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UPDATE TIME: 2018-12-30 
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" The Fire Eternal follows the story of The Pennykettles Lucy and Liz, and their friends, David Rain, and Zanna Martindale, as they interact with a new race called The Fain. This race also has a subdivision called the Ix, who are trying to raise a new species of dragon, called a Darkling. These Darklings could tear the world apart if created, and we discover if the group can prevent this from happening.
I enjoyed this book, but found some areas, such as when the points of view switch in the middle of the chapter. I also found some things hard to believe, like when a human was possessed by a Fain, and the Fain ingested a poisonous substance, but the human didn’t die. I will continue to read this series, as well as recommend this series toa friend.
" said.

"I still can't believe I actually finished this book! To say it was bad would be an understatement and I can't believe that it is categorized as a young adult fantasy. I'm not sure how they could even follow it as the farther and farther you read it, it became more and more convoluted! This series is going nowhere at warp speed and I feel comfortable using that term since there is now an alien element that has no place what so ever to the story. The saddest part was that in book two this series was looking promising, but I got more enjoyment from the bad reviews, than the book itself. I also own number 5 of this series and will not be reading it. Which is something I never do but really life is too short to force yourself to read a bad book, if you don't have to! " said.

"the last moments for david have been missing and liz and lucy are not happy because they miss him. he was a a boy who goes to college that lived at their place as an tenant. David also have a dauther called alexa. David is trying to save mankind by stopping the ice cap from melting. the polar bears are dieing but there are more and more dragons appearing. david is at the artic they're trying to stop the trouble there so gaia don't do something stupid. they manage to stop the real dragon not the clay ones the real one from getting out of the artic. in the end gwilanna got two dangerous weapons but doesn't say what she do with them. in Epilogue david is reunited with suzanna and his daughter alexa. " said.

"Loved to see the returning characters in one, Zanna, Lucy, Arthur and let’s not forget all the dragon characters. Very creative and imaginative story about dragons and where they come from. They even added some fairies in this time. I most loved about this book is the characters returning to them just felt natural and it did seem like there was more story to be told. I even got the feeling there could be another one in the works. I recommend this book any time a there is a kid asking for a good series and especially if they like fantasy I recommend this at work. I thought this whole series was great and I have even made my husband read them. One thing I didn’t like was how abruptly it ended I was confused when it ended and had to go back and read it again to make sure I had not missed some thing. Other then that is was good. " said.

" When I first picked up this book, I was a bit weary. The first three books of the series by Chris D'Lacey were an interesting group of books, and were incredibly enticing. This book brings to life clay figures in a way that no author can match, and he does it well. I also appreciate that his whole book theme is original. I have read many books that I can match to another book in similarity, but this one is its own category. Now to pick apart the actual book. I thought it was good, but it definitely was nothing close to the first two in comparison. *Spoiler Alert* Seeing that the main character of the series is already dead by this book, I found it hard to be as interested. What the author gave in this final book was the "left over" characters from previous books he wrote and a few new ones. A lot of the time, I caught myself wondering what was going on, and why certain things were happening. While clay dragons coming to life is fictional, the rest of the previous books were quite realistic... until I got to this book. D'Lacey must have gotten a little too carried away with his imagination. I found that after I finished, I felt empty because the Fire Eternal flipped the whole series and completely changed everything. I wish I could or could have enjoyed reading this book as much as I would have when I was younger. Oh well, at least I can say I've read it. " said.

"The Last Dragon Chronicles: The Fire Eternal By: Chris D’Lacey

The Fire Eternal takes place in modern times, five years after the events of the third book in the series, Fire Star. Five years since the main character, David Rain, disappeared in the Arctic. Presently, David’s partner, Zanna, and their five-year old daughter, Alexa, are still living with Liz and Lucy Pennykettle in Scrubbley, Massachusetts. Their cat, Bonnington, is still being occupied by a creature only present in someone’s thoughts called The Fain. The Fain and an even more evil division of their kind, called the Ix, will prove to be an important piece to the plot’s puzzle. One day, when Zanna was in her shop, a journalist named Tam Farrell walks in and acts charming yet odd in a way. Little did Zanna know that this man was sent by Lucy to get information out of Zanna about David and his mysterious disappearance. Behind the scenes, Lucy is heartbroken about David’s death and actually believes that he never died. She is trying in every way she can to alert more people about David’s causes for the environment and to find more information about his past. Lucy’s investigations bring her far away from home and into a land that is only in her mind; or is it? All the while, a mystifying event in the Arctic is occurring that will change the world. Chris D’Lacey will leave you on the edge of your seat as you unravel the interesting plot involving polar bears, The Fain, dragons, the spirit Gaia, and, of course, The Fire Eternal.
I did enjoy the “Gordian’s Knot” that Chris D’Lacey set up for me to untangle as I read this interesting book 4. With about four plots running almost parallel until cumulating at the very end, the average teenage reader and some adults will enjoy the shocking twists and turns in every chapter. The book does have literary merit and exhibits readability as you will have no trouble grasping the story. The book also does a very nice job of picking up right where it left off by summarizing the events of the last book in creative ways. As you read further into the book, you will have moments where everything seems to connect and then realize that yet another twist keeps you wondering. Major themes in the book, and the series, is lore, mythology, and environmentalism. The moral message in the book ties into these themes. Lastly, I enjoyed reading this book as much as I enjoyed the rest of the series and I am looking forward to reading Dark Fire.
" said.

"I have huge respect for the people reviewing this book who have managed to summarize the plot into a few paragraphs in their review because, honestly, I’m not entirely sure what I read here. I’m really not. I was originally recommended this series on the basis that it’s about a cute family, dragons, and the occasional squirrel friend. That’s exactly what the first book gave me, so I was eager to keep reading. The second book was a bit stranger than I had anticipated. The third one was even more confusing. But this one? I’m the kind of person who can almost always find something to say, so the fact that this book left me stunned in confusion is… actually pretty impressive. I don’t know how Chris d’Lacey managed to write this. I barely managed to read it.

Here’s the thing: I love dragons. Everyone who knows me knows that I love dragons and was probably a dragon in a past life. I expected this series to be a bunch of cute dragon stories for the younger crowd, and even though I don’t exactly fit into that crowd anymore, I can still appreciate a good elementary to middle-grade book once in a while. The series was going fine until it changed from being about cute dragon stories and squirrel friends to being about the Arctic, polar bears, and some weird things called the Fain.

That all being said and confusion pushed aside, there were a few things I enjoyed. I found that the three bears added into the story provided an interesting perspective that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. I also love little Bonnington, since I’m such a sucker for cute animal companions. And even though I’m not a huge fan of children, little Alexa was adorable and I’m glad that she was a likable child instead of, well, an annoying one. You know the ones I’m talking about.

Unfortunately, it all wraps back around to confusion. I had almost decided to DNF this book before I even made it to the halfway mark, but me, being the stubborn fool that I am, decided to power through it and finish the book since I don’t like leaving things unfinished. Look where that got me. It got me very, very confused. The plot was a mess. The whole book was all over the place and it was absolutely nothing like the first book that made me want to read the rest of the series. Honestly? I’m not sure I can ever finish this series after this book. It was just… nope. I signed up for dragons, man, not polar bears and inter-dimensional travel. Yep, you read that right. Inter-dimensional travel. Have fun explaining that one to your kids.

Honestly, you’re best off reading the first book of the series and never continuing since this mess is what you have to look forward to.
" said.

" AHHHHHHH! Jeez. With this book I just want to pull my hair out! I told myself i would finish it one day, but everytime I try to read it I get all antsy and then I practically try to distract myself becase it is SOOOO boring!!!!! I've read multiple charpters, so I've tryed to get into it, but I just CANT do it!!!!! " said.

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