Circles in the Stream (Avalon Web of Magic, Book 1) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-01-10 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 75 user ratings

" This was a cute book. It was one of my favorites in middle school. The imagery was really beautiful and creative. I liked Adriane and Emily a lot. Kara not so much, I tend to dislike characters like her. But overall I was able to enjoy the story almost as much as I had prior. " said.

" I read this book when I was a kid and I love it :) Keep in mind it is a childrens book, but for what it is it's really great. This book in a way actually shaped me into who I am today a bit lol it's kinda funny, looking back. This was the first fantasy sort of book I ever read. This was the book that made me want to be a vet too lol I enjoyed the little funny moments and how certain characters act. This book is all about the love of animals, imagination, fantasy, magic, and scify. " said.

""​En résumé, voilà un premier tome qui a réussi à me conquérir. Contrairement à beaucoup de séries qui visent les plus jeunes, celle-ci est vraiment intéressante et l'auteure ne prend pas ses lecteurs pour de gros bêtas. Elle explique avec des mots simples mais efficaces et surtout, elle a créé des personnages et une intrigue intéressants et prenants !"

Chronique complète:
" said.

"Moving to a new town to help run her mother's veterinarian clinic, Emily finds a glade of strange and wounded animals that leads her to befriend the quiet Adriane and snobby Kara and risk it all to save her new friends as dark magic looms over the woods...Roberts begins a fantastical and heartwarming series that will click with fans of fantasy and mystery by its beautiful illustrations and lovable cast. Just what can Emily and her friends do against such terrifying monsters that seem to roam the dark corners of the forest?" said.

"The book series that fanned the flames of my writing & reading passion! Rachel Roberts' debut novel does an excellent job in utilizing creativity and presenting inspiring characters, and the message about finding the magic within yourself is so encouraging. The positive and relatable themes as a whole would make this series suitable for girls 12 and younger. After all, that IS the age the main characters begin this journey. I just wish this series wasn't so underrated! Even though it's been nearly 10 years since I first bought this at a scholastic book sale in my grade school's multi-purpose room, this book--and the rest of the series--will always have a special place in my heart." said.

"Bea, age 13, writes:
Meh -- This book wasn't my favorite.
Kara was SUPER annoying I had no sympathy for her, and I wished the black fire would get her the whole time, Adriane drove me crazy by constantly arguing with Kara, and I didn't like how they were constantly calling each-other names. And Phel, despite healing animals, didn't seem that helpful. If he's magic can't he escape the "muggle" warehouse or run from the hunters rather than sitting there and making the girls PICK HIM UP AND THROW HIM DOWN A HILL. Seriously, Phel.
Other than that the book was good, it didn't have sentence fragments that I was aware of and at least the characters had personalities! I liked the start with the magic cat, and the stuffed animals because I love stuffed animals and it made me like Emily more. (Emily is my favorite character.)
" said.

" Reading this book is like eating ice cream. It's light yet delightful. It's tasty whenever and wherever you enjoy it. Before you realize it, you already finish it, and you're craving for more ^^~I personally love the illustrations in the book; they are adorable. This fantasy-adventure book is probably more fitting for girls rather than boys because the main characters are girls. " said.

" This was my first ever series that i read and kept. I have all 12 or 13. I have a rather large 'library' now and i love just looking at my lovely Avalon books. It was so amazing. Sadly book 4 got ruined by my little brother so now I'm looking for a new one. I just can't bring myself to throw the ruined one away though. This is such a heart warming, true friendship, and fantasy series. It is just so good, I would get called out in class and get in trouble for reading this. " said.

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