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UPDATE TIME: 2018-09-21 
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"The book starts off with an exciting chain of events -- an earthquake and a forest fire that starts as a result, and leads to the son of the president trapped inside an electrified fenced-in area at Camp David with two other kids. They must rely on their wits and grit to survive and escape when the secret service agents and other adults are all injured or dead. The book is surprisingly believable and suspenseful, although there were times when I wished there was a map included so I could better picture their movements around the camp as they tried to escape. With Obama in office, lots of kids imagine themselves as a child or teen living in the White House, so the twist of having the main character be the son of a sitting president is another attractive draw. Recommended for middle school age." said.

"A fast-paced middle school read about the son of the President of the United States getting trapped at Camp David with two friends, in the middle of a raging forest fire, and how they must scramble to get themselves out safely. Luke goes from whiny and self-absorbed to courageous and ingenious throughout the book: he stops complaining about always having Secret Service agents shadowing him when they all are killed or incapacitated during the chaos of the rapidly approaching fire, and he has to rally his friends to engineer their own escape. Security systems that were foolproof at keeping bad guys from getting IN now become deathtraps they must overcome in order to get OUT of Camp David! Lots of fun. The author researched as much as she could about Camp David and there's a nice afterword with photos and fun facts; but she admits that of course all of her security measures are invented by her. Fun book for would-be Macgyvers and action heroes! Written by an Ohio author, too." said.

" This book is called wildfire run and I thought that this book was amazing. I think this book was good because it was really exciting even in the beginning. I think it was a good idea to make the main character the son of the president because then you can kind of imagine how it is like to be the son of a president. The main characters name is Luke. It was one of the best books that I have read because it taught me some things about electricity and it always had action in it.I recommend this book for people 9 and up. There is also a character named Theo and he is always helping Luke when they are trying to escape and trying to be as calm as possible. It was almost funny how many bad things happened to Luke. Know matter what got thrown at him he always managed to survive and escape the problem. I really, really, liked this book.This book is written by Dee Garretson and it is truly good.I rate this book a 9 out of 10. " said.

" This one is entertaining and fast-paced. I want to strangle the little dog. Some of the situations that the protagonist, Luke, gets into are his own fault and make you want to strangle him as well. :) But the kids think up some good stuff to save themselves and others, even if it is a tad implausible. " said.

" Fine for elementary school age kids but I had a hard time with it... Like A Series of Unfortunate Events where one thing after another goes wrong. " said.

" Many parts were confusing and their escapes were a bit unbelievable. I learned a lot about Camp David and checked the facts. Much was accurate about Camp David from readily accessed sources. " said.

"DNF - gave up at chapter 18. It was just too "young" for me, even to attempt to get through to see if my boys might like it. This is aimed at a younger audience. The story, the kid characters. As an adult I still often enjoy books for the younger set ... but not this one. Listening in audiobook format probably didn't help. The narrator, in voicing the three young kids, made them sound very young (as they are ... but Theo, very nasally, SO annoying). I totally understand that it is difficult to make voices sound distinct, but I hate when a narrator goes with a nasally option.

It really jumped around in the beginning, setting up the situation ... third person, with shifting POVs from many characters ... and animals (we know what the dog was thinking, the deer, the bear). Just seemed a little silly to me. The earthquake, the fire ... and then this was all happening to the President's son. Too much?

" said.

" Preposterous, action movie schlock, that still kept my attention and would do the same for students... Is it art, no... Is it entertaining, yes! Did I understand the defense systems, not at all? Did it make a difference! Not at all! " said.

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