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" My 9 year old loves this series!...and shares my goodreads ;) " said.

"This was a fantastic ending to the trilogy.

I first found this series in 2016, and I practically flew through SPACE CASE and SPACED OUT. When I finished SPACED OUT, I just had to know if there was going to be a third one, and I saw the title, and then, I saw the release date...SPRING OF 2018?! How was I supposed to wait that long?! As the two years went by, I went hearing more and more about it, until finally...April 24 of 2018 came, and I got my book.

And let me tell you that it was everything I was expecting it to be.

First off, I feel like the whole idea of the mystery was very well done, as was the evacuation aspect of it, and the ending was great,

And as always, loved the interactions between Dash and Zan. Hilarious and heartfelt, as always.

So, you may be asking yourself: geez, Violet, if you loved it that much...why is it a four-star book and not a five star?

HERE’S WHY: while I felt that the mystery was done very well, I wasn’t too fond of the way it was resolved. I’m still confused as to who actually poisoned Lars. I’m still quite fuzzy on whether it was Lily or Lars himself.

Also, uh, warning for parents: one of the adults is revealed to be gay, so yeah, if that’s an issue then I’d skip this one.

Overall, though, I really liked it.
" said.

" no rating because it's a middle grade book and if I used my normal rating system it would have three stars hahaone of my favorite mg authors, it's nice just to read a short and sweet book when you need a break from too much thinking " said.

" Not sure why Gibbs introduces a homosexual relationship between two adult men. It adds nothing to the plot and seems to be added simply to make a social statement in a book that is otherwise a great choice for advanced elementary readers. Even though there is nothing explicit, teachers and librarians should be aware of this. " said.

"In my honest opinion, this wasn't very well written. Maybe I just didn't how terrible the writing was in previous books, or Stuart Gibbs suddenly lost his writing ability. I mean, he can write books, but it isn't very well written. Please don't take any of my comments as hate, these are just me commenting on the book as a reader. Also, there may be a few spoilers, so be warned when reading.

Things I Didn't Like

1. When he put in extra letters to show that someone was stretching out the word.

"'Whyyyyyy nooooooooot?' Violet would whine. 'I'm bored inside. There's nothing to do on the moon.'"
Waste of Space, chapter one, page five
"Suddenly there was a howl of rage outside the room. It sounded like it had to come from the other side of MBA, but was loud enough to echo throughout the base. 'Niiiiiiinnnnnaaaaaaa!!!!'
There was only one person at MBA who ever made a sound like that: Lars Sjoberg."
Waste of Space, chapter 11, page 169

This ticked me off. A lot. I hate to see all of those extra letters in a professional, published book. Who needs nine o's in one word? Or four exclamation marks? I'm not a very experienced writer, but if I had written this book, I would have fixed the first quote to say "'Why not?' Violet would whine, stretching out the words to prove her exasperation." Or something like that.

2. How perfect Dashiell Gibson is
I mean, he has no flaws. Have you noticed that? Out of all Moonies, he is the one that gets targeted in each book. I feel like Stuart Gibbs is trying to make that a flaw, but it actually isn't. It just gives him more attention, to the attention that he already has. In this book, Nina actually asks him for help. Before, Dash just butted in with any help and managed to solve each mystery. In my opinion, I don't think it's possible for a twelve-year-old, oh sorry, a thirteen-year-old to solve mysteries before professional NASA scientists could. I don't think it was very realistic that Nina would do that.
"'That's better,' Dr. Balnikov said, then pointed at me. 'Who are you?'
There were a few hushed gasps over the radio. People seemed surprised that I was the one who had been attacked."
Waste of Space, chapter 18, page 261

Two things: Why the heck are you surprised that he was attacked? He's the one with the most attacks on his life on the entire MBA; you should have expected this by now.

3. The lack of showing, not telling
Did you see that last quote? "People seemed surprised that I was the one who had been attacked." Couldn't he have shown us? I mean, he started to, by saying that there were hushed gasps over the radio, but then he just ruined it by saying that people seemed to be surprised. And, this wasn't the only time! If you read it, you'll find some, but frankly, I'm too lazy to go looking for another quote.

5. How the mystery was solved
All of a sudden, when Dash was retelling the attack, he told everyone that (view spoiler)" said.

" I'm sad this is the end of the series! " said.

"E ARC from Edelweiss Plus

Dash is missing the freedom of being on Earth-- space stations are very small places, and tensions run high when everyone begins to feel cooped up. On his 13th birthday, his father takes him "outside" to play a bit of catch, but their outing is interrupted by a scream. Space tourist Lars Sjoberg has taken ill, and Chang and Dash's father realize that he has been poisoned. The station Commander, Nina, asks Dash to investigate, because she suspects Chang is a possibility. Along with Kira, as well as his young sister Violet, investigate how someone could have gotten cyanide and snuck it into Lars' lutefisk. Unfortunately, there are bigger problems-- the base is running out of oxygen and is going to be evacuated. Dash is happy to be going home, but wants to tidy up the loose ends before leaving.

Strengths: Gibbs always delivers a nice, solid mystery with great characters, twists in the plot, and lots of humor. This is no exception. I loved that the unpleasant realities of living on a space station are not neglected, but Dash isn't portrayed as being completely miserable, either.The ending of this was particularly good, and I'm a bit sad that Dash and his family went home. There is a nice epilogue about Dash's later life. I usually hate those (Harry Potter much?), but was okay with this one.

Weaknesses: Calling the inhabitants of the space station Moonies and using the acronym MBA for the station is not going to grate on children the way it grated on me.

What I really think: Definitely purchasing, and may have to look into replacing some of my copies of the first books in each of Gibbs' series, since they are falling apart!
" said.

"When someone tries to poison Lars Sjoberg, no one is really surprised. This trillionaire has rubbed everyone the wrong way since he arrived on Moon Base Alpha. In fact, the real question becomes who didn’t want the man dead. Dashiell Gibson is roped into helping with the investigation. How did the poison get on base? And who tried to kill Lars?

This is another fantastic mystery for kids of all ages. The setting is creative, fun, and realistically handled. The mystery is great with good twists and turns. I did feel the pacing slowed down a little in the middle for a series long sub-plot, but that is a minor complaint. The characters are still strong, and there are moments that are guaranteed to make kids laugh and cheer. This is our final trip to the moon with these characters, and the series is wrapped up in a very satisfying way.

Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.
" said.

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