled with elements of long lasting myths and legends and folklore that give the story a satisfying richness that has the reader glued to the page. With twists and turns, intrigue and conspiracy the story is kept alive by the constant addition of new information that keeps the reader interested until the last page and beyond.
The writing is visceral. It grabs a hold of the reader and won’t let go until the end. It makes the reader feel like they are part of the story; it takes them into the realm of fantasy and lets the reader truly and fully escape.
Overall, I enjoyed this story tremendously and I’m itching for the next installment. It’s exciting, mythical and complex. I would recommend it to anyone looking for paranormal, fantasy, myth and a strong female character.
" said.

" I was stunned why I had turned to read the next chapter to realize I had already finished the book! Woah was this one a good one. I loved it. It had such a strong leading role as a women. I loved how the Prince wasnt necessarily pampered and had earned his keep as a few years on the battle field protecting his people. Such a fun suspenseful and full of twist and the love, not just to build a possible relationship but between families too. " said.

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