Warriors: A Vision of Shadows #5: River of Fire Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-06-26 
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" I was waiting for this book to come out for a long time, and it definitely didn't disappoint me. This book made me even more excited for the last book in this series to come out. " said.

" I just can't get enough of the Warriors series. I hope it never ends!! <3 " said.

" I feel like this book happened really quickly but that might just be because the last Warriors book I read was a Super edition. I feel bad for poor Violetshine, but hopefully Tree will stick around and cats stop abandoning her " said.

" I like that this book actually had a happy ending. Well, relatively speaking. And I just love getting to read new Warriors books, seeing new characters and the same old ones that I love. Somehow, Warriors never gets old for me. " said.

This is more of my opinion than a review, and has a lot of spoilers. Thank you.

This book was probably my least favourite in the series. There was just too much going on, and I didn’t like how they switched prospectives through the different clans. In the past books (not including special additions) they kept the story in one clan, Thunderclan, but in this book it goes from Skyclan to Thunderclan. I also find it dumb that Twigpaw has to take another assessment to be a warrior. She had been an apprentice for over 12 moons, so why make her be an apprentice 6 moons more? There is also is this cat named Velvet I like her but... Alderheart likes her, which is... weird. Now, enough complaining, I liked how they showed that Jayfeather has other feelings than anger. After he was sick, and sort of killed Brairlight, I think he realized that there is more to him than stubbornness. In the last book there was rain, which destroyed part of Thunderclan , right? They didn’t say if they had finished rebuilding their clan, but I would assume so because there was another storm, which I think was supposed to be they main part of the book,but it didn’t feel like it. After all my complaining of this book I would still recommend reading it.

- Million

" said.

" This book is probably my favorite one in Vision of Shadows so far! It feels amazing to have SkyClan back because I've been WAITING for them to come to the lake, and here they are! I'm still disappointed about Jayfeather... it seems like the only thing he ever talks about are herbs! The old Jayfeather never did that. Sure, Erin Hunter probably wants to move on but I miss the old Jayfeather. Besides that, I love the relationship between Twigbranch and Violetshine. I especially love how attached to Violetshine Twigbrach is! Even though they usually have a tough time, everything turns out well in the end. That's the kind of sister relationship I've been looking for between these two characters. Overall, the detail and story itself was amazing as always and I'm excited for the release of #6!" said.

"WARNING : Spoilers
A Vision Of Shadows is probably the worst warrior series ever. This book just confirmed it for me. (Finished it in 2hours).

1.) The Alderheart X Velvet(kittypet) thing was so unneeded. It was literally a copy of what happened in Bramblestar’s Storm(prequel : Special Edition Warriors book) starring Alderheart’s father Bramblestar and a kittypet named Jessy but their relationship that went nowhere but was far better than this book’s by a margin. I feel like the author just ran out of ideas and decided to put this in to fill the book up. The only couple that I hope for right now is Stormcloud X Cherryfall (from Bramblestar’s Storm) which probably will happen in the future.

2.) This whole SkyClan+ShadowClan is really dumb super glad that ShadowClan is coming back together.

3.) Twigpaw’s new warrior name is really dumb(especially why she was named that by Bramblestar). Luckily she didn’t stay in SkyClan, could’ve had an even worse name from Leafstar.
" said.

"**** SPOILERS ****

So happy with how things worked out at the end of the book.

With ShadowClan's missing warriors returning along with Tigerheart and Dovewing. The deaths of the book were very sad (apart from Nettle-hooray!), especially Briarlight after all this time and her battle with broken legs. When Strikestone came to ThunderClan to deliver the news of Tigerheart's "death" though, I swear I almost had to shut the book because if StarClan had allowed him to die after everything ShadowClan had been through, I would not have been a happy camper! I still feel like this is not the end of Darktail's rogues... I feel like as long as there are some out there, they will not give up trying to get revenge. Especially with the confirmation of Sleekwhisker's loyalty to the Kin, and the added death of Nettle. Maybe the last book of the series will bring around their final defeat and tying up that loose end so that no more of Darktail's plague remains.
" said.

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