Becoming Madeleine: A Biography of the Author of A Wrinkle in Time by Her Granddaughters Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-09-27 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 0 user ratings

" More of a 4.5. This is beautifully laid out for book report or biography writers in middle grades, the inclusion of the pictures and photos of documents is wonderful. I think it's a touch dry but really lays out Madeleine's early life. What a lovely tribute from these girls, and I thank them for sharing their grandmother with us :)Side note: I nearly couldn't sleep after finding out that her husband was Dr Charles Tyler on All My Children!! " said.

" I loved reading about Madeleine as a writer. You can tell the writers knew her well and adored her, but at the same time they shared the struggles, the strengths, the joys and the warts of L'Engle. Anyone who is a writer, has an interest in writing would enjoy this book as well as anyone who has enjoyed ML's books. I'm looking forward to book talking this, especially next week to follow up on the release of the movie, "A Wrinkle in Time." " said.

" Wonderful biography for all ages, not just the middle-school category. See my full review here: " said.

" This biography follows L'Engle's life from her childhood through to the acceptance of A Wrinkle in Time for publication. Relying heavily on pages from her journal, which are reproduced, the book follows Madeleine as she develops from an awkward, shy outsider of a child, to an actress, writer, wife, and mother. Aimed at grades 5 and up, I don't know that this will be compelling except to those who really have loved one or more of her books. Best for grades 5-8. " said.

"I’m surprised that I enjoyed this book as much as I did, since it was written for young adults by the deceased author’s granddaughters. Madeline L’Engle wrote A Wrinkle In Time as well as many, many other books about the Murry-O’Keefes (science fiction/ fantasy) and the Austins (regular life) and the two even, rarely, intersect. I have always adored these books and as an adult learned the warm, perfect-seeming families were sort of based on her lack of one both growing up and married. I also learned her life was juicy and interesting and I knew that her descendants were not likely to write about affairs and damaged children and relationships. However, there was more detail than I expected, though I will keep looking for that more in-depth biography that shares all the more “problematic” and interesting information." said.

" I am coming off a biography spree, so it's possibly that I'm judging this more harshly than I would have if I hadn't recently read some really exceptional biographies for kids. This was good enough, but I didn't find it engaging. Not sure why... " said.

" This is a lovely little book. I wish the authors had written more about their grandmother's faith, as it clearly played a major role in her life and writing, and that they had touched on her later works. Overall, a great glimpse into the life and mind of a great writer. " said.

"This was a very interesting biography of a beloved author, and any fans of L'Engle's work will zip through this. Lots of excellent family photos and stories of her life.

I am buying a copy of this for a friend, but think I will pass on buying it for my library. There's a little bit of a resurgence in reading A Wrinkle in Time because of the movie, but my young readers aren't quite as totally into the story as much as those of us who are a little older seem to be. Meg Murray was the only strong, adventurous female character we have, and luckily there are many more of these for girls to read.

It would be great for a school library-- excellent length, good white space on the page, engaging story-- if readers pick up longer biographies. My students don't tend to.
" said.

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